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Country Club Prep - New Flash Sale Website

Happy Thursday! Were you guys wondering about me? I promise I am alive here, it's been crazy busy at work and I *might* be exhausted. However, I have a series of fun posts planned for you and will be returning to blogging! Yeah, so excited - I have really missed everyone! :-) 

Have you heard about the newest flash sale website, Country Club Prep? CCP plans to offer all your preppy brands in one place, and offer a rewards program for your loyalty. Some of the brands on their preppy radar include Castaway Clothing, Just Madras, Kiel James Patrick, Smathers & Branson, Southern Proper, Strong Boalt and many others. I can't wait to see what they offer. 

The launch of Country Club Prep is planned for March 15. If you sign up now using the link HERE before the launch, you'll earn Free Shipping and Returns for life. What a deal! Once you sign up, get busy referring your friends because when you refer 10 friends you will receive 10% off your next purchase on CCP! 
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