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Game Day Tops: Va Va by Joy Han at Mermaids in Sandestin

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween! I'm sure most everyone is focused on Halloween today, but I'm not big on the holiday and decided to blog about something else. You guys know me, I tend to do things a little differently around here! :-) 

While in Destin over the weekend, my sister and I visited a fun boutique at The Village of Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin. This is the same shopping center where the Lilly Pulitzer Via shop (Barefoot Princess) is located, and any visit to the area is not complete without stopping in Mermaids to see what's new. When I lived in Destin, I would visit this store often and was never disappointed. The store prides themselves on carrying the fun and funky vibe of beach attire along with the latest trends from both the east and west coasts. Va Va by Joy Han, Judith March and Tracy Negoshian were just a few of the brands we found in store Saturday.

Speaking of Va Va by Joy Han, I was so excited to pick up this super cute "game day top" at Merm…

Missing These Days...

Tonight, I'm sending everyone a little sunshine and warm weather thoughts. I know many of you had snow the past few days (In October? Seriously???) and it's been pretty cool and windy here too! 

As I wear socks in the house tonight, I'm missing the days of flip flops. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

Greetings From Destin

Happy Saturday! We are having a great time in Destin, happy the DH is finally home! 

We are going off shopping and later today, will enjoy seeing the nephews celebrate Halloween. This evening we are having dinner out to celebrate our anniversary (a week late but who is counting?). 

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend. If you're enjoying Halloween festivities with friends and family, be careful out there! 

Fearless Fitness Friday: Back On The Wagon, after Destin...

TGIF! Today the DH returns after being gone for 19 days! I'm so excited to spend a long weekend with my sweetie. We are planning a little trip over to Destin for a few days. 

This week, I decided it was time to get crackin' again. I have been exercising all week and am starting to feel a little better. There were two (plus!) weeks that I didn't do anything. No exercise. Ate bad stuff. Drank bad stuff. Felt bad. Was sick with a sinus infection. Had a ton of excuses. 

Party time over, I'm back on the wagon now. Well, maybe not 100% back on the I'm pretty sure we'll have a few meals that certainly don't qualify as "healthy" while in Destin. Old Florida Fish House, The Donut Hole, Pompano Joe's, Dewey Destin, Bud & Alley's, The Back Porch...they're all calling our name! 

Does it count that I plan to do a 5K on Saturday? Maybe that will help make up for the sins that will surely be committed...

Have a Fantastic Friday! What are y…

Fall Nail Color: Is It Time For A Change?

Everyone knows I love summer. I love the beach, having a suntan and wearing bright colors. My love of wearing bright color extends to my manis and pedis. It always makes me a little sad the day I look down at my fingers or toes and say "it's time to retire Strawberry Margarita" (or Cajun Shrimp).

Recently, I have invested in a few new polishes for fall and winter. With the addition of these to my current polish wardrobe, I am gradually embracing the darker color palettes. While the temperatures are still 70-80 degrees, it is late October, after all! 

The following polishes will be in heavy rotation from now until late February...from Left to Right in above photo:

"Going Incognito" by Essie
"Vodka and Caviar" by OPI
"Steel-Ing The Scene" by Essie
"I'm Not Really A Waitress" by OPI
"Lincoln Park After Dark" by OPI
"OPI Red" by OPI

Now I am considering the addition of a blue polish to the lineup - what do you think? I a…

Wish List Wednesday: Shabby Apple, Red and Black Edition

It's been a long time since I embraced clothing in colors of red, black or any combination of the two. This glaring omission in my wardrobe becomes crystal clear to me on Alabama home game days. Keep in mind - unlike a lot of other ladies my age, I'm well aware that I shouldn't dress like a college student or sorority girl. I do love wearing skirts and easy fitting dresses to Tuscaloosa - and don't believe that because I'm over 30 years old, I should show up in khaki capris and an Alabama tee shirt, sporting Merrell sneakers. (Perish the thought, I do see that on Saturdays). I might be 41, but there's no reason I should look like a old lady. 

The folks at Shabby Apple seem to have an answer to my problem! After seeing a giveaway sponsored by Shabby Apple on my friend EAS's blog, I have spent more time than I care to admit perusing their website. (You can enter EAS's giveaway and sign up to follow her blog HERE).   

Is it any wonder, these beauties are now…

Lilly Pulitzer Resort 2011-2012: First Look & Favorites

Happy Tuesday! The Resort collection by Lilly Pulitzer is always my favorite, hands down! This year is proving to be no exception, as evidenced by all the items that are finding their way on my wish list. 

The first delivery of Resort 2011 should begin arriving tomorrow and over the next few days at our favorite websites and Lilly Pulitzer Via and corporate store locations. Get ready, because if you're like me, your wallet is going to be smoking! 

The theme of the Resort 2011 collection is "Jungle Glam". The first items I'm featuring are part of the October 25 delivery, enjoy! (Please accept my apologies in advance for the picture quality, my tech support isn't home to install my new printer/scanner combo. The scanner on my dinosaur printer is on the fritz...ugh!)

Elsa Top Pintucks, Black Skip On It, $158. I'm so happy the Elsa tops are back - they are a wardrobe staple for me! 
Adalie Ruffle Wrap Dress, Black Greens With Envy, $168. Love a wrap dress and love a …