Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Nail Color: Is It Time For A Change?

Everyone knows I love summer. I love the beach, having a suntan and wearing bright colors. My love of wearing bright color extends to my manis and pedis. It always makes me a little sad the day I look down at my fingers or toes and say "it's time to retire Strawberry Margarita" (or Cajun Shrimp).

Recently, I have invested in a few new polishes for fall and winter. With the addition of these to my current polish wardrobe, I am gradually embracing the darker color palettes. While the temperatures are still 70-80 degrees, it is late October, after all! 

The following polishes will be in heavy rotation from now until late February...from Left to Right in above photo:

"Going Incognito" by Essie
"Vodka and Caviar" by OPI
"Steel-Ing The Scene" by Essie
"I'm Not Really A Waitress" by OPI
"Lincoln Park After Dark" by OPI
"OPI Red" by OPI

Now I am considering the addition of a blue polish to the lineup - what do you think? I actually like both of these and haven't been able to decide. 

"Yoga-ta Get This Blue" by OPI
"Road House Blues" by OPI

Which color do you like? Are you scared of blue nails? I have to admit - I'm not totally sold on the blue. Then again, I wasn't sold on that green Essie before I purchased it either. And I love it now...Go figure! Is it time for you to change your nail polish wardrobe?

Have a great day! 


  1. I have OPI Russian Navy, which is a really similar color to the ones you chose above. I love it because its a little bit sparkly. Its dark, but its obviously not black, and I love it!

  2. I like them both, but if I had to pick I'd go with the second one. It's a great dark blue that can pass as almost black.

  3. OK, not one of the options you gave but have you SEEN Chanels new blue polishes?
    And I my have too much time on my hands but I've been doing ombre manis on myself in graduating shades of browns to milky taupes. Love!

  4. I'm not sure about blue nail polish to be honest. I do like the bottom one a lot more than the top one. I still need to try OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark. I need to order it online. Nail polish is crazy expensive here. A bottle of OPI is 16€!

  5. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your blog!!!! I live in Huntsville,Al. And I read all your blogs. You and I have alot in common and I LIVE to shop!!!! Keep up the great work....Ta-ta for now,Mrs.K

  6. Turtles & Pearls - I will have to look at the Russian Navy this weekend in Ulta! Thanks for the suggestion! :-)

    Wendy - I think you are right - I'm leaning towards the second choice! :-)

    KT - that sounds awesome! How creative! :-) P.S. I stopped with the Chanel polish several years doesn't stay on my nails longer than a few hours! Crazy!

    MRM - Wish I could send you some polish from here! That USPS has funky rules about shipping nail polish....ugh! But get LPAD - you'll LOVE IT! :-)

    Mrs. K - thanks for your kind words! Don't forget to follow SIA via google friend connect! :-)

  7. Just tried a deep purplely-blue for Halloween. My kids are NOT impressed, so I guess I'll have to stick with Sun Body Loves me until Strawberry Margarita is back for the spring!

    And... Thanks for all your prayers and sweet comments!


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