Friday, October 28, 2011

Fearless Fitness Friday: Back On The Wagon, after Destin...

TGIF! Today the DH returns after being gone for 19 days! I'm so excited to spend a long weekend with my sweetie. We are planning a little trip over to Destin for a few days. 

This week, I decided it was time to get crackin' again. I have been exercising all week and am starting to feel a little better. There were two (plus!) weeks that I didn't do anything. No exercise. Ate bad stuff. Drank bad stuff. Felt bad. Was sick with a sinus infection. Had a ton of excuses. 

Party time over, I'm back on the wagon now. Well, maybe not 100% back on the I'm pretty sure we'll have a few meals that certainly don't qualify as "healthy" while in Destin. Old Florida Fish House, The Donut Hole, Pompano Joe's, Dewey Destin, Bud & Alley's, The Back Porch...they're all calling our name! 

Does it count that I plan to do a 5K on Saturday? Maybe that will help make up for the sins that will surely be committed...

Have a Fantastic Friday! What are your plans for the weekend?

p.s. You will notice I didn't mention the shopping. With two Lilly Pulitzer Via shops, Off 5th Avenue, Ulta, Sephora and others close by - I might have to worry about more than what I eat! :-) 


  1. I forgot about all the fun shopping down there- hope you guys have a fun trip- wish we were going to be there at the same time. I plan on totally blowing my diet while there but I think doing the 5K is a great idea and makes up for a multitude of sins :-) Have fun you guys!

  2. haha as soon as I saw Destin in the title, I thought SAKS & CANTINA LOREDO! We just went weekend before last to get our fix:)

    Hope you have a fab weekendd-XO

  3. As a girl who just turned 21 not too long ago...I got to stop the fancy cocktails! too many hidden calories, I feel ya girl!


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