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Cyber Monday Deals & Steals

Have you been busy shopping this Cyber Monday? I've seen several bloggers post today about their favorite preppy and shopping deals, and I don't want to duplicate what you are seeing everywhere else. However, I'll tell you about a few fun things you might like! 

Over on Ebates, there are a TON of retailers offering additional cash back this Cyber Monday. Some of my favorites include:  10% Cash Back at Old Navy and Gap, 6% Cash Back at J. Crew, 6% Cash Back at Bloomingdale's, 20% Cash Back at Snapfish (holiday cards, anyone?), 7% Cash Back at Kate Spade, 52% Cash Back at, 12% Cash Back at Origins (plus $10 off $25 purchase with code "TENOFF"). Also in some of the best news I've seen on Ebates in forever - Ebay is back! Yes, you can now get that Cash Back for linking through Ebates to Ebay. You can join Ebates FREE with my link HERE. Since joining Ebates, I have earned over $430 for doing what I was planning to do anyway - shop online! It's…

Thanksgiving Blessings

Today we give thanks. Thanks for our family, thanks for our friends, thanks for our freedom. Thanks for our many blessings. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I hope your blessings are many. 

p.s. Who else thinks it's tacky that many retailers are opening late on Thanksgiving night? Shouldn't this day be reserved for family activities and not having to worry about going to work? Ugh...

Tracy Negoshian Sale: Extra 50% Off!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 

If you're ready to get some after Thanksgiving shopping done before Thanksgiving, be sure to head over to one of our favorite designers, Tracy Negoshian. Through tonight at 11:59PM EST, you will receive an extra 50% off all final sales items. Be sure to use promo code "Thankful" at checkout. (you'll find the website HERE). 

How good are the deals? Well - if you think $25-$30 for a new Tracy Negoshian dress is "good", then you're in luck. The prices are AMAZING. I am buying several holiday gifts - and maybe a new goodie for myself as well! 

What are your favorite Tracy Negoshian styles?

p.s. Don't forget to "like" Tracy Negoshian's Facebook page HERE, so you can keep up with all their promotions and new styles. Be sure to tell them you saw it on Shopaholic In Alabama! 

Atlanta Adventures, Part One: Georgia Aquarium

For the past few years, every time DH and I have traveled to Atlanta, it has been either a work trip or a trip focused around a sporting event. We have long wanted to plan a trip up to see the Georgia Aquarium, and do a little shopping. This past weekend was a perfect time, as we both ended up with Friday, Saturday and Sunday off work.  It’s rare for us to both be off at the same time with the DH in town – so we snatched up our opportunity and headed out on Friday afternoon.
We really wanted to stay at the W Hotel in Buckhead, but since this was a last minute trip, it was booked solid. Our second choice was the Westin in Buckhead, but it was also booked. We ended up at the Embassy Suites in Buckhead, which is a great hotel and a nice central location. I loved being within a mile of the MARTA station, and great shopping at both Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza!
On Saturday, we took MARTA to downtown and went to the Georgia Aquarium. Being lovers of all things sea-themed and beach-related,…

My 42 Year Old Face: Rodan + Fields Anti-Age Regime

Did you know? I am proud to be an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields. I have been using their products for over 90 days, and I can honestly tell you – my skin hasn't looked this good in at least 10 years, maybe even longer.
I started out using the Anti-Age Regime (available HERE), and quickly noticed results. Within a few days, my skin felt so much better and had an incredible texture. I might be 42 years old, but I have no desire to look 42 years old! The Anti-Age Regime has really helped my skin in a short period of time. My visible pores have been significantly reduced, which is a huge deal to me as I did not like the way my pores had been looking. It’s no wonder they call the Anti-Aging Pore Minimizing Toner “Spanx for Pores”!
Another one of my favorite products is the Anti-Age Multi Function Eye Cream (available HERE). Now I will admit – I have always been a fanatic about using a good eye cream. I started using eye cream when I was a teenager and never looked back. Bef…

Help Me Select My Louis Vuitton

It only took me living to be 42 years old, but I have finally managed to talk the DH into a Louis Vuitton. He has always been great about buying designer bags as a gift for me. The first gift he ever gave me when we were dating was a matching Dooney & Burke handbag, wallet and key fob. (Don't judge the Dooney, the year was 1992). Over the years, we moved into Coach, Kate Spade, Burberry, etc - but I've never been able to talk him into a Louis Vuitton. 

This is the year I will own that Louis Vuitton! How sad is it that I will have to travel to Atlanta or Jacksonville to buy this bag in person? Now THAT is a disadvantage of not living in a major metropolitan area (see, sometimes I do miss Charlotte). But hey, I'm thrilled to have a short weekend getaway with the DH and come home with a new LV. 

So now I need your help, as I'm really confused about which bag I want to purchase. I tend to carry large handbags, I'm not a small person and look strange carrying a small …

Special Thank You To All Who Served

Happy Veteran's Day! Today we pay tribute to all who served in our military. The sacrifices many have made over the years have gone unnoticed. In today's climate of 24/7 news, we know much about what goes on and our military is largely respected, honored and appreciated.

It's difficult for those my age and younger to understand, because we didn't live through those times - but there was a time when that wasn't the case in our great country. I think specifically of the Vietnam War and the lack of support for the war. Over the years, I have heard horror stories about how our troops were treated - not just abroad, but when they returned home from war. 

There are many veterans in my family - my grandfather, four of my uncles, my Father in Law, and two of my cousins. All of the branches with the exception of the Coast Guard are represented - Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

Of all my family members who have served, one of my uncles suffered significant injuries in Vietna…

Lilly Pulitzer Fall, Part Two...

Who remembers my blog post about the Fall 2012 Lilly Pulitzer collection, and how fall was always one of my least favorite seasons? I'm hoping you forgot that I said I was DONE buying Lilly Pulitzer Fall, because guess what?!!?! Epic fail, as last week I caved and bought several new pieces! (Evidence of my September post HERE). 

As always, there's a sale to blame. It's really not my fault. I have to look put together at work, and my office is pretty conservative. And besides, my employer is a financial institution. As you can imagine, I'm usually one of the most colorful peeps in the building! 

My friend Sarah over at Village Palm (website HERE, Facebook page HERE) had lots of the Fall delivery on sale, so I picked up a few additional pieces. Here are some of them:

Callie Wedges, $228. Of course I realize this shoe doesn't scream "Fall" to many of you - especially if you're in an area that gets really cold. Luckily, we don't receive a ton of cold wea…

It's Time To Go VOTE!

When I started this blog several years ago, I made the commitment to never discuss two things: politics or religion. Today, I will not veer from that commitment. However, I stop in to remind you that today is Election Day - and your vote counts! 

Even if you live in a "non-swing" state, remember there are many local elections and amendments on the ballot which can impact you. (For instance, we have a 1 cent sales tax on our ballot here for the school system). Remember that many before us had to fight for the right to vote, and we shouldn't take it for granted. 

Have a great day! 

Salt Water Saturday: Alabama vs. LSU

Happy Weekend! Today we have been relaxing and preparing for tonight's big showdown in Baton Rouge...Alabama vs. LSU. Alabama heads into Baton Rouge with an unbeaten record and BCS Title hopes. LSU heads into the game with one loss this season and hopes of ruining our fun. 

Of course, you know where my heart is! DH and I will be watching from home here at the beach. I suspect the game will be very close, but I hope it's not! :-) 

Are you watching any football today? Who are you pulling for this season?

p.s. The above graphic is from the Emerald Coast Crimson Tide Fans page on Facebook. If you're a Bama fan, you simply must go like his page HERE. The owner is a graphic designer and creates the coolest images every week. Tell him I sent you! 


Is it really November? How did that happen? Does this mean that it's less than 30 days until Thanksgiving and less than 60 days until Christmas? Wow...the year has flown by! 

Are you feeling the same way today? I'm wondering how in the world will I get everything done? Going back to work this year has absolutely killed me! Does anyone have any time-saving strategies to share? Or does one just have to reduce their expectations this time of year?

Hope you have a great 1st day of November.