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Running My Life!

Hello There! Hope this post finds everyone doing fantastic and taking time out to enjoy the holiday season! Sorry I have been such a loser about posting this year, I plan to do a MUCH better job in 2016!

My last post was in August and was all about losing weight. I had such tremendous support both here on the blog and on Facebook, I thought it was time to update you again.

I have continued running and working out, and to date have lost 66 pounds total. My husband and I completed our first half marathon the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Kaiser Coastal Half in Orange Beach, Alabama. It was such an amazing feeling, knowing that this time last year I couldn't even run a quarter of a mile. Now, I'll be honest. My time was terrible - 2:47:47 - but I completed a half marathon! Today I am sharing pictures - one of me with my husband, and one with my husband and our friends Gwen and Lindsey. Gwen has been a friend of mine since high school, and we have been running together since Ma…

How I'm Losing The Weight - And You Can Too!

Hello Everyone! Hope you're doing fantastic and enjoying these HOT summer days. I am a certified beach bum and sun lover, but this weather even has me looking forward to cooler temps! 

Yesterday was my 45th birthday (even I can't believe I'm this old). Anyway, I digress. I posted the above picture yesterday on my Instagram and Facebook pages, proving a point that even on my birthday I managed to squeeze in a short workout. This picture has led to a lot of questions from FB friends about how I'm losing weight, as I have now lost 51 pounds.  So I decided to start documenting some of my habits and what I am using, what I've learned, etc.  

Let's start with some of the questions I've received. Hopefully this will help others in their weight loss and fitness battle...because believe me, it's a battle. No doubt about it. 

Question 1: "How did you get started?" This one is actually easy: I joined the gym and starting going to the classes. When I started…

My Weight Loss - 48 Pounds Down, More To Go!

Hello and Happy Almost The Weekend! I promised I was back and here I am again! 

I wanted to share part of my recent journey with you all. In December of last year, I made a decision to get my health back. My weight was out of control and I was concerned for my general health. Health issues in my family include cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. I had no desire to be diagnosed with any of these either now or in the future. While it's true, we can only do so much to fight genetics, I was determined to do everything in my power. 

On December 26, 2014 I took some of the money I was given at Christmas and bought a year's gym membership. I paid in cash, for the entire year of 2015. I figured what the heck, if it's paid in full, I would feel guilty if I didn't go and do the work.  

On Saturday, December 27, 2014 I went to my first gym classes in more years than I want to admit. I took Cardio Step - think old school Step Aerobics. I thought I was going to di…

I'm BACK - For Good This Time!

Hello my friends! It's been a long time since I blogged regularly and I have really missed it! I've made the decision to blog again, likely 3-4 times per week. I sure hope some of you are still with me and will read! 

What has everyone been up to? I left my job (which I really didn't enjoy) the day after Christmas 2014. Since that time, I have been blissfully unemployed and working on myself. I've been dieting and exercising and have lost some weight, and plan to lose a lot more! I have also been enjoying the summer with family and friends here at the beach.

My plans for future posts: diet and exercise tips along with what has worked for me, healthy recipes (we'll start with Meatless Monday and my experiments), fashion finds including my favorite current Lilly Pulitzer pieces, and much much more! 

Who is still with me? Take a moment to drop me a comment! Have a fantastic Tuesday, I'm off to Yoga.