Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Danger Zone: Bed Bath and Beyond

We all have those stores that are "Danger Zones". Perhaps yours is clothing, shoes, accessories, crafting, home decor, furniture, or electronics? Most of us have several of those type stores (I have more than I'd like to admit) - but one of my all time favorite "Danger Zones" is Bed Bath and Beyond. 

The reason for my visit to BB&B is usually pretty simple. Last week, I needed a new pair of sheets for our master bedroom. Easy, right? Perhaps if you can go in, get the one item you're looking for and then leave - yes. Easy peasy. Thank goodness I have a stockpile of those "20% off one single item" coupons! (Did you know - you can use multiples of those at one time? My store will allow me to use 5 coupons per transaction.) I picked up these sheets, and if you need new ones too, I highly recommend these. A dreamy night's sleep awaits!  

Naturally, while I was in the store I found other things we "needed". I fell in love with these new beach chairs from Tommy Bahama. Before I left, I took the following picture and sent it to the DH. His reply via text? "I Like". I took that as an invitation to purchase (haha) and picked up two of them. When spring rolls around, we will be ready with our new beach chairs. 

Then while perusing the holiday clearance section, I found the cutest elephant cocktails napkins. They were cheap too - just $5 per package with an additional 20% off before the coupon. Wow! I picked up several packages, I like to have these on hand to toss in hostess gifts or use when friends visit for cocktails. 
I have to admit, I also found a new bedding set that I am dying to purchase. We've had our same master bedding for several years, but lately I've been feeling it was time for a change. Bed Bath and Beyond always does that to me - makes me want to redecorate an area or sometimes, an entire room. 

Do you have the same problem? What stores are your "Danger Zones"?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A January Birthday Celebration

Last night, we went to dinner with my sister and brother in law. Both of their birthdays are in the month of January, and my parents kept their two little boys (my nephews). So it was a great opportunity for the adults to have a fun night out! 

Of course we headed over to one of our favorite restaurants here at the beach, Louisiana Lagniappe. They have an amazing menu - the drinks are fantastic and the food is to die for. My sister and I started out with a King Cake Martini, which is one of their specialty drinks. 
And how does this sound - pan sauteed grouper topped with hollandaise sauce and grilled shrimp, served with a side of lump crabmeat and a twice baked potato? I will have to atone for this meal all week.
We finished the night by having one of my sister BFF's and her boyfriend over for drinks and conversation. They have been friends for over 20 years, and hadn't spent any time together in years. There were lots of laughs and it was fun to see Angie again, I can remember these girls cutting up together as teenagers. This picture proves a point: no matter how old we get, some things remain the same!  
How did you spent your Saturday night? I hope you're enjoying a great weekend. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shopaholic Favorite Tunic: The Virginia By Jules Reid

You guys know me - I love, love, love my tunics! However - most of my favorite designer tunics are only appropriate for spring and summer wear. It's as if once the weather turns cool, tunics are out of sight and out of mind. 

Enter Jules Reid to the rescue! Jules Reid is one of my favorite designers, you might remember one of my previous posts about her beachy-chic collection (see it HERE). Jules' designs are absolutely gorgeous and oh so chic. I am in love with her Virginia Tunic, and am wearing one in the photo above. 

The Virginia tunic is a great option for work. In the picture, I paired my newest Virginia with a black pencil skirt and black wedges - and it was a perfect "wear to work" look. You have to remember that I work in the mortgage business, so I'm constantly trying to find ways to work my favorite designers into my Monday-Friday wardrobe without looking like a tourist on vacation at the office. :-) 

Another thing I like about the Jules Reid collection - you don't have to be rail thin to wear it and look fantastic. My struggles with losing weight are well documented, and it makes me feel awful if I can't wear a favorite designer piece. But rest assured, whether you were a size 2 or a size 12 - you can find a piece of Jules Reid that will work! 

If you want to try a Virginia tunic, or just "need" to add to your JR collection, this is a great time to do so. Currently all previous collections (everything except Resort Holiday 2013) is on sale on the Jules Reid website. And when I say "sale", I mean 70% off retail pricing. For instance, Virginia normally retails for $295. At 70% off, that makes her only $88.50. (access the website HERE). 

I'm going to need at least one more Virginia tunic before the sale is over. But hurry, it only lasts for a week! 

Do you own any Jules Reid? What are your favorite pieces?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy 2013: About Those Resolutions...

Happy New Year, only 9 days late! HA! I hope your 2013 began with a bang and you're having a great start to the new year! 

To write this post, I wanted to look back on my 2012 resolutions post. (It's HERE for the record.) There is one thing I notice, and quite frankly it's a little sad. 

Every year, my #1 New Years Resolution is to lose weight. Last year I totally *FAILED* at this resolution. Believe me, I have plenty of excuses reasons. I suppose the biggest reason is because I went back to work, and between the long hours in mortgage and a two hour commute every day, I simply don't have the time to exercise regularly. 

Then again, don't we ALL have 24 hours in our day? And isn't this simply a matter of priorities? You know - how we manage our time. That's what the DH and my Father would tell me. I'm not sure how I will ever get this weight off. I don't want to give up, but life is gradually beating me into submission. 

On the good news front: I did manage to stick to both of my resolutions regarding money. We saved through the 401K as planned, and we met our personal savings goal. In addition, somehow I was able to curb my spending wayyy back last year. The DH and my Father would say it was because I've been at work more, and on the computer less. Now - on that note, they might be correct! 

For 2013, I decided to stick to my 2012 resolutions - and add just one. The new addition to my list? Be Awesome! 

#1 - Be Awesome
#2 - Lose Weight
#3 - Exercise Consistently
#4 - Spend less money on stuff I don't need anyway
#5 - Save More Money

What is on your resolutions list for 2013? Wish me luck - I will admit I didn't go with #4 until AFTER the Lilly Pulitzer New Year Cheer Sale. More on that topic later...

Have a Wonderful Wednesday! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Game Time: Alabama vs. Notre Dame for the BCS Championship

Happy New Year, I'm back! After a long break from my blog, I will be posting several times a week. I'm so excited to return and I hope that you guys will still read! 

Tonight is the big BCS National Championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame. Are you planning to watch? Of course, it's kind of big news here...(That is a serious understatement)! Me and the DH will be watching from home. We would have loved to be there in person but with work schedules it wasn't possible.

I'm working on our game menu right now, and getting the house all clean and ready. Also plan to hit the pavement for four miles in a bit, then I won't feel guilty about what I eat and drink tonight. :-) 

Who do you want to win? History hasn't been kind to Alabama when playing Notre Dame, but I believe our team is ready for tonight and I am planning to celebrate a victory! 

Roll Tide Roll! 

p.s. Tomorrow's post is all about New Years Resolutions! 
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