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KLUTCHclub: Are you in the club?

Have you heard of KLUTCHclub yet? If you haven't, it's the newest monthly "box" subscription service that delivers a package of goodies relating to fitness, wellness and healthy snacks. Each monthly box is filled with products worth at least $50. What's really cool about this service is you get a chance to "test drive" items before purchasing them yourself. (check out their website HERE). 

Most of you are probably familiar with other box subscription services like Birchbox or Glossybox, but this is much more interesting to me. As you all know, I have long struggled with my weight and trying to get back into shape (and stay in shape!) after turning 40. I love the idea of trying a variety of hand-selected products each month - and let's face, who doesn't love a surprise box of goodies at the door?

Each monthly box has a theme. Last month it was "Spring Clean Your Body" and included so many wonderful items!  Opening the box was the best par…

Trina Turk for Banana Republic

Have you heard about the Trina Turk collection, created exclusively for Banana Republic? Of course, Trina Turk is known for her bold prints and laid-back, California-cool style. Her pieces ooze a Palm Springs cool vibe, and are typically pretty expensive. 

However, Trina Turk has created a capsule collection for Banana Republic, and it's debuting online and in stores on June 7. The collection will consist of swimwear, towels, dresses, shorts, sunglasses and accessories. Check out some of the pieces from the lookbook...

If you're like me and can't wait for the collection to hit stores (or know you won't be able to hit the store on June 7, ugh) - you're in luck! Trina Turk for Banana Republic will be featured on Gilt Groupe today (you can join Gilt Groupe free HERE). Pieces will be full price, which ranges from $34.50 - $150, but at least you can get the item or items you are coveting before they hit the stores! Get there early - Gilt Groupe sales start at 11am CT, noo…

Gettin' The Lead Out Of My Feet And Out Of My Head!

Wow - what a wonderful holiday weekend! We had way too much to eat, way too much to drink, and today I am paying the price. 

My morning started with 4 miles here at the beach to get the lead out - how about yours? It is seriously time to get motivated and going again - my exercise program has suffered big time the past few months. 

How do you stay motivated? Any tricks I need to know about? And - does anyone know how to create an extra hour or two every day? I'm thinking I need at least 26, 28 hours in a day! 

Happy Tuesday! 

Honor Thy Solider

Happy Memorial Day! While you are beaching, boating and barbecuing today, please take a moment to appreciate the sacrifice of our military. Thank a Veteran - active duty or retired military - for their service to our country. 

My primary job is helping our military members purchase a home (or maybe refinance their current home). One minute I'm talking to a retired Admiral in Washington DC, and the next minute a soldier just starting his or her career in Camp LeJeune, NC. I consider this my service - helping them.  There is a certain satisfaction of knowing I was able to assist - even in this small way. 

Let's honor them today. 

Bling Earrings From JoJo Loves You: Memorial Day Bling Sale

For those who aren't familiar, JoJo's beautiful designs are hand crafted in her studio based in Boston, MA. And lucky for us, she is hosting her Annual Memorial Day Sale! 

One of my favorite items from JoJo are the bling earrings. Vintage Swarovski crystals are handset in sterling silver posts, and then packaged on hand-punched pink hearts and come in round signature silver tins. I really love that you can purchase sets of bling earrings in popular shades. This set includes Topaz with Pink, Light Pink and Snowflake, and normally retails for $90. However, this weekend only it's on sale for $60! What a deal! You can find the set HERE
Are you a gold or silver girl? I am definitely a "gold girl", and most of my jewelry is gold or at least has gold accents. I really love the Mini Party Bling Round pack in Summer colors pictured above. This pack includes yellow with gold base earrings, blue with gold base earrings and apple with gold base. The normal retail price of th…

Salt Water Saturday: Food and Beverage Favorites

Cheers to a long weekend! We plan to enjoy wonderful drinks, good food, sit in the sun, go fishing, and rest! Hope your holiday weekend is off to a great start! 

Five For Friday

Are you ready for Memorial Day? This week has been so busy at work, I'm more than ready for a three-day weekend! I plan to enjoy every single moment, get a lot of sun and relax! 

Today, I'll be sharing five of my favorite finds and thoughts. Enjoy! 

#1: By now, you all know that I love the Uscoop website and frequently pick up Today's Chase. If you haven't heard this yet, my friends at Uscoop recently launched an online boutique that features some of our favorite preppy designers. The new website is Tuckernuck, and brand offerings include Gretchen Scott, Castaway Clothing, Strong Boalt, Harding-Lane, Loren Hope, and many others. You simply must check out their website HERE - and note they are offering 20% off through Monday, May 28 using discount code "Memorial20" at checkout. 

#2: OK, I'll admit it...since I started working again, I now drink coffee every morning. I don't really know how it happened - I suppose after all these years, I just caved in to …

SwimSpot: Swimwear Giveaway & Review

Have you heard of the online retailer, SwimSpot? I was thrilled when they contacted me to host a blog giveaway and website review. The timing was spot-on because just last week, the DH was telling me "you need some new swimsuits - yours are faded and look awful". How's that for permission to spend money? No wonder I love that man...

Let's face it - we all know that buying women's swimwear can be a traumatic, intimidating and eye opening experience. In my opinion, any retailer or tool that helps me feel confident I've purchased the right suit for my body type is a huge bonus! The SwimSpot website has an amazing Bikini Builder. This will help you determine your body type and then customize your own swimsuit look. Cool, huh? You can test it yourself HERE, I know you'll love it. I played around with it for quite some time myself! Another feature on their website is the Fit Specialist. This provides different suit options based on your body type, and you can al…

Wish List Wednesday: Lilly Pulitzer, Nautical Style

Every year, the Summer Lilly Pulitzer collection is my favorite. Hands down. True to form, Lilly didn't disappoint this year. I love so many pieces from the Summer collection, I could purchase one of everything. (never mind I can't wear a lot of this to work...that's not the issue, ha!). The issue is narrowing down my "must have" list, here are a few of my favorites.

Tylar Dress, Scallopy Stripey, $298
Minta Dress, Chiquita Bonita, $228
Camie Dress, You Gotta Regatta, $108
Thandie Tunic, Chiquita Bonita, $138
What do you think of the Summer Lilly collection? Which pieces are your favorites? I have to admit - I've been a little out of touch with my Lilly collection since going back to work.  However, it might be time to correct that little problem! :-) 

Have a great day, be sure to tune in tomorrow. Hint: Fabulous Swimwear. Giveaway. You'll love it! 

Living Proof Straight Spray: Helping Me Break The Flat Iron Habit

Going back to work has created several "problems" for me. You know - lack of sleep, lack of time for housecleaning, running out of Diet Coke, etc. However, one of the biggest hassles of working is having to fix my hair

You see, when I was working from home and only going into the office one day a week, I could go days without touching my hair with a flat iron because quite often, only the husband would see me. I could hide my bad hair days behind the computer. Not so much anymore, my friends. As a result, I've been torturing my hair with the flat iron and hair dryer on an almost daily basis. 

The last time I went to see my hair guru Phillip, he informed me that my hair was literally breaking off around my face. I was horrified. Horrified and devastated. I've never had problems with breakage - my hair has always been thick, lush and healthy.  I wanted to cry, but instead I started to look for a new styling product as I knew I had no choice - I had to l…

The Webster Shop at Target

Did you also fall in love with The Shops at Target? Naturally, my favorite shop is The Webster. All the designs are fun, and they are affordable so I didn't feel guilty about picking up several items. Here are some of my favorites - a few I have already purchased, others still need to be ordered. 

The Webster at Target Tie Front Dress - Plaid Print Navy, $42.99. I purchased this dress at my local Target store and absolutely love it! I managed to integrate it into last week's work wardrobe by pairing it with my Lilly Pulitzer wedges in navy. This dress was a hit - at least a half dozen people asked me about it. Very comfortable too! 
The Webster at Target Strapless Maxi Dress - Wallpaper Print Cream, $44.99.  My local Target store had this dress for exactly two days. On my first trip, I didn't purchase it because I was trying to minimize my purchases that day. Ugh...the next day, it was already gone. Good thing it's still available online, as I still want it! 
The Webster …