Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Living Proof Straight Spray: Helping Me Break The Flat Iron Habit

Going back to work has created several "problems" for me. You know - lack of sleep, lack of time for housecleaning, running out of Diet Coke, etc. However, one of the biggest hassles of working is having to fix my hair every.single.day. 

You see, when I was working from home and only going into the office one day a week, I could go days without touching my hair with a flat iron because quite often, only the husband would see me. I could hide my bad hair days behind the computer. Not so much anymore, my friends. As a result, I've been torturing my hair with the flat iron and hair dryer on an almost daily basis. 

The last time I went to see my hair guru Phillip, he informed me that my hair was literally breaking off around my face. I was horrified. Horrified and devastated. I've never had problems with breakage - my hair has always been thick, lush and healthy.  I wanted to cry, but instead I started to look for a new styling product as I knew I had no choice - I had to lay off the flat iron for a while. (Or according to Phillip, soon I wouldn't have any hair to flat iron!). Well, when you put it like that.....

During a trip to Ulta, I decided to pony up the $29 price tag and purchased the Living Proof Straight Spray. According to the manufacturer, this product "extends the life of straight styles". You apply this spray to wet or dry hair and then blow dry your hair. I'm now a firm believer in this product, and I can tell you it works. 

Now I'm able to blow dry my hair straight, and only slightly touch up with a flat iron on day one. On days two and three, I use this Straight Spray on dry hair, then quickly run the hair dryer through my hair without using the flat iron. 

Maybe I'll be able to save my hair after all! I can't believe how great the spray works. If you're trying to break the flat iron habit but love the look of smooth, sleek hair - I recommend you try this product. I'm betting you'll love it too! 

Have you tried any of the Living Proof products? If so, how did you like them?

Note: these products are available at Ulta and Sephora. 


  1. I use the Living Proof curl spray. I don't use it every day as it's just so expensive & I really haven't figured out just how much to spray without under-doing it or over-doing it. The scent can be a bit chemically noxious until I start to dry my hair, so I also don't use it when my husband is still mulling about in the bathroom at the same time.
    I also figured out to stand in the tub/shower with a towel drapped over my shoulders when I spray this stuff as it left my bathroom floor feeling weirdly slick/sticky & some of the spray was getting on my wallpapered bathroom wall & leaving behind a strange residue. Also if I don't cover my shoulder with a towel then my skin has a weird sticky residue from the over-spray as well.
    Having said all that - the stuff does help control my curls & keeps the frizzies to a minimum when I get just the right amount sprayed on - which again, I haven't quite quantified yet to be consistent.
    I'm not giving up on it....but I'm not yet solidly sold on it yet either. I wish the Living Proof folks would send me a free curl spray that I can try with reckless abandon to find my perfect coverage without me freaking out over the price & that I'm wasting the product. A girl can dream.

  2. Could you wear your hair curly/wavy ever and/or let it air dry? I attempt to shower at night and let my hair air dry and that has helped a lot as well as the invention of the ballerina bun and Suave dry shampoo. ;)

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