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Preppy Princess - Day Four of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days!

Happy Saturday, my Shopaholic pals! 

Welcome to Day Four of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days! I'm hosting these in honor of my 40th birthday coming on August's a fun way to stop thinking about getting older, and profile some of my favorite designers, websites, stores and brands! HA

Thanks so much to one of my favorite online stores - Preppy Princess - for sponsoring our Day Four giveaway! Preppy Princess's website features a wide variety of preppy "must haves" and brands, such as Lilly Pulitzer gifts and stationery, Kiel James Patrick, Jonathan Adler, Clairebella and so many other fun, preppy items! If you're looking for anything preppy, Preppy Princess should be your first stop! :-)

Preppy Princess is offering two items for our Birthday Giveaway celebration! For the first item, the winner will have their choice of either a Lilly Pulitzer umbrella in the new prints Checking In or White Zin OR a Lilly Pulitzer Laptop sleeve in the new prints Checking In…

Lotus and Lilly - Day Three of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days!

TGIF, Shopaholic friends!

Welcome to Day Three of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days! I'm hosting these in honor of my 40th birthday coming on August's a fun way to stop thinking about getting older, and profile some of my favorite designers, websites, stores and brands! HA

Thanks so much to one of my favorite designers of all things handmade with Lilly fabric - Lotus and Lilly - for sponsoring our 3rd giveaway! Kristina is the designer (and brains) behind this operation, and she is a pleasure. All her items are handmade and the quality is immediately apparent. I invite you to check out the website HERE. Lotus and Lilly carries headbands, clutches, bracelets, hair clips, etc. All items are made with either current or vintage Lilly Pulitzer fabrics. Lilly lovers are crazy for her fun items! 

For today's giveaway, Lotus and Lilly is providing a 1" headband and matching clutch bag in one of my favorite prints, Rainbow Patch. This fabric will match sooooo many things…

Follow Friday - Join The Party!

Happy Friday! Today I'm thrilled to offer two posts (rare around these parts!) as I'm hosting Follow Friday with my BFF Bethany over at Maryland Pink and Green. Of course you guys know I'm Lori from Shopaholic in Alabama

What a fantastic idea to host Follow Friday - be sure to add your link on today's blog hop. You only need to link your blog to the list once and you can add it on either of the 2 blogs hosting the Follow Friday.

Your link will be visible on the list on both blogs throughout the week so a lot of people can find you!

Blog readers will see the same list on all of the blogs and will be able to "hop" from blog to blog. What a fun way to find new friends! If you have not joined previous weeks, be sure to add your blog to the list today. Even if you've already added your blog on another blog hop, add your name to the list today since every week is a new list.

Here's how to play:

1. Find new blogs to follow and be sure to follow the hostesses (L…

MCC Designs - Day Two of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days!

Happy Thursday, Shopaholic friends!

Welcome to Day Two of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days! I'm hosting these in honor of my 40th birthday coming on August's a fun way to stop thinking about getting older, and profile some of my favorite designers, websites, stores and brands! HA

Thanks so much to one of my favorite designers of all things correspondence - MCC Designs - for sponsoring our 2nd giveaway!  The Etsy shop specializies in stationery, note pads, tags and much more (link HERE).  Of course it doesn't hurt that most everything Melissa designs is either preppy, pink or green - which makes it all totally adorable!

This Shopaholic is a huge fan of MCC designs. I have personalized flat note cards, and one of the famous flip flop note pads sitting on my dresser. Next on my "wish list" are the personalized wine and gift tags.

For today's giveaway, MCC Designs is generously offering one set of square calling cards, and one set of note pads (1-5.5 x 5.…

Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days - Featuring Caroline Grace Jewelry!

Happy Wednesday, Shopaholic friends!

Welcome to Day One of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days! I'm hosting these in honor of my 40th birthday coming on August's a fun way to stop thinking about getting older, and profile some of my favorite designers, websites, stores and brands! HA

Thanks so much to one of my favorite friends and Twitter pals Caroline Grace Jewelry for sponsoring the first giveaway! As you all know, I'm a big fan of Caroline Grace's baubles and wear something from her jewelry line almost every day. This spring and summer the DH was quite tolerant while I built my collection. I have a feeling EVERYONE will want to win this pretty! :-)

The Pink Starfish Leather Cuff ($132 retail) is absolutely gorgeous, and one lucky reader will win this beauty! (listing on Etsy HERE). The cuff is approx. 2" wide and has a beautiful silvertone jeweled starfish embellishment. The cuffs are something special, you can trust me on this as I own three of them alre…

Lilly Pulitzer Fall Collection - 20% Preorder Opportunity at Under The Palm Tree

Happy Monday, my fellow Shopaholics! Hope your weekend was nice and relaxing, back to reality today! :-)

Do you remember last week, I blogged about the new Lilly Pulitzer Fall Collection and how excited I was to see it? Well...I have a "Shopaholic Special" for you today.

Our friends at Under The Palm Tree (by now, y'all know this is one of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer Via Shoppes) are offering all Shopaholic In Alabama readers an "unheard of" deal! You have an opportunity to pre-order your favorites from the Fall Collection, before it hits stores, at 20% off your preorder of $500 or more. Let's face it - that could be just two dresses!

This applies to the entire fall collection - Ladies, Minnies, Accessories, etc. The deal is effective for all the deliveries, it isn't just limited to the first one. The special will only be available to Shopaholic readers, and to their in store customers. So unless you live near the store, you're only going to hear abou…

Self-Indulgent Weekend

Happy Weekend, my Shopaholic friends! I hope you are having a wonderful time and enjoying it with family and friends!

So many of you have commented, emailed, etc about my Mother's condition so I wanted to give you a quick update. Friday we went for a colonoscopy, and unfortunately it confirmed what we already suspected. Her Crohn's disease is officially out of remission and back with a vengeance. Several other tests were performed - including a biopsy.  Currently we are scheduled to go back to the doctor next Tuesday. At this appointment, we should know the "full picture" of exactly what we are dealing with and have recommendations for a treatment plan. I believe that at a minimum, we are looking at a series of Remicade injections. Again, thanks for all your kind words and emails - and I'll keep everyone posted. 

I guess the stress of the past few weeks caught up with me on Friday afternoon. I was exhausted, I mean bone tired like I haven't been in years. I fe…

Mark Your Calendars!

TGIF, Shopaholics! Today I'm taking my Mother for another series of tests, and hopefully we'll know exactly what's going on. Please say a little prayer that everything turns out ok, as the family is very concerned.

Since we have to get up and going at an "insane" hour, I just have something quick for you today!

Mark Your Calendars! On Wednesday, July 28 (that's next week!), Shopaholic In Alabama will begin hosting another series of fun and exciting giveaways! I'm hosting these to celebrate my milestone 40th birthday in style, as a good Leo does. While I can't give away all the secrets just yet, I will tell you that the newest round of giveaways will feature all my favorites (they're your favorites too!) as well as some new folks you might not know of yet.

In addition, some of the vendors will be offering "Shopaholic Specials" - special discounts just for SIA followers! I think you will be excited to see what is coming next week! I know I …

Wish List Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day, Shopaholics! Quick update, took Mother to her dr. appointment yesterday. They have scheduled another round of tests on Friday morning (very early, I might add) and hopefully we'll know more then. Thanks again for all your comments and kind wishes, they have been greatly appreciated!

Welcome to my newest edition of Wish List Wednesday! This will be my last Wish List post for a few weeks, as next Wednesday I have a special surprise coming to the blog! :-)

Chapman Dress, Hotty Pink Tisket Tasket, Lilly Pulitzer, $178

Raquel Dress, True Navy Anchors Away, Lilly Pulitzer, $258

More than anything, I really, really am DYING to renew my wedding vows in one of the new "Lilly Bride" dresses. Can I just get married again? Good for me, I have a while to attempt talking DH into a renewal ceremony, as this line won't debut until late 2010. Just think - beach wedding, Lilly Bride, no oil. My idea of heaven. :-)

What do you think of my favorites? Of course there are mo…

Havaianas, Swarovski, and Glue

Happy Tuesday everyone! Thanks so much for your kind comments and emails yesterday regarding my Mother. We're hoping for good news at today's appointment. :-)

Last night I played with Havaianas, Swarovski crystals and glue. I wanted to show you what I "created" and see what you thought? I am practicing now - but will probably end up selling some of my creations.

At first it was frustrating, the glue was making me crazy! After a few mistakes, I'm getting better at applying the crystals. For the record, I'm not one of those people who is patient OR creative. Maybe this will help me work another side of my brain? haha.

Forgive the awful photos - it was late, the lighting wasn't great, and I have glue all over my thumbnail. Oops.

Do you wear crystalized Havaianas? I do - and I've always paid big $$ for them. From now on, I will surely be making my own! What do you think?

Have a wonderful day!

Very Worried

Happy Monday Shopaholics! Today I'm taking a little "break" from you ever get sick of yourself? I'm sick of myself and sick with worry.

I'm worried to death about my Mother, who has been sick for weeks. I took her for a CT scan last Thursday, and am taking her to yet another dr. appointment tomorrow. Mother has Crohn's disease, she was diagnosed many years ago. It has been in remission for quite some time, but appears to be back with a vengeance.

We should know more after tomorrow's appointment with a new gastroenterologist. Please say a little prayer - at this point, I'm hoping for no hospital stays or surgeries - but am worried one or the other may be in order. :-(

Sorry today's post isn't very just seems hypocritical to blog about something else today. Thanks for reading and have a Marvelous Monday!

Happy 90th Birthday to Nana!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and living it up! :-)

Yesterday I attended Nana's 90th birthday party, sans DH because he had to work. Funny that Nana introduced me to one of her friends as "D's Better Half" - considering he is her grandson! HAHA. This woman has a sense of humor - can you believe she is 90!?!?

Ironic that she is turning 90 - and I'll be 40 next month. I tried to spend time talking to Nana about what her life was like when she was my age. Interesting to know that she was divorced from D's grandfather (he was abusive); working full time in a factory, and raising her two sons by herself. This made me really think long and hard about how easy my life is, in comparison. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not priviledged - but I am lucky.

While I'm on the subject, people that have no respect for the elderly, I have zero tolerance for them. Did your parents even warn you to be wary of any man who wasn't …

Under The Palm Tree's BIG sale!

Happy Saturday, Shopaholic pals! What are you doing this weekend? DH is working (like usual these days!), so I'm left to my own devices....what's a girl to do??? Today I'm attending a party to celebrate Nana's 90th birthday! Nana is DH's only living grandparent. Can you imagine being 90 years old!?!? I'm planning to learn some of her secrets! :-)

Some of you have asked me whether I knew of any good sales on Lilly? Not one to disappoint, one of my absolute favorite Lilly Pulitzer Via shoppes is coming through for us again! Under The Palm Tree is having a wonderful sale!

Here a few highlights:

Some Summer at 40% off
Mens 60% off
Spring Swimwear 60% off
Girls 40% off (except polos)

FREE Shipping with code "Facebook" in the order notes section

10% off all preorders of the new Lifeguard Press delivery (think Lilly agendas, laptop and phone cases, etc) with code "Facebook" in the order notes section

You can access their website HERE or contact the store …

Lilly Pulitzer Fall Preview!

TGIF, Shopaholics! Sorry for my lack of posts the past few days, life has crazy with my Mother's illness. Thanks for all the comments and well wishes, she needs them all.

Today I have "Shopaholic Scoop" for you - a very small preview of some of my favorite items from the upcoming Lilly Pulitzer Fall collection. Enjoy!

Stephanie Dress Engineered, Turquoise Koi Print, $168

Jonah Dress, Don't Be Koi, $168

Blayney Dress, Turq. Let's Get Ginky, $268

Active/Yoga Wear - NEW from Lilly Pulitzer - exciting!

What are your favorites? The collection will be in stores in a few short weeks...hold on to your wallets!

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!