Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday to Nana!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and living it up! :-)

Yesterday I attended Nana's 90th birthday party, sans DH because he had to work. Funny that Nana introduced me to one of her friends as "D's Better Half" - considering he is her grandson! HAHA. This woman has a sense of humor - can you believe she is 90!?!?

Ironic that she is turning 90 - and I'll be 40 next month. I tried to spend time talking to Nana about what her life was like when she was my age. Interesting to know that she was divorced from D's grandfather (he was abusive); working full time in a factory, and raising her two sons by herself. This made me really think long and hard about how easy my life is, in comparison. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not priviledged - but I am lucky.

While I'm on the subject, people that have no respect for the elderly, I have zero tolerance for them. Did your parents even warn you to be wary of any man who wasn't kind to old people or animals? There is a LOT of truth to that advice. Thank goodness I followed it and ended up with a winner in DH.

Happy 90th Birthday, Nana! It was wonderful to see you yesterday. Can't wait to celebrate #91 next year!


  1. What a fabulous lady! Happy birthday to Nana :)

  2. What a nice birthday! And your DH's Nana looks much younger than her 90 years.

    Re: zero tolerance for those who disrespect the elderly - I'm with you. As part of my job, I work with elderly folks who can no longer make their own decisions and I have no use for the people who try to take advantage.

  3. I don't respect people that are not kind to others (or animals). It was my #1 criteria in choosing a Husband. And happy bday to your nana!

  4. What a special lady and a priceless picture....I have a new post on my holiday blog, A BABY CHANGES EVERYTHING with more of this more EASY chances to win.

  5. Your Nana looks much younger than 90!! Belated Happy Birthday wishes to her!

  6. Nana looks great!! I hope she enjoyed her party, 90 years old is quite an accomplishment!!

  7. Nana looks great and does not look near 90. Happy Birthday Nana! How people treat others and animals shows a lot about a person. I agree that we should respect our elders.

    XOX Sue


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