Monday, April 26, 2010


Happy Monday! I'm thrilled to report this Shopaholic is back to her old self, after a few days of being "down and out" with unexpected dental stuff. The sun is shining again and it's onward and upward we go! 

Welcome to DAY SIXTEEN, the final day of Shopaholic giveaway days to celebrate Mother's Day!

Today I'm thrilled to feature one of my favorite jewelry designers, Caroline Grace Jewelry and her Etsy shop, Lulu Jewels.  I met Caroline Grace months ago when I started blogging, and in addition to admiring her beautiful jewelry, we share a love of all things fashion related. (She is also a Lilly Pulitzer addict, oops I mean Lilly girl!). Caroline's designs are gorgeous, and I have quickly amassed quite the collection. It's to the point where DH recognizes the goodies when they arrive - something like "Oh, I see you bought another cuff bracelet".

Here are a few of my current "loves" from Caroline Grace....

Seahorse Cuff Bracelet, $124

Tropical Fish Cuff Bracelet, $136

Siv Necklace in Sterling Silver with Peruvian Opals, Pearls & Swarovski, $138

Flora Chandelier Earrings, $44 (these come in a ton of colors & will match everything!)

Now for the GIVEAWAY -- and a huge DISCOUNT!!! Caroline Grace Jewelry is sponsoring a Mother's Day giveaway, exclusively for Shopaholic readers! The giveaway item is pictured below. It's an absolutely stunning silver chain, with a personalized 5/8" disc (disc shown is silver with a gold rim, but you can select a beaded gold rim or plain silver one if you'd like!). The necklace also two additional charms, a pearl and a starfish! The retail value of this price is $305!!! Clearly, you can see we saved the highest dollar value giveaway for our "last hurrah"! :-) What a generous giveaway!

Now, the lucky winner will be able to "add" additional discs or charms if they'd like (Caroline grace will be happy to provide pricing). An example of how the necklace may look with more charms or discs is provided below:

Is it just me or is this a wonderful giveaway!?!?!?
 Of course, we all know there can only be one Caroline Grace is offering an extremely generous discount, just for Shopaholic readers! How about 25% off?!?!?! To be honest, I've never seen her offer this large of a discount, even on her Facebook fan page. A discount of this magnitude will probably not happen again anytime soon....."maybe" around the holidays, but there is no guarantee! This is a fantastic time to pick up that piece you've had your eye on, or that special Mother's Day gift! Personally, I look at her site every time I need to purchase a gift for another Shopaholic - I get so many compliments on my pieces! NOTE: The last day to take advantage of this discount is May 2, 2010.

You can take advantage of the discount one of two ways. Number One - purchase the item through Etsy, just don't complete the payment process. Then "convo" (this is Etsy's email system) Caroline Grace, tell her you are a Shopaholic reader and would like to take advantage of the discount. She will send you a Paypal invoice with the adjusted amount with the discount. Number Two - purchase the item through Etsy, pay as you normally would through Paypal, etc. Then "convo" Caroline Grace, tell her you're a Shopaholic reader and would like to take advantage of the discount. She can then send you a refund through Paypal for the 25% discount amount. Either way - it's up to you! Just don't let this opportunity pass you by - I'm being honest, I don't know when or IF we'll see another discount at this amount again!  Now - here is how you can enter the Caroline Grace Jewelry nametag necklace giveaway:

1) Sign up to follow this blog for ONE entry (or mention that you already follow!)
2) Sign up as a fan of Caroline Grace Jewelry on Facebook for ONE entry (or mention that you're already a fan).
3) Sign up as a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook for ONE entry (or mention that you're already a fan).
4) Comment on this post with your favorite item from Caroline Grace's Etsy shop for ONE entry.
5) Follow me on twitter (@ shopaholicinal) for ONE Entry.
6) Follow Caroline Grace Jewelry on twitter (@xoCarolineGrace) for ONE entry.
7) Tweet this giveaway (be sure to copy me @shopaholicinal) for ONE entry.
8) Blog about this giveaway for ONE entry and provide a link to your post in the comments section.

Please be sure to comment on this post, telling me how many entries to give you! Good luck! :-)

Giveaway will end at midnight central time on Sunday, May 2. The winner will be selected by random drawing and announced on Monday, May 3.

A huge thank you to Caroline Grace Jewelry for sponsoring such an extremely generous Mother's Day giveaway, as well as an amazing discount for Shopaholic readers! One Shopaholic fan is going to be absolutely thrilled to win this necklace!

This is our last giveaway to celebrate Mother's Day! Be sure to enter and get your chance at this magnificient prize! 

Have a great Monday and a wonderful week!


  1. Love Caroline Grace jewelry! I'm already a fb fan for both. My favorite piece is the blue seahorse cuff bracelet (loving the blue daisy drop earrings too!) Thank you!

  2. I absolutely love this giveaway and your blog!! Please give me 8 entries as
    1) I already follow your blog!
    2) I am a big fan of Caroline Grace Jewelry on Facebook.
    3) I am a huge fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook.
    4) My current favorite item is the white leather cuff with rhinestone flower many fabulous options from which to choose from Caroline Grace's Etsy shop!!!
    5) Following you on twitter already.
    6) Following Caroline Grace Jewelry on twitter already.
    7) Tweeted this giveaway and copied to @shopaholicinal and @xoCarolineGrace.
    8) Blogged about this giveaway on my Facebook page (you are both friends so you will see it appear)but here is a copy of the post just in case...Lisa Lettiere Logue Check out to enter to win the fabulous custom-made necklace shown below. Also, Caroline Grace Jewelry is offering a 25% discount off her jewelry for readers!!
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    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and Caroline Grace arm candy cuffs...can't get enough!!!!

  3. I love the bling!

    1. I love the seahorse cuff. It would match my "under the Sea" Lilly stuff so well!
    2. I follow your blog.
    3. I follow you on Facebook.

  4. I LOVE Caroline Grace ... the cuffs are my favorite
    8 entries please! Many thanks :)

  5. oh goodness, i was just looking at this necklace in her store last night! this is my favorite thing in her etsy shop!

    i am a follower of the blog, a fan of shopaholic in al on fb, follow both shopaholic in al and caroline grace on twitter and i just tweeted this!

    thanks for this opportunity! it's a great giveaway! that's six entries, i think?

  6. 1. I'm a follower.
    2. I'm a fan of Carolina Grace.
    3. I'm a fan of you.
    4. My favorite is probably the daisy drop earrings in blue or the tiny initial necklace. It's all gorgeous!

  7. 1. I am a follower on your blog
    2. I am a fan on facebook
    3. I love the turquoise seahorse cuff bracelet!!!
    4. I follow Carolina Grace on twitter
    5. I follow you on twitter

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  9. I am already a follower of your blog.
    I follow you on twitter
    I am a fan on FB of you and Caroline Grace
    I love the Siv necklace
    I am following Caroline Grace on twitter
    I just retweeted the contest as well and I am heading to my blog to blog about it. So that gets me 8 entries!


  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE that seahorse cuff! This is an amazing give-away, and I had not previously discovered Caroline Grace's jewelry - so glad I found it now! Thanks!!

    I am now a follower of both your blog, your facebook page, Caroline's facebook page, and both of you on twitter (and I retweeted an annoucement about the giveaway - @fmdjewelry) Thanks again!


  11. 1) Signed up to follow Shopoholic in AL for ONE entry 2) Fan of Caroline Grace Jewelry on Facebook for ONE entry
    3) Fan of Shopaholic In Alabama ONE entry 4) Comment on this post with your favorite item from Caroline Grace's Etsy one entry I ABSOLUTELY love the Caroline necklace! Please enter me for four entires!! Thanks LORI Love it!

  12. Thank god you are done! LOL> Love those bracelets-so pretty!

  13. 1. favorite item is the grace earrings
    2. I follow your blog
    3. I am a fan on facebook
    4. I am a fan of Caroline grace on facebook
    5. I follow you on twitter
    6. I follow Caroline grace on twitter

  14. Good morning!

    Please note that I have six entries;
    1. Fan on facebook
    2. Fan of caroline grace on facebook
    3. Follow your blog
    4. Favorite item is the cuff bracelets
    5. Follow you on twitter
    6. Follow CG on twitter

  15. I "NEED: the turquoise and coral cuff for my linen jumpsuit.
    4 entries please!

  16. 1) I follow you
    2) I'm a fan of Caroline on FB
    3) I'm a Shopaholic fan on FB
    4) The Lacey Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Swarovski Crystal is beautiful! :)
    5) I follow you on Twitter (@KrystalS)
    6) I follow Caroline on FB (@Krystals)
    7) Tweeted

  17. What a GREAT GIVEAWAY!!!! I'm a follower and my favorite item off of her website is the Ella Necklace in sterling silver with pearls and the swarovski crystal pendant.

    That gives me two entries.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Such pretty jewelry!
    1) i'm a Shopaholic FB fan
    2) I'm a Caroline Grace FB fan
    3) I follow your Shopaholic Blog
    4) My fav Caroline Grace item is the Turquoise Seahorse Cuff! Also love the pink Starfish cuff in the avatar!
    So 4 entries - Thank you!!

  20. 1) I follow this blog.
    2) I am a fan of Caroline Grace jewelry on facebook.
    3) I am a fan of Shopaholic on FB.
    4) I LOVE the hadley initial charm.
    5) I follow you on twitter.
    6) I follow Caroline Grace on twitter.
    7) I tweeted about this giveaway.

  21. 1) I'm a follower of your blog!
    2)I'm a fan of SIA on FB.
    3) I love the Fleur de Lis cross from her Etsy shop
    4) I follow you on Twitter
    5) Just became a fan of Caroline Grace Jewelry on FB.
    6) Just became a follower of xoCarolineGrace on twitter
    7) Just tweeted the giveaway (@southernbellejm)

  22. 1. Follow your blog
    2. Fan of SIA on FB
    3. Love the Script Monogram Nametag Charm Necklace
    4. Follow you on Twitter
    5. Fan of Carolina Grace on FB
    6. Follow her on Twitter
    7. Re-tweeted the giveaway @pattycollection

  23. 1. I follow
    2. I posted
    3. I LOVE the cuff bracelets!
    4. I follow you on face book
    5. I follow her on Face book!

    5 please!

  24. 1-am a S in AL follower
    2 am S in AL facebook follower
    3 love the birds of a feather cuff
    4 fan of caroline grace on FB

  25. 1. Blog Follower
    2. Blog FB fan
    3. LOVE the seahorse cuff
    4. Caroling Grace FB fan

  26. 1. follow your blog
    2. follow Caroline grace's Facebook
    3. follow your facebook page
    4. L O V E the turquoise starfish cuff!
    5. follow you on twitter
    6. follow CG on twitter

  27. 1. Love the Grace necklace and bracelet
    2. Follow your blog
    3. Fan on facebook.

    3 entries for me!

  28. 1. Follow yr blog already.
    2. Fan of CG on FB.
    3. Fan of SIA on FB.
    4. Favorite item - starfish cuff
    5. Posted the link to the giveaway on FB since I don't have a blog or do twitter.

    5 Entries please!:)

  29. i follow your blog :)

    that necklace is beautiful!!!!!

  30. 1. I follow you!
    2. I love the Flora Chandelier Earrings - they are sooo cute and pretty! (i love the fish cuff too!)
    3. Blogging about your giveaways!

    3 entries!! Thanks so much!!!

  31. 1) i am following you on twitter
    2) i am following CarolineGrace on twitter
    3) i am following your blog!
    4) i tweeted this giveaway
    5) i adore the monogram necklace- anything with my initials!
    6) i am a fan of yours on facebook
    7) i am a fan of CarolineGrace on facebook

    seven entries please! keeping my fingers crossed.

  32. I am already a fan on facebook!!! Enter me in....

  33. I am not following your blog...count me in again!!!

  34. Okay, I totally meant NOW!!!! I AM NOW FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG!! HA

  35. Love the Golden Coral Leather Cuff Bracelet but really I love everything. I follow your blog and am a fan of both. Thanks XO

  36. 1) I follow this blog
    2) I am a fan of Caroline Grace Jewelry on Facebook
    3) I am a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook
    4) My favorite item is the Turquoise and Coral Cuff Bracelet- Limited Edition!!! LOVE THIS!
    5) I follow you on Twitter (JaimeHuffman)
    6) I Follow Caroline Grace Jewelry on twitter
    7) I Tweeted this giveaway
    8) I am going to blog about this giveaway right now! Glad you gave me something to blog about.. I was having "Bloggers Block or should I say Writers Blog." ha!

    Please enter me 8 times!! :) THANKS!!!!

  37. Thanks for all these wonderful giveaways, Lori! Caroline Grace's jewelry is so cute and goes perfectly with Lilly!!

    1. I'm a Shopaholic follower.
    2. I'm a fan of Shopaholic on FB.
    3. I'm a fan of Caroline Grace on FB.
    4. I love the Turquoise Jeweled Cuff Bracelet!

    4 entries please! Thanks! :)

  38. 1. I am a shopaholic follower
    2. Fan of you on FB
    3. Fan of Caroline Grace on FB
    4. I love the pink seahorse leather cuff bracelet

    I just set up a twitter so I will let you know when I get it up and running what my other entries are. Thanks so much!!!

  39. 1. I am following your blog.
    2 and 3. I am following you and Caroline Grace on Twitter (I'm RosieGraceSC).

    I just found your blog the other day and love it! Thanks for introducing me to Caroline Grace jewelry--I will definitely be buying the necklace for myself if I don't win it. :) My name is also Caroline Grace.

  40. Hi Lori! I am a fan of yours and of Caroline Grace's on both Facebook and Twitter, my favorite Caroline Grace piece is this gorgeous cuff -

    And I would totally sign up to follow you if someone could give me the for dummies version of how to do it! :-) xoxo Julie

  41. OMG, finally figured it out! I am now following your blog!! :-) xoxo Julie

  42. I am not going to enter this since I have already won, but this has been so much fun, Lori!!!!!

  43. Hey there! The giveaway necklace is absolutely adorable!!!
    And, ahem, I am a big fan of the added BEE charm!!
    1) i follow your blog
    2) i am a fan of Caroine Grace's on Fbook
    3) i am a fan of yours on Fbook
    4) i follow you on Twitter
    5) i follow xoCarolineGrace on Twitter
    6) i posted this giveaway on my blog (in giveaway section)

  44. Hi! I LOVE the seahorse cuff!!!
    1) I follow your blog
    2) I am a fan on FB
    3) I am a fan of Caroline Grace on FB

  45. LOVE all of the jewels!

    1. Fan on facebook
    2. Fan of CG on facebook
    3. Follow your blog
    4. Favorite item is the seahorse cuff bracelet
    5. Follow you on twitter
    6. Follow CG on twitter
    7. Tweeted about you

  46. 1 I am a follower.
    2-I am a fan.
    3-I am a fan
    4- LOVE the seahorse cuff!!

  47. 1. I follow your blog.
    2. I follow you on Twitter.
    3. I follow CG on twitter
    4. My favorite item is the sunburst necklace in silver.

  48. What a great giveaway!!! Please sign me up for 8 enteries, as I follow you and Caroline Grace, everywhere!!! Will add it to my blog and tweet it in just a minute and I adore the Alberta cuff. Thanks so much for a fun time with all the giveaways!!

  49. 1- I am following you.
    2-I am following Caroline Grace on FB
    3- I am following you on FB
    4- Love the Lisa necklace and the script monogram disc

    That is all I can do---I don't tweet yet:)

  50. I follow your blog, I'm a Facebook fan of both you and Caroline Grace, I love the Flora chandelier earrings, I follow both you and Caroline Grace on Twitter, and I re-tweeted this giveaway. That makes 7 for me!

  51. I LOVE this jewelry!!

    1. Fan on facebook
    2. Fan of CG on facebook
    3. Follow your blog
    4. Favorite item is the seahorse cuff bracelet
    5. Follow you on twitter
    6. Follow CG on twitter
    7. Tweeted about you!!

  52. Forgot to add....

    #8. Blogged about the contest!
    (my first blog ever!)

  53. Oh man, now I actually have to narrow down my choice of cuffs and pick a color for the lucite chandelier earrings. This may take all daaaaay...XXOO

    ps...thanks to you both for the fabulous discount!

  54. 1. I follow your blog
    2. I am a fan of Carolina Grace on fb
    3. I follow Carolina Grace on twitter and I retwitted the giveaway
    4. I love all the pieces, but my favorite is the seahorse cuff...I think!

  55. WOW Lori & Lucy, you ladies are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! This is a FAB-U-LOUS Giveaway!

    Please give me 8 entries! Thanks! XOX Sue

    1) I follow this FABULOUS blog!
    2) I am a fan of Caroline Grace Jewelry on Facebook.
    3) I'm a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook.
    4)My FAVORIT item is the Hadley Initial Charm Necklace in 14kt Gold Filled
    5) I follow you on twitter.
    6) I follow Caroline Grace Jewelry on twitter.
    7) I Tweeted this giveaway!
    8) I Blogged about this giveaway!

  56. 7 Entries :-) Only missing the blog one because I don't have a blog, I am just not that motivated yet, lol. Love the Starfish cuff bracelet on the website. And what a great giveaway, beautiful necklace!!

  57. 1) Already a follower :)
    2) Already a fan :)
    3) Already a fan :)
    4) I LOVE the featured giveaway- SO CUTE (and perfect with Lilly, I bet!)
    5) Already a follower :)
    6) Already a follower :)
    7) Just tweeted :) (Chelseyb412)

    So cute! Great giveaways!! :)

  58. Already follow you!
    Already a fan of Caroline Grace on FB!
    A fan of Shopaholic on FB!
    PLEASE don't ask me to choose a favorite CG piece - Caroline Necklace, Brenda Necklace, Golden Coral cuff. Ok I'm stopping.
    I already follow you on twitter.
    Follow CG on Twitter as well.
    Tweeted (was it this morning?).
    Blogged before but will do it again. This is where I blogged before...

  59. What a fabulous giveaway!
    1) I am a follower
    2) A fan of Caroline Grace on FB
    3) A fan of Shopaholic on FB
    4)LOVE the leap frog leather cuff
    5) Follow you on Twitter
    6) Follow Caroline Grace on Twitter

  60. What an ABSOLUTELY fabulous giveaway. (I'm in Alabama too)

    I am in love with the tiny initial charm at lulu's jewels. (And dying for this necklace.)

    So 6 entries for me please:
    1. this comment
    2. follow CG on twitter
    3. follow you on twitter
    4. fanned you on FB
    5. fanned CG on FB
    6. tweeting the giveaway

    Thanks so much! I already see things I want to add-like the little bee and tiny initial!

  61. Hi,Love this giveaway. My favorite piece, if I had to pick one, would be the pink cuff with the seahorse.
    1) follower of your blog
    2) follower of you on fb
    3)follower of CG on FB
    4) Have blogged about CG on my blog, recently.
    5) blogging about the giveaway

    thank you!

  62. So pretty! I recently became a follower and love your blog.

  63. Hi Lori!

    -I follow you on facebook!
    -I follow Caroline Grace jewelry on facebook
    -I follow you on twitter
    -I follow Caroline Grace on twitter

    -My FAVORITE thing from Caroline Grace jewelry (which is super hard because everything is beautiful) is probably the initial necklaces or the Hadley necklace (slightly biased there!)
    She's so talented!!

  64. I love the CAROLINE GRACE cuffs! I just bought the starfish cuff - trying to find the next one I will buy. They are all amazing!

    I just found Caroline Grace and I signed up to follow this blog, signed up as a fan of Caroline Grace Jewlery, Signed up as a fan of Shopaholic in Alabama, commented on this post, follow both you and caroline grace on twitter. I really hope I win - that necklace is STUNNING!!!

  65. Hey, sweetie! I follow the blog and you and CG on facebook!! :) I love the starfish and the seahorse -- there are so many lovelies it's hard to choose! :)

  66. My favorite item is actually the item you are giving away. I have been wanting one of these!

  67. I am a follower and I adore this necklace! Beautiful!

  68. The Lacey Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Swarovski Crysta


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