Saturday, April 17, 2010


Happy Socialite Saturday, my fellow Shopaholics, and welcome to DAY TWELVE of Shopaholic Giveaway Days to celebrate Mother's Day!!!

Today I'm so excited to feature a Shopaholic favorite jewelry designer, Kate Puck. From her website:

Kate Puck is a Charleston, SC jewelry designer who finds inspiration in the beauty of the Lowcountry barrier islands.

Kate is a third generation jewelry artist with both her great uncle and her father the award winning designers. Kate’s medium of choice is sterling silver, semi-precious stones, sand dollar fossils and pearls. Her signature pieces are the Kiawah Starfish Collection, Isle of Pearls, Beachwalker Charms and Sand Dollar Fossil Necklaces. Kate’s designs are sold in galleries in downtown Charleston, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Daniel Island and select Florida resorts.

Personally, I own several pieces of Kate's jewelry. One of my absolute favorites is the Kiawah Starfish Necklace ($120), which I decided to "model" for you below!

I also really love this new design, the Jessica Coral Necklace ($75). It would match sooooo many of my spring and summer clothes!
Kate's jewelry is well made, shipped quickly, and arrives in a signature white box with blue ribbon, ready for gift giving! Her jewelry is very affordable (most pieces are under $100). Another feature I love about Kate's website - you can pay with Paypal - this Shopaholic loves payment via Paypal! :-)

Now for the FUN!!! Kate Puck is sponsoring a Mother's Day giveaway, exclusively for Shopaholic readers! You will actually be able to SELECT your prize - how cool is that?!?!?

The first giveaway choice is this pair of Golden Starfish Earrings (I own these and love them!)

The second giveaway choice is a $25 gift card to use on Kate's website, for any piece of jewelry you'd like. Just in case the winner doesn't have pierced ears, or would like a different item. Kate's giveaway is going to make one jewelry lover very, very happy! Who knows, maybe the winner will be generous and give the prize to their Mother as a gift on Mother's Day! :-)

The second part of today's fun.....Kate is running a special promotion, for Shopaholic readers and Facebook fans. She is offering 20% off all orders over $50 placed on the website. To receive the discount, enter code "MOM" at checkout. Your discount will be immediately applied. This is a wonderful promotion and a great way to pick up that Mother's Day gift (or maybe just a gift for yourself, I'm always tempted)!

Now - all the ways you can enter the Kate Puck Jewelry giveaway:

1) Sign up to follow this blog for ONE entry (or mention that you already follow!)
2) Sign up as a fan of Kate Puck Jewelry Boutique on Facebook for ONE entry.
3) Sign up as a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook for ONE entry.
4) Comment on this post with your favorite item from the Kate Puck website HERE for ONE entry.
5) Sign up as a follower of Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter (@shopaholicinal) for ONE entry.
6) Tweet this giveaway (be sure to copy me @shopaholicinal) for ONE entry.
7) Blog about this giveaway for ONE entry and provide a link to your post in the comments section.

Please be sure to comment on this post, telling me how many entries to give you! Good luck! :-)

Giveaway will end at midnight central time on Wednesday, April 21. The winner will be selected by random drawing and announced on Thursday, April 22.

A huge thank you to Kate Puck for sponsoring such a fantastic Mother's Day giveaway, and offering a Shopaholic reader discount. 

Be sure to check out and enter all the other fantastic giveaways that are still running. Believe it or not, we have even more in the coming days.....Have a wonderful Saturday!!!


  1. 1. I'm a follower.

    2. I'm a fan.

    3. I'm a fan.

    4. I love staying at Kiawah, so my first choice would have to be the Kiawah Starfish necklace, but my second choice would be the Seabrook necklace. Love that one too. :)

  2. Love the jewelry. I'm a follower of your blog, a fan of KPJB and SIA on facebook, and follow you on twitter.

    4 entries for me!

    Thank you for another fantastic giveaway.

  3. 1) I am a follower
    2) I looooove the "I love spring" bracelet- so pretty :)
    3) I posted this on my blog,

    This is great! Thanks so much

  4. I'd have to say the Jessica Coral and Eye Candy Blue necklaces are my favorite. I follow here and on twitter. I'll tweet and blog about it :)

  5. 1-I am a follower.
    2-I am a fan.
    3-I am a fan.
    3 entries!!!

  6. Lori, LOVE, LOVE your photo! I am glad you enjoy my jewelry :-) That necklace suits you so well! Kate

  7. 1. I'm a follower
    2. I'm a fan
    3. I'm a fan
    4. I love the cowrie shell necklace.

    4 entries for me please!

  8. 1) I follow you!
    2) I'm a fan of Kate Puck Jewelry Boutique on Facebook.
    3) I'm a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook.
    4) My favorite item -- Kiawah Starfish with White Petal Pearls
    5) I follow you on Twitter.
    6) Tweeted this --

  9. 1. I follow you!
    2. I love the whole Blue Ocean collection especially the seabrook in Turquoise Blue!!
    3. Blogging about you!

  10. everything from kate puck is so pretty! love the jessica coral necklace + the kiawah mermaid necklace.
    am a FB fan/follower of S in AL
    so 3 entries total!

  11. 1. I'm a follower.
    2. Follow on twitter.
    3. Love those bermuda blue earrings!

  12. (1) Follow your blog
    (2) Fan of Kate Puck Jewelry on facebook
    (3) Fan of Shopaholic in Alabama on facebook
    (4) Follow you on twitter
    (5) Loving the Seabrook necklace!

  13. Wow, what a gorgeous vendor. I LOVE the eye candy in blue necklace!

    I follow, here Twitter and on FB!

  14. Love that coral necklace,very talented artist!!

  15. I am a follower and a fan! Love the Annabelle necklace. All the jewelry is pretty!
    3 entries for me please!

  16. 1. I love the seabrook necklace in tulip pink
    2 I follow your blog
    3. I am a fan on facebook :)

  17. Oh, I think I am in love with Kate's jewelry! I don't think my jewelry box will love me much since I already can't close either one! (yes, I have 2 jewelry boxes) But there are some must haves: My first must have is the Kiawah Starfish necklace since I've lost my silver starfish charm off my necklace in March.
    1) I'm a follower
    2) Fan of Kate Puck on FB
    3) Fan of yours
    4) See above for my fav
    5) Following you on twitter
    6) Tweeted at
    7) Going to add to my blog.
    Thanks for hosting an awesome giveaway!!!
    XOXO- Vy

  18. I love the Seabrook Necklace in Tulip Pink! I'm also a follower of your blog, a fan on facebook, and a follower on twitter. 4 entries please! Thanks!

  19. 1) I'm a follower of your blog
    2) Fan of yours on FB
    3) Became Kate Puck fan on FB
    4) Love the Kiawah starfish necklace on pearls

  20. 1. I'm a follower
    2. FB fan
    3. Kate Puck fan
    4. 'I Love Spring' Bracelet

  21. This Charleston Girl (temporarily removed & in TN for a bit) LOVES Kate's Kiawah Starfish necklace & starfish earrings!!
    1. i follow your blog
    2. I am already a fan of Kate Puck on Fbook
    3. I am a fan of you on Fbook
    4. I follow you on twitter

  22. 1. Im a follower
    2. i am a fan of kate puck on fb
    3. I am a fan of you on facebook
    4. I <3 the "I love spring bracelet"

  23. 1. Already a follower!
    2. Already a fan!
    3. Already a fan!
    4. My favorite is the Ocean Goddess necklace!

  24. I love Kate's jewelry! Every thing is so pretty. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    1. I'm a Shopaholic follower.
    2. I'm a fan of Kate Puck on FB.
    3. I'm a fan of Shopaholic on FB.
    4. I love the green starfish earrings!

  25. 1)I follow this blog
    12) I am a fan of Kate Puck Jewelry Boutique on Facebook.
    3) I am of a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook.
    4) Kiawah Starfish necklace is AMAZING!!!
    5) I follow you on Twitter!

  26. 1. I follow you on FB
    2 follow on twitter
    3 love the green with envy necklace
    4 I am about to RT this giveaway !!

    PS I get to go see SHOCKEY on Sunday !!! can't wait !

  27. oops, got here a little too late :-(

    Kate's jewelry is Beautiful!

  28. 1. I follow your blog.
    2. I follow on Twitter
    3. just became a fan of Kate Puck on FB.
    4. I like the Annabelle necklace in blue.

  29. 1.I follow
    2. I posted a link on my sidebar
    3. I follow you on face book
    4. I follow her on face book!


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