Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Happy Tuesday, my Fashionistas friends! Hope you're having a great week so far! Our area is in full swing Spring Break mode, things are quite crazy as you can imagine! :-) Welcome to DAY EIGHT of Shopaholic Giveaway Days to celebrate Mother's Day!!!

Today I'm very excited to introduce you to a local boutique here in Gulf Shores, AL. While I know many of my readers live in other wonderful areas of this great land, many of you (especially in the Southeast) vacation here in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, AL. You all need to know about "The Beach House Boutique", owned by my friend Robin Mills-Stapleton. 

The Beach House Boutique
3800 Gulf Shores Pkwy #350
Gulf Shores, Al 36542

The Beach House Boutique is such a fun place, it's my "go to" source for purchasing and trying on my favorite designer, Lilly Pulitzer. It's the only store locally that carries any Lilly. Addtionally, Robin has a wonderful selection of goodies for the home - wine charms, candles, decorative items, etc. When I need a special gift, I visit The Beach House Boutique. Do you guys remember the wine "pendant" I sent to Kristin as part of our Spring Gift Swap? It came from Robin's shop! :-) 

The Beach House Boutique has a new shipment of Lilly, including swimsuits (Gator Alley is one of my favorites!), the new Regan dress (short version in Gator Alley), the Regan maxi dress in solid white and the new Cocoa dress. These dresses are photographed (isn't Robin's model just the cutest thing?) below. Shopaholic confession: I purchased the Regan in Gator Alley while I was in the store for our photo....

Now for the FUN!!! First off, The Beach House Boutique is sponsoring a giveaway of the Lilly Pulitzer large agenda just for Shopaholic readers. One lucky reader will be very, very happy as these are hard to find!  :-)

Second, Robin is offering a 20% DISCOUNT on one Lilly Pulitzer apparel item, exclusively for Shopaholic readers. She has many other Lilly items in stock, and can order most anything, so please feel free to ask her about any other items you might "need". No worries if you don't live or vacation with us on the Alabama Gulf Coast, The Beach House Boutique can ship your purchases via UPS delivery. Shopaholic tip: If you live out of state and your purchase is shipped, it will not be subject to sales tax. This can save a lot of $$$, quick!

Now - all the ways you can enter the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda giveaway:

1) Sign up to follow this blog for ONE entry (or mention that you already follow!)
2) Sign up as a fan of The Beach House Boutique on Facebook for ONE entry.
3) Sign up as a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook for ONE entry.
4) Lilly Pulitzer says "The Best Things in Life Happen at the Beach: Dress Appropriately". Comment on this post, telling us the best thing that ever happened to you at the beach for ONE entry.
5) Sign up as a follower of Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter (@shopaholicinal) for ONE entry.
6) Tweet this giveaway (be sure to copy @shopaholicinal - that's me!) for ONE entry.
7) Blog about this giveaway (please comment with the link) for ONE entry.

Please be sure to comment on this post, telling me how many entries to give you! Good luck! :-)

Giveaway will end at midnight central time on Saturday, April 17. The winner will be selected by random drawing and announced on Sunday, April 18.

A special and huge thank you to Robin and The Beach House Boutique for offering such a wonderful giveaway and Shopaholic special discount!

Be sure to check out and enter all the other fantastic giveaways that are still running. And we have more coming.....Have a great Tuesday!!!!


  1. Looks like a Lovely Shop! Robin, you look great in the Lilly Kelsey dress, I just got the same dress and love it!

    1) I'm already a Shopaholic blog follower!
    2) I just Signed up as a fan of The Beach House Boutique on Facebook!
    3) I'm already a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook!
    4) The Best Thing in my Life that Happened at the Beach is walking hand and hand with my Minnie & DH collecting seashells and watching the sunset!
    5) I am already a follower of Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter!
    6) I Tweeted this giveaway!
    7) I Blogged about this giveaway: http://squeezethejuiceoutoflife.blogspot.com

  2. OOps! I hit Post before I was done (blonde, LOL)

    Total of 7 Entries!

    I plan to contact Robin when I am looking for specific Lilly items! Thanks Lori & Robin for a fun & FABULOUS Giveaway!

    XOX Sue

  3. 1) Of course I follow you!
    2) Done
    3) Already done
    4) Best thing that ever happened to me on the beach... as a beach baby there are too many to list. But probably learning how to surf. It was kind of a magical moment.
    5) Already done.
    6) Done
    7) Blogging later today, so will come back with the URL for this one.

    So 6 for now.


  4. All 7 entries for me too! Another fabulous giveaway!

  5. I'm a follower of your blog and FB page! I'm going to sign up as a fan for this cute shop as well. I live in Georgia and vacation in Orange Beach several times a year. Will definitely check out this shop ( and knowing me buy something!) next time I'm in town. Wish I had known about it when I was there last week :-(

  6. 1) I follow your blog
    2) check
    3) check
    4)My husband asked me to marry him on the beach!
    That is 5 for me!
    Thanks so much for the fun giveaways.

  7. Great giveaway today! And every day!!!

  8. 1. I follow you.
    2. Fan of Beach House
    3. Fan of You
    4. My husband proposed to me.

    Sorry, I don't Twitter. But I'm excited about this givewaway. Cannot wait!

  9. You've been crowned. Stop by my blog www.luluanddaisy.blogspot.com for instructions. I'll be back to enter the givewawy---what a FAB giveaway!!

  10. 1) I already follow you!
    2) Sign up as a fan of The Beach House Boutique on Facebook for ONE entry.--DONE!
    3) Sign up as a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook for ONE entry.--Already a FAN!
    4) Lilly Pulitzer says "The Best Things in Life Happen at the Beach: Dress Appropriately". My husband proposed to me on the beach and I was clueless as to what was going on! Headed back to that beach this weekend!
    5) Follow you on Twitter (@LuluDaisy)
    6) Tweeted it!
    Will come back for #7 if I have time before I leave to go out of town!

  11. 1) I'm a follower! :)
    2) I'm a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook.
    3) The best thing that has happened at the beach... me and my beau spend our weekends on the sand so pretty much every summer is full of romantical good times :)
    4) I'm following you on Twitter -- @KrystalS

  12. 3 for me, Lori!

    How fun are you!!!! You are really setting the bar high on this fabulous giveaway series! Can't wait to see who the winners are!

  13. Count me in for three entries please. I'm a follower. The best thing that happened to me at the beach is taking walks along the beach at sunset with my family. I blogged about this fabulous giveaway.

  14. I don't have a blog so I hope I can enter!

    I am a facebook fan
    I met the love of my life at the beach... I looked like a train wreck...yikes
    I tweeted about your giveaway

    3 entries

  15. I follower your blog and am a fan on facebook! :)

  16. I am a blog follower and a FB fan of your blog and the beach house.
    one of my fave beach memories is my high school boyfriend asking me out for the first time on a lovely beach in connecticut, while we were watching fireworks!

  17. I am a shopaholic in alabama fan on facebook!

  18. The best thing that has happened/happens at the beach is a peaceful, relaxing time where I always get refreshed and refilled!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I'm loving these giveaways! I follow your blog and on twitter. I have so many great memories at the beach.. but the best are probably snorkeling in Cancun and Aruba! 3 entries please :)

  21. I love this giveaway!
    1. I am a follower on the blog!
    2. I am a FAN of YOU on FB!
    3. The best thing to happen to me on the beach is meeting new friends that I have kept for life.
    4.I already follow you on Twitter!
    5. I tweeted about this!

  22. hmm.. Best thing at the beach.

    I guess one of the most incredible things was finding a live star fish! They are so incredible! I just adore them!

  23. I did a link on my sidebar- three entries please!

  24. Love this!
    4-The best thing to happen at the beach? A Traditional Girls' Day every August!
    7-Done! www.charmcitydaily.com

  25. 1. I already follow your blog.
    2. I just signed up as a fan of Beach House Boutique.
    3. I'm already a fan of yours on facebook.
    4. The best thing to happen at the beach? taking a long walk with my teenagers and having meaningful conversation. :)
    5. I'm a follower on Twitter as well.
    6. I just tweeted your giveaway.

  26. Look how pretty you are girl! I am a follower of your fabulous blog! Great giveaway and good luck all! xoxo

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. What cute photos! I need a dress for the local steeple chase, I will have to give her a ring.

    1) I follow this blog! :)
    2) I am a fan of The Beach House Boutique on Facebook
    3) I am already a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook
    4) I grew up in South Florida and my favorite memory at the beach was getting to watch sea turtles hatch and help the park rangers see them off to sea. I was only 11 years old at the time, but I will never forget that magical experience.
    6) I tweeted this giveaway
    7) I blogged about this giveaway http://www.friedpinktomato.blogspot.com

    So EXCITED! :) Thanks!!

  29. Hey!
    1. I'm a follower of your blog!
    2. I blogged about your giveaway!
    3. I love taking long walks on the beach and collecting sea shells!
    Thats three for me !! ( I dont do fb or twitter....sry!)
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

  30. I'm good for four. Best thing at the beach....watching my girls make sand castles. Thanks Lori!!

  31. I follow your blog im a fan on facebook and the best thing that ever happened to me on the beach was getting a good tan

  32. I'm following on google friend connect.

  33. 3) blog follower...facebook follower and now a Beach House follower as well.

  34. Those dresses are ALL gorgie-just like you cutie. xoxo

  35. 1)I follow you!
    2) I just fanned this awesome store!
    3) Of course I'm a fan silly!
    4) The best thing in life that happened to me on a beach (Capri, Italy) was spending time with my boyfriend splashing around while studying abroad!
    5) I follow you on twitter :)

  36. You are so adorable and look amazing in these pics. I wish all the ladies who have entered your fabulous week of giveaways all the best!

    You know I follow you and love you darling! XOXO

  37. hi girly!
    1) i am, of course, a blog follower!
    2) i'm your facebook follower as well!
    3) the best thing that's happened to me at the beach? one time i was proposed to by a guy i had just met who decided i was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen! now, i'm not going to mention how drunk he was...
    4) and i blogged about it!

    Four entries, please!

  38. I follow your blog, am a facebook fan and just signed up to be a fan of the Beach Boutique. I love the beach and the best part is relaxing and listening to the waves!
    4 entries for me please.

  39. YOU AGAIN! Every time I stop by I end up spending money. Looks like I'll have to order that Elsa top now. Hopefully she has it in stock...XXOO

  40. thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! :)
    I already follow!

  41. I live in north Alabama and vacation at Gulf Shores/Orange Beach every summer!!! I'll definitely have to check out that shop this summer!

  42. the best thing that ever happened to me on the beach was..... spending time with my brand new husband...we spent our honeymoon at the beach two years ago! we had such a blast!

  43. 1)I am already a follower of your blog =)
    4) Best thing that has ever happened to me at the beach…so many to name…but probably making sandcastles with my family when I was a little girl.
    5) I follow you on Twitter!
    6) Tweeted this giveaway: http://twitter.com/missamygene/status/12221691519

    So that makes 6 for Patriotic Princess AG! Thanks for your awesome giveaways.

  44. Best thing that ever happened to me at the beach... I can't decide! Any day spent at the beach is the best day.

    I'm a follower of your blog and twitter. (3 entries!!)

  45. Best thing to ever happen to me at the beach would be getting to swim w the dolphins. So much fun! You know I follow here and on twitter. I'll tweet and blog it.


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