Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Happy Tuesday, and welcome to DAY FOURTEEN of Shopaholic Giveaway Days to celebrate Mother's Day!!!

Today I'm excited to introduce you to a skin care line named Votre Vu. This line is French made and natural skin care products. Votre Vu was previously available only in select European salons and spas, however now it's available for delivery directly to your door!

Recently I met one of their star directors, Michelle, through blogging and Facebook. Michelle is a fellow "Bama Girl" although she lives in the Northeast these days, so we formed an instant friendship! Hello, she had me at "Bama"! Anyway, Michelle mailed some samples to me to try. I just received them and can't yet speak to my experiences - but I know several other bloggers use a variety of their products and am more than willing to give it a try.

I am especially interested in trying the "Portait Collar" product, a lush creme for the neck and decollete. Some of you may remember me complaining about the way my neck is starting to look. I can certainly tell it's aging differently than the rest of my face. (Ummm that stinks!!)

Now for the FUN!!! Votre Vu and Michelle are sponsoring a Mother's Day giveaway, exclusively for Shopaholic readers!

The giveaway item is "Flowers For Her Face" skincare set. 

From the Votre Vu website:

Show her she's the prized rose in your garden with a botanical bouquet of luxurious French skin care this Mother's Day. Thoughtfully selected for Votre Vu's special arrangement are two pampering products that leave the skin petal soft.

Sure to make Mom bloom with joy is Portrait Collar, a lush crème for the neck and décolleté. Powered by aromatic and restorative rose hips oil, Portrait Collar leaves skin beautifully soft, noticeably smoother and naturally strengthened by marine elastin and collagen, and shea butter. Employing the petal power of Roman chamomile and Melissa extract, the enchanting Tout Le Monde Eye Gelée firms, tones and tightens the area around mom's ever-doting eyes. Soothing and repairing aloe vera and carrot oil deliver blissful relief to weary and sensitive skin.

Items included in this set:
Portrait Collar Restorative Neck Crème
Tout Le Monde Antioxidant Eye Gelée

One lucky reader will surely be thrilled to try this set, which retails for $46, compliments of Michelle and Votre Vu! :-)

Now - all the ways you can enter the Votre Vu giveaway:

1) Sign up to follow this blog for ONE entry (or mention that you already follow!)
2) Sign up as a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook for ONE entry.
3) Comment on this post with the item from Votre Vu/Michelle's website that you would like to try for ONE entry.
4) Tell me one thing you would like to change about your skin for ONE Entry.
5) Tweet this giveaway (be sure to copy me @shopaholicinal) for ONE entry.
6) Blog about this giveaway for ONE entry and provide a link to your post in the comments section.
7) Sign up to follow Michelle's BLOG for ONE entry.
8) Follow Michelle on Twitter (@ votrevu1) for ONE Entry.

Please be sure to comment on this post, telling me how many entries to give you! Good luck! :-)

Giveaway will end at midnight central time on Saturday, April 24. The winner will be selected by random drawing and announced on Sunday, April 25.

Thank you Michelle for sponsoring such a fantastic Mother's Day giveaway, and introducing me to new skincare products! 

Be sure to check out and enter all the other fantastic giveaways that are still running. We have two more to go....all leading up to the grand finale! Have a Terrific Tuesday!


  1. 1. I'm a follower.
    2. I'm a fan.
    3. I would love to try the Royal Treatment scrub.
    4. I would love to get rid of my sun spots from too much tanning.

  2. 1. I am a follower
    2. I'm a fan
    3. I am in desperate need of a good eye
    makeup remover
    4. I am following Michelle
    5. I would like for the dark circles under
    my eyes to disappear!

  3. 1. I'm a follower.
    2. I would love to try the 3 C's Cotton Masque.
    3. I would love my skin to have a healthy glow.

  4. I am a fan,follower, would love to try the Gentle Pearls Scrub Pour Le Visage, would love to get rid of my dry skin in the summer and am now folowing Michelle. Have a great day Lori!

  5. I posted a link to you on my sidebar!

  6. You must be so tired! LOL. I love VV-I'm a follower. xoxo

  7. This looks interesting...I love everything that's French!

    I passed on a blogger Happy Award to you. It's on my blog!

    The Classic Preppy

  8. I follower your blog :)
    I am a fan on facebook :)

  9. I follow your blog, I am a fan on FB, I would like to try the ROYAL TREATMENT Gentle Pearls Scrub Pour Le Visage, I wish my skin wasn't so darn oily!!, I follow Michelle on twitter, and I follow her blog. Thank you for all the awesome giveaways!!!

  10. Hmmm... What would I like to change about my skin..??

    I guess I would say that I want it to be softer, and smoother. I don't have a problem with acne, but when I do a little bit, I really want it to leave! I also tend to be pale and freckled. (I sure wouldn't mind getting a tan!)

  11. 1) I'm already a follower.
    2) I'm a FB fan of Shopaholic In Alabama.
    3) ROYAL TREATMENT Gentle Pearls
    Scrub Pour Le Visage or YOUR HIGHNESS Bust Firming
    4) I would love to tighten/firm/lift.

    Thanks for the great giveaways!

  12. 1. I am a follower.
    2. I would love to get rid of the dark spots on my face!

  13. 1. Follower!!!!!
    2. I would love to have the SELF PRESERVATION Le Bloc de
    Soleil SPF 30 Crème Tota
    3. I would love it if all my breakouts would go away and never come back! :D
    4. Blogging about you!
    4 entries! Yay!
    Thanks for all these awesome giveaways - i hope i win one!!! :P

  14. I am interested in trying these products - especially, the Portrait Collar.
    1- follower
    2- fb fan
    3- 4 portrait collar
    5 - posted on fb
    6 - posted on twitter

    Thanks once again, Lori!! <3


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