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Kevin Dobbins Pearls: New Designer Profile, Giveaway, Shopaholic Discount and Review

TGIF, Shopaholics! 

Recently I was thrilled and honored to be contacted by Kevin Dobbins Pearls out of Birmingham, Alabama. Kevin recently opened a store on Etsy (link HERE) and began selling his gorgeous line of pearl jewelry. Additionally,  you can find his designs in boutiques across the southeast.

Kevin's designs are devoted to the rich mythology of the mysterious pearl and showcasing its color, texture, contrast and composition. Kevin's thoughts on pearls: "The high esteem that the South holds for pearls is always an influence in my designs. From a very early age, southern women realize the diversity of pearls and how to use them to their best advantage".

This Shopaholic says "Amen, Kevin". I wear pearls all the time - and not always "just" a single strand of pearls. I love colored pearls, pearls mixed with gold and silver metals, functional clasps, unique shapes and designs. I also love to wear a pearl bracelet along with my Burberry tank wat…

Prayers for Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and the Southeast

Happy Thursday, everyone. I had a different post planned today - actually, a giveaway and discount from a new designer. However, due to the events of yesterday's storms throughout our great state and the entire Southeast, I'm rescheduling the fun for Friday.

Today I want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with my family, friends and readers in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. As well as other cities, towns, and rural areas in the Southeast.

Tuscaloosa is absolutely devastated. I was able to get in touch with several friends in the area, and thankfully so far, everyone is ok. The pictures are scary. They remind me of the devastation the Gulf Coast experienced during Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina - and those are not fun memories to revisit. 

Please take a moment today to say a prayer, light a candle, whatever it is that you personally do - that people are safe, out of harm's way and have food, clothing and shelter. Once I've obtained more information about credible sites or …

Disaster In The Kitchen

Happy Hump Day, Shopaholics! 

Something disastrous happened in the kitchen yesterday. No, I didn't cook and make us sick - I wish. I'm sick for a different reason.

An extremely heavy glass vase fell off the top of our refrigerator. Of all the things it could decided to fall directly on our glass cooktop.

This will cost over $500...ask me what I'd rather do with $500? :-(

Upon reflection, we are extremely fortunate no one was injured. The glass vase was very heavy and as you can tell from the above photograph, glass went all over the kitchen. It was a big mess to cleanup.

Have you ever had any similar disasters? I'm so ticked at myself --- why did I allow a heavy vase on top of the fridge? What the heck was I thinking??? Ugh...

Good Stuff: Exhaustion, The Body Shop Groupon, Ebates and Lilly GWP!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Today's post is a little unusual - and might just give you an idea of the depth of my ADD. :-)

First - I did make it to the gym yesterday. I managed to not eat anything white, drank a ton of water, and the only "sweet" I had was sugar free chocolate pudding last night. This is a major victory, y'all. I took the Tone to Stone class, along with the 15 minute ab class before TTS started. It's possible that I might not be able to get out of bed in the morning. Think lunges with weights, back and forth across the room. Think 50 pushups and I can't even count the situps. My fat body is crying. As Scarlett said - "Tomorrow is Another Day". :-)

Second - I am addicted to Groupon! Almost every day there is a deal I want to purchase! Today - a $40 Groupon to "The Body Shop" for $20. The Groupon can be used on their website (HERE) or in the store! The best part? The value of the Groupon increases to $45 when you use it by 5/30…

Back On The Wagon...

Happy Monday, Shopaholics!

The DH and I enjoyed a long weekend out of town with family, sorry I deserted you guys for a few days!

I've been having a great time around these parts. Eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and only exercising "sometimes". Having concoctions like Sangria, Pina Coladas or Mudslides at will.  Guess what?!?!? I am paying for it now!

Some of my favorite clothes are feeling tight, I absolutely *loathe* the way I look in photographs, and I generally feel bad about myself. What's a Shopaholic to do?

Today is the day..."detox" begins. This means:

***No sweets (this include Lilly animal crackers, sad), no white bread/buns (there goes my Nathan's hot dogs!), white rice, etc.
***Back to the grind of five days a week at the gym or taking my 4-mile walk/run.
***Cooking dinner more often than not, and laying off the dining out and fast food. Not sure when I'll get a Beef and Cheddar from Arby's again!
***Water, water, water.…

Beauty Ticket: 50% Off Sale

Hello, my name is Lori. I love to shop for cosmetics, skin care and toiletries. I especially have a weakness (borderline obsession) with lip gloss. :-)

One of my favorite websites, (link HERE), is celebrating their birthday with a great sale! Until Friday at midnight, you can take 50% off with the code "BIRTHDAY50".

I've ordered from them many times, and we have a great relationship. They emailed and asked me to share this information with my readers since we all *love* to buy new products!

Sampling of the brands you will find on Smashbox, Fusion Beauty, Molton Brown, Too Faced, Lola Cosmetics, Vincent Longo and others. Their shipping is fast - and you can pay with Paypal (it's well documented, this gets me every time).  

While you're on the website shopping, be sure to take a look at the sections titled "Steal of the Week" and "Bonus Offers". Right now, one of the Bonus Offers is a free 1-year subscription to…

BP Oil Spill: One Year Anniversary

One year ago today, the United States was hit with what became the worst oil spill in our history. The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig off the coast of Louisiana exploded and eleven workers perished. Oil began to gush in the Gulf of Mexico - not to stop until it was capped on July 15 and officially sealed on September 19, 2010. Total estimates of oil spilled throughout the event vary between 94 to 184 million gallons.

The oil began to arrive on the Alabama Gulf Coast just prior to Memorial Day weekend. I will never forget the first day I walked outside (we live across the street from the beach) and thought "I can smell it". It was an awful feeling, to know not only was the "blob" here, but we'd have to smell it for an undetermined amount of time. The best way to explain the scent? Think freshly paved asphalt. You know - the stuff that is probably really bad for us. We could smell it for months.

The images below were taken at our local beach over Memorial Day wee…

Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2011 Preview

Happy Tuesday, Shopaholics!

Get your wallets ready, as the new Summer collection from Lilly Pulitzer will begin arriving in stores very soon! The Summer collection is my favorite every year and this one is no exception. 

A few preview images to satisfy your curiosity -- and perhaps plan your buying strategy! :-)

What do you think? Do you love it too?

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Easter Basket Goodies: Coastal Style, Just for the Men

Happy Monday, Shopaholics!
Are you looking for something preppy, practical and stylish for the Mr. as an Easter gift? Here are a few suggestions, from this Shopaholic who lives on the coast! 

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Triple Tail, Tortoise Frames with Blue Mirror Glass, $199 MSRP (available HERE). Although we love other brand glasses for "style" - these are wonderful to wear while deep sea fishing, boating, or sitting on the beach. Everything looks better while wearing Costas! The DH loves these - and I'm picking up a pair this week for moi!

Coast Apparel, Winyah Polo, Jade Cream, $72.50 (available in a ton of colors HERE). Made from Peruvian cotton with a touch of Lycra, these polos are a new Shopaholic favorite. The man in your life will LOVE this polo. My DH looks fantastic in greens and blues. Don't be surprised if this one finds it's way to coastal Alabama very soon. But ssshhh don't tell him! :-) 
Coast Croakies, Available in Navy, Red or Royal Blue, $7.…

Joss & Main: Lilly Pulitzer Event Monday 4/18

Happy Sunday, Shopaholics! Today I have a quick reminder for you - Joss & Main is featuring Lilly Pulitzer Home & Accessories event on Monday! Don't forget to join Joss & Main - membership is free! With my link HERE, no waiting in line - you have immediate access to the site!

According to my contacts at Joss & Main, the buyers have been working very hard to host a wonderful event filled with great Lilly items! Below are some of the current preview images!

After you sign up, be sure to check out the LAVA Boutique - now on Joss & Main! I really like the "Keep Calm" pillows that are featured! (Don't delay on the Lava - the boutique closes at 11AM ET Sunday).

How about these beautiful thank you notes by Wooster & Prince? This boutique opened Saturday and almost every item is already sold out! Gorgeous designer paper and stationery, perfect for all your handwritten notes.

If you haven't joined Joss & Main yet, HERE is your free invite. Get r…