Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's In The Box?

Happy Hump Day, Shopaholics!

Question: how much Lilly can fit into a size 6 shoe box for mailing purposes?

Answer: three pieces total - two dresses and one full length caftan!

Are you wondering "what in the world"!?!?!? For the past two weeks, I've been hearing about Lilly sightings at TJ Maxx and Marshalls all over the place - CA, MI, SC, TX, etc.  Mind you, there isn't one piece in any of our TJ Maxx or Marshalls (I've been to four total stores around these parts). So when I was without internet at Gilligan's Dauphin Island and had my lip stuck out because I couldn't get my hands on any of my coveted Lilly in Fresh Catch Toile or Tisket Tasket prints (both from last summer's collection), my dear friend and fellow Lilly lover Hadley rescued me! Literally!

Hadley had the scoop, and knew I "needed" those pieces. We texted back and forth several times and on a Saturday afternoon, my sweet friend went out in the snow (in St. Louis, while we were in bathing suits enjoying 80 degrees) to make this Shopaholic one happy camper! After finding and paying for my goodies, Hadley found an empty box at her apartment and shipped it off! All this before I could even get on the internet to send her some moolah $$$ via Paypal. Now is that a good friend, or what?!?

Thank you so much Hadley! You rock, and I really appreciate all of the effort this took! :-)

I have so many good friends and family members who look out for me - not just shopping, but in life. I feel very blessed to have you all, including my readers and fellow bloggers! I am extremely grateful to be part of such a wonderful community. 

Have a Wonderful Wednesday and do NOT forget - Lilly Pulitzer is on Rue La La today. The fun begins at 11AM ET, 10AM CT. If you're not already a member, HERE is your free invite! Happy Shopping!


  1. Sweet!!! Gotta love a friend like that :)

  2. Lucky girl and enjoy your goodies!!!! I'm always jealous when I hear people find Lilly at TJ Maxx and Marshalls because I've never seen any Lilly at the stores by me.

  3. I hope my mom doesn't see this and knows I went out in the snow later that day !! ahh!! jk!

    Always willing to help out a friend :)
    Glad I could share the STL Lilly finds!

  4. Friends like that are hard to find! So very sweet.

  5. I can completely sympathize - my TJ Maxx has nothing good!

  6. I found 3 Lilly's at TJ Maxx (Michigan) last Sat., but all were too small.


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