Friday, April 15, 2011

Favorite Fragrances For Warm Weather

TGIF! This has been a really rough week for me...I cannot wait to relax a little over the weekend. How about you, any exciting plans?

The past few weeks, I have been so happy about the wonderful weather we have been experiencing! Think mid 70s and 80s with gorgeous sunshine! All the weather experts around these parts say it's here to stay! Naturally, I had to break out my "summery" fragrances.

Although I own over thirty bottles of perfume, I tend to stick to the same few that I rotate with the seasons. Here are my favorites for spring and summer!

"Beach" by Bobbi Brown. This fragrance is my number one favorite for warm weather. It has a light blend of sand jasmine, sea spray and mandarin. Another reason I love it - Beach reminds me of "old school" Coppertone suntan lotion that I used as a teenager (without sunscreen, I wasn't smart back then).

"Juicy Couture" by Juicy Couture. Although JC has released many fragrances over the past few years, the original is still my favorite. This perfume has notes of watermelon, mandarin, pink passion fruit, and many others. Everywhere I wear it, I receive compliments. Even my Father says it smells nice, and he's a tough critic and very perfume sensitive!

"Beachy" by Lilly Pulitzer (the one in the blue bottle). A mixture of fruit, citrus and sea breeze notes, the base dries down into a more vanilla and amber note once applied. Beachy is a great option for warm weather fragrance. Know this: it has been discontinued and is no longer being produced. If you love it like me, you might want to consider stocking up. Because when it's gone, it's gone.

Do you have a favorite seasonal fragrance, or do you prefer to wear the same scent year round? What fragrance(s) do you wear and love? 

Have a Fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend! Hope you are able to get out and enjoy some nice weather!


  1. I tend to wear the same year round (Coco Mademoiselle), but that tends to be a bit heavy in the summer. My friend who works for Victorias Secret just sent me a bottle of Bombshell and...hello! I think I walk with a bit of a strut when I have it on.

    My try Bobbi Brown Beach. If Bobbi Brown could just send me a box of every product she makes, I would die a happy woman. Well, I'll already die a happy woman, I'll just die a happy woman who was known for her excellent makeup.

  2. Love, love, love Beach!!! Every time I wear it, it makes me think of walking on the beach, listening to the waves roll in, running my toes through the sand, feeling the warm sun on my cheeks and it instantly brings a smile on my face.

  3. I tend to stick with the same perfume year round (boring, I know!). My best friend collects perfume though and she LOVES Viva La Juicy.

  4. They had those Lilly perfumes at my TJ Maxx for $12 a piece, you should check it out!

  5. Bobbi Brown Beach is it for me. Smells like summer!

  6. I love Beachy but I had no idea it has been discontinued! Thanks for the heads up, I'll be buying out my local Belk now!

  7. I love Chanel Cristalle Eau Verte in warm weather. It doesn't resemble the regular Cristalle, rather it is a spritz of lime with a hint of vanilla. Fire Island by Bond No. 9 is my go-to beachy fragrance. Last but not least, Bulgari's Green Tea perfume in the "extreme" version (cause it lasts longer) is my all time favorite, wear anytime perfume and is especially nice in the summer down here in Houston, TX!


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