Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miss Trish of Capri - Target Style - 2011

Happy Hump Day, Shopaholics!

As you already know, I *love* buying shoes (and dresses, cosmetics/skin care, sunglasses, etc, etc). Two springs ago, I was very excited to hear from friends in the fashion industry that the famed "Miss Trish of Capri" was launching a line specifically for sale in Target. I love Miss Trish of Capri, and I love Target - could it be more perfect?

My closet is packed with several pairs of the Miss Trish/Target shoes from the 2009 and 2010 collections, and some of the original Miss Trish of Capri styles (love the Grotto and Bali!). Last Friday, shopaholic sister Amy was blowing up my phone at 8AM from Target. Miss Trish has arrived for 2011! She sent me text photos of the available styles, but I was on Gilligan's Island Dauphin Island and couldn't run to Target right away. Sadly, I had to wait until I arrived back to civilization to scope them out!

For your shopping pleasure, Miss Trish of Capri, Target Style, 2011.

Seahorse Wedge Sandals, Tan, $29.99

Daisy Wedge Sandals, Green Patent, $29.99

Flower Flat Sandals, Pink Patent, $19.99

Pineapple Flat Sandals, Natural, $24.99

Jaguar Flat Sandals, Black Patent, $24.99

For the "Shopaholics In Training" AKA Minnies...

Flower Flip Flop, Pink, $17.99 (matches the ladies version above)
Daisy Thong Sandal, Green, $17.99 (matches the ladies wedge above)
Strawberry Thong Sandal, Gold, $17.99

Fish Gladiator Sandal, Teal, $17.99

A few observations from my "trying on party" in Target. The wedges are definitely running true to size. The Pineapple flats run a little larger, not in the length but on the top of the foot. If you have a high arch or instep, you should be fine with your normal size. However, if your foot runs narrow - I'd advise you consider going a half size down. All of the patent styles ran true to size for me.

Unfortunately, I don't have a little girl and couldn't borrow one for my trip to Target, so I can't advise on the fit of the girls styles. But I can tell you they are cute, cute, cute and you need to get some before they all sell out! :-)

I ran right home and ordered the seahorse wedges, pineapple flats, and pink patent flower flats online. I am more than willing to admit, I am obsessed with Ebates and getting cash back for all my online shopping. That's the only reason I didn't purchase in the store. Target offers 3% cash back through Ebates, so if you don't have an Ebates account you are missing out! Be sure to sign up (HERE is a link). You'll be amazed at how quickly it all adds up!

Have you ever purchased the Miss Trish styles at Target? Which ones are your favorites for 2011? I can't wait to hear what you think!

Make it a Wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I just bought those Fish Gladiator sandals for my Minnie yesterday, she absolutely loves them!
    I have not bought myself any of this year's as of yet. I have some previous designs, the white ones with jeweled starfish and a pair of red thongs with a large gold starfish. There may be more buried in the closet somewhere but those two stand out in my mind. Love them!

  2. Those seahorse wedges are tempting! I have the pink turtle wedges from either last year or the year before that I have worn to death. I also bought the pink/green/bee ones last year for both myself and Charlotte. Nothing is tempting me quite as much this year. So much style for the tiny price!

  3. I just saw the wedges. They all are really cute. I love the daisy flats I didn't see those when I went! I will have to check back & they buy online with my ebates! Thanks!!

  4. i saw these in the store yesterday! when she ran the target line two years ago, i bought the red wedges with rope!

  5. I wasn't as happy with the women's shoes this year, but went crazy for the minnies. I did go up a full size, though. Did you see the leopard for the minnies?! Would have loved it much more than the black cat for women. Almost bought the pineapple for myself, but remembered I already had the Lilly Pulitzer pineapple wedges. Each minnie ended up with the flower with the butterfly (think of all the Lilly shifts it will work with, especailly the first impression print), Ittybit also got the teal fish gladiator sandal and Eldest Daughter got the above mentioned leopard.

  6. I'm going tomorrow to check these out! I LOVE the seahorse ones.


  7. They all look darling. Must check out my Target!


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