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Affordable Fashion from Paisley of Daniel Island

We all love to shop designer - and we all love a great deal. Right? And how about knowing that we are supporting a small business that is female owned? That makes it even better! And getting FREE shipping every day - that's just the icing on the cake! 

Meet my friend Anna's store, Paisley of Daniel Island. Paisley is a fun, upbeat boutique that specializes in affordable and unique clothing and accessories and is located in beautiful and fashionable Charleston, South Carolina. Paisley carries fabulous brands like Tracy Negoshian, Escapada, Hatley, Jude Connally and many others. But the good news is that even if you're not local to Charleston (and not lucky enough to be on vacation there) - you can still shop with Paisley. 

And today only - Paisley is offering 20% off one item. It's a great opportunity to pick up a new dress or tunic from some of our favorite designers! Or - maybe you need a new monogrammed clutch? Here are a few of my favorite picks that are included in t…

My Favorite Eye Cream: Rodan + Fields Redefine

You know by now - I am totally addicted to skin care, hair care and makeup products. There is nothing I love more than trying something new. Once I find something that works, I stick with it. 

For years, I had been using ____ brand of eye cream. It wasn't doing a bad job, but it seemed like my eyes weren't looking so great anymore. Father Time was beginning to catch up to me - along with a consistent lack of sleep and immense stress. I tried many concealers to make me look more "awake" and "bright eyed" but they didn't deal with the source of my problem - dark, puffy eyes with the beginning of crows feet. Time to bring out the big guns - something new and more powerful! 

Enter Rodan + Fields Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream. From the first day I used this product, I knew it was something special. The formula is highly concentrated, and it only takes a little bit. (A full jar lasts me almost sixty days, and I use it morning and night). The Redefine Eye Cr…

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day! I hope you are having a great day with your sweetie - whether it's your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, parents, pet or BFF. 

The hubby and I usually go to eat and he usually brings home flowers for me. We really don't make it a big deal around here. It might sound silly to some, but I feel like every day we are together is a version of Valentine's Day. My husband is always doing sweet things for me (and I don't mean just buying presents). I mean the small things - opening doors, always considering me first in every decision, picking up something he knows I will love from the store. Those kinds of things. 

Today he is out of town on business, and I am home with the flu. Needless to say, there will be no celebration here tonight. However - I am looking forward to recovering from this sickness very soon, the arrival of the weekend, DH will be home, and we can have our belated Valentine's date. 

In the meantime, I plan t…

Diet Coke Detox

Hi Everyone! Seems like it's been forever since I posted to the blog - so much has been going on in my life, and there's never enough time in the day. Now I happen to be home suffering from the flu (ugh!) so I had a little time to update you on what's been happening around here. 

#1: I joined Instagram (yes - finally!) and I am obsessed! If you're on IG, be sure to look me up (I'm @ shopaholicinal). Follow me and I'll follow you back! Watch for my #OOTD posts (which have come to a halt this week because of the flu) - as soon as I'm well they will return.

"The First Step to Recovery Is Admitting You Have A Problem" - Twelve Step Recovery"To Thine Own Self Be True" - Shakespeare
#2: I am on Diet Coke Detox. Recent health concerns of mine, as well as others in my family, really caused me to examine my Diet Coke habit addiction. You see - in the spirit of full disclosure, I am a full blown Diet Coke Addict. Some people will say "I am addic…