My Favorite Eye Cream: Rodan + Fields Redefine

You know by now - I am totally addicted to skin care, hair care and makeup products. There is nothing I love more than trying something new. Once I find something that works, I stick with it. 

For years, I had been using ____ brand of eye cream. It wasn't doing a bad job, but it seemed like my eyes weren't looking so great anymore. Father Time was beginning to catch up to me - along with a consistent lack of sleep and immense stress. I tried many concealers to make me look more "awake" and "bright eyed" but they didn't deal with the source of my problem - dark, puffy eyes with the beginning of crows feet. Time to bring out the big guns - something new and more powerful! 

Enter Rodan + Fields Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream. From the first day I used this product, I knew it was something special. The formula is highly concentrated, and it only takes a little bit. (A full jar lasts me almost sixty days, and I use it morning and night). The Redefine Eye Cream has powerful peptides to help minimize crows feet and wrinkles, and it also has special optical diffusers to noticeably brighten the eye area. Another added bonus for me, it has helped to reduce the appearance of darkness and puffiness under my eyes. 

I have used some type of eye cream since I was a teenager, and as a result I'm a big believer in a preventative skin care regime. I have always been a sun worshipper and as such, knew I had to take care of my skin. I believe it's never too early (or late!) to begin a skin care regime. Matter of fact, I use the entire Redefine Regime by Rodan + Fields, and get so many compliments on my skin. You have to remember - I am 42 years old, and trying NOT to look like it! :-) 

This eye cream is reasonably priced at $59 (preferred customers only pay $53 and get free shipping on scheduled orders). One of my favorite jobs is being a R+F Independent Consultant, and I would love to answer any questions you may have regarding the products. Whether it's the eye cream, a skin care regime, whatever! Feel free to comment here - message me - or check out my R+F website HERE

Whether your skin care concerns are aging, blemishes, redness or reversing previous damage - there is a Rodan + Fields solution for you. See the solution tool on my website HERE and remember - we wear our skin every day! 


  1. Its really nice post. Skinlastin i appreciate for your post.thanks for shearing it with us. keep it up.


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