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I Promise, I Am Alive!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I updated the blog! The holiday season has been exceptionally busy this year with my crazy schedule. For those who are still reading, no worries - I will be back "full speed ahead" in January! Until then, I hope you are enjoying a beautiful holiday season with family and friends! 

Neiman Marcus+ Target Designer Collaboration

Unless you were in hiding this past weekend, you know two things. #1 - Alabama won the SEC championship and is playing Notre Dame for the BCS National championship in January, and #2 - the Neiman Marcus + Target collection launched in stores and online on Saturday. 

The collection features 24 of America's most popular designers, all members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). In recognition of these designers and their contribution to the collection, Neiman Marcus and Target donated a total of $1 million to the CFDA. 

I will admit to staying up a little bit late (early!) to hit the websites as soon as the collection was available. So far, I have purchased the Tory Burch Lunch Box for $19.99 and Printed Beverage Container for $19.99. (both are available on Neiman Marcus website HERE). Stylish options for taking one's lunch to work, right? A fan on Facebook indicated she purchased five of these, and was planning to give them to her daughter to use as gift for he…