Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale - Thanks to My Friend Trish!

Happy Tuesday, Shopaholics! Hope you are doing great today and enjoying the holiday season - which is now in full swing!

Ask me just how bummed out I was when I couldn't make the Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sale earlier this month. Generally, I attend the spring sale which is usually held the first week of June. To mix it up a bit, this year I was looking forward to making my first trip for the fall sale, which is always the week before Thanksgiving.

I had my ticket booked, and arrangements made. I was staying with my buddy Caitlin, almost had my sister Amy talked into joining me, and planned to meet many of my blog/Facebook/Lilly friends while there. I was so excited!

Then we started what is forever after going to be known as "The Remodel". We are doing most of the work ourselves - and it has turned into quite the project. Put it like this, I think I spent an entire week stripping paint off bathroom cabinets. I saw real quick like that there was NO way I could take off for KOP. I was devastated (and slightly overworked, I might add).

When my friend Trish offered to shop for me at the sale, I was ecstatic. I should add that I have never actually met Trish in "real life" (code for in person), but we have developed quite the online friendship over the past few months. Initially it was due to our mutual love - and slight obsession - over all things Lilly, but quickly we had lots of other fun things to bond over.

Trish picked up the items for me in the photo above - a Lilly tote in What the Shell Patch, a Murfee scarf in Surf Blue Checking In (I already have one - this is a holiday gift - sorry I have to keep the recipient a secret!), and a Karlo skirt in sewn patch. Can you believe she found that skirt in the sample pile for $20??? Honestly, I couldn't have done a better job myself.

I'm writing this post to publicly tell Trish THANK YOU - and to prove how our interests really do bond us in an online community. For this, I am thankful.

Have a Terrific Tuesday - I'll be painting bathrooms!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday - Beauty Ticket Discount

Happy Cyber Monday, Shopaholics!

Can I tell you a secret? I don't "do" the Black Friday AKA day after Thanksgiving shopping madness! Never have. Never will. It's just not my thing. Now I will confess - I did participate in "Pink Friday" - which is just fun fun fun. Guilty as charged - called and placed an order on Friday with one of my favorite Lilly stores (Southlake, TX). They had a ton of items on sale from the Fall collection and I just "needed" a few - plus I received a GWP so that makes me happy!

Today is Cyber Monday - AKA the largest online shopping day of the year (in terms of $$$'s spent). One of my favorite sites, Beauty Ticket, is offering a fantastic deal to celebrate. An Extra 30% off all items with only one exception - private sale items. Ummmm can you say insane deals!?!?!?! Their prices are already great to begin with - and this sweetens the deal.

Beauty Ticket carries brands such as Stila, Too Faced, Goldie, Laura Mercier, Bumble & Bumble, Bliss, and a private sale on Rock & Republic Cosmetics started just a few days ago! While you're shopping, be sure to check out the "Steal of The Week" and "Gifts With Purchase" sections of the website. If you have a lot of girls/teenagers/friends/tweens to buy gifts, I highly recommend Beauty Ticket. The shipping is reasonable - it's FAST - and you can pay with Paypal.

Click the link HERE and be sure to enter code "CYBER30" for your discount at checkout. Don't delay - this deal is only good today and only online! :-)

Happy Shopping and let me know if you find some great deals!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Counting My Blessings On Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving, Shopaholics! On this day most of us are celebrating the holiday with our family and friends. Activities include: eating more than we should, having more than one dessert, partaking in a little bit of wine, taking a late afternoon nap, watching a football game (Go Cowboys!).

What are you thankful for this year? Of course I am most thankful for my wonderful DH, family and friends - as you would expect me to say. However, I am also thankful for the following...

My health

No "visible oil" on our beaches - note I said "visible" because it's still there.

The fact that I can wear my Lilly Pulitzer collection all year!

Not leaving on a jet plane every Monday and Friday to make a living, for a company who never appreciated it anyway...

Living At The Beach

Empty laundry baskets

Kiehl's hair straightener and my BaByliss Flat iron - those two products changed my life!

Tide Pride Season Tickets (that's Alabama football, for my out of state readers)

No traffic

Phillip Drummond - the only stylist in a 500 mile radius who can handle my hair, and the only one who will be allowed to try.

Publix Supermarket

The smell of a clean house and no clutter on my kitchen countertops

Last but certainly not least, I'm thankful for everyone in this blogging community - my readers, fellow bloggers, and vendors - all of you are the reason I keep writing! Because of this blog, I've met so many lovely people I am proud to call friends.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you are traveling, be safe! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Caroline Grace Jewelry - Shopaholic Discount to kick off your Holiday Shopping!

Happy Wednesday, Shopaholic friends! Are you ready for Thanksgiving yet? I'm at my parents' house today, helping Mother prepare for the big gathering tomorrow. There will be a lot of food prepared, as we are expecting quite the crowd. I must admit, I'm already looking forward to the wonderful food! :-)

As promised, I have a fantastic surprise for you! One of my favorite jewelry designers, Caroline Grace Jewelry, has generously offered all Shopaholic In Alabama readers a special discount - just in time to kick off the holiday shopping season!

Most of you know by now, her designs are some of my favorites. As a result, I have become quite snobby about jewelry. I am lucky enough to own quite a few pieces of Caroline Grace Jewelry and wear at least one piece every time I get dressed. (What can I say, DH is tolerant of this obsession so I go with it). Once you see the difference between a CGJ original and a piece of jewelry that is mass produced, you can't help but have much higher expectations when making a jewelry purchase. Now I understand the quality of workmanship, materials and thought that go into the design and creation process.

A few of my "new favorites" include the following:

Kimberly Earrings, Gold with Swarvoski Crystal, $84 (view HERE)

Anna Monogrammed Bangle Bracelet, Sterling Silver, $138 (view HERE)

Hadley Initial Charm Necklace, 14kt Gold Filled, $132 (view HERE)

Cuff Bracelet, Black Jeweled Leather, Wide Cuff, $86 (view HERE)

Nametag Charm Necklace, Various Options and Price Points available (view HERE)

There are so many lovely pieces of jewelry available in Caroline Grace's ETSY shop (link HERE) - you are sure to find that perfect holiday gift - or just a little something to treat yourself!

Now - for the BEST Part....the "Shopaholic Special" discount!  :-)

For all orders over $100 - save 25% upon Etsy checkout with code "Shopaholic25" (the only item excluded are Nametag Necklaces)

For all orders under $100 - save 15% upon Etsy checkout with code "Shopaholic15" (you can use this code on the Nametag Necklaces)

What a generous discount, and a perfect start to our holiday shopping. Every Santa loves to give and receive beautiful jewelry!

Another item worth mentioning - over on the Caroline Grace Jewelry Facebook page (link HERE) she is hosting a photo contest. Post your best picture wearing your CGJ and you'll be eligible for the drawing. More details will be posted on the fan page, so be sure to "like" the page if you haven't already. Dust off your camera and take your picture!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Shopping! No need to fight those Black Friday crowds in the store - shop from your computer. That's what I will be doing! :-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Last Weekend of Fishing - and Now I'm BACK! :-)

Hi Shopaholics! Hope you are doing great and getting ready for Turkey Day! I can't believe it's time for the holidays. I sit and wonder where did the year go?

This past weekend, we made our last fishing trip of the season. Our special fall red snapper season is officially over. The boat is on the trailer. It's somewhat sad of course, but there's always next year!

Here are a few photos I thought you might enjoy - especially the food! :-)

DH caught an Amberjack - we were 35 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico. You can see where at some point, another fish or something much larger tried to take a bite out of this poor fellow. We brought him home, he was Monday Dinner at our house and my parents!

Dad with a red snapper he caught...it's in the freezer for a family fish fry (coming soon).

Please ignore my hair in this photo, it's a hot mess. DH and I with more red snapper for the freezer!

We witnessed some of the most beautiful scenery on the ride home - we were trying to get home before dark (hate it getting dark at 5pm!). Check out this sunset from the left side of the boat.

The view from the right side of the boat, where the moon had already appeared but sadly I missed my shot of it!

For Monday night's dinner, I started with this piece of Amberjack. Cleaned it up a little more after the photo was taken, so it had no bones, no red meat, etc...

Then, I prepared homemade Crabmeat Stuffing. The fish was cut into fillets and stuffed as full as I dared. Of course I covered it with lemon juice and melted butter to maintain the natural juices and moisture, and baked at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.

Viola! Here is the finished product - all ready for dinner! Who is coming over to eat?

My recipe for Stuffed Crab makes soooo much, I had a ton left over....what's a girl to do? Hello, I pulled out the Sur La Tab baking dishes shaped like crab shells, and made some "just baked crabmeat stuffing". Yummy!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! Be sure to check in over the next few days - I'm telling you, I am BACK and have some wonderful deals and sales/specials/giveaways to share with you! You'll be amazed how much holiday shopping can be done!

Hint: Jewelry, Lilly Pulitzer, Cosmetics.......

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Resort - My Favorite Season of Lilly!

Happy Wednesday, Shopaholics! Sorry I've been a little MIA around these parts, but this remodel has been keeping me extremely busy and kicking my bootie. You see, I'm not really a fan of manual labor or inhaling fumes - and I've been doing quite a bit of both recently. :-)

Today I take a little break to talk about my favorite season that Lilly Pulitzer produces - Resort. Every year I wonder - will I like it as much as last year? And true to form, Lilly never disappoints. This year is no exception.

A few of my favorites (AKA "must haves") include:

Jonah Dress, Skye Blue, Ball and Chain, $168

Newport Dress, Bright Navy, Great Escape, $148

Anders Dress, Hotty Pink, Ball and Chain, $238

Adalie Wrap Dress Printed, Hotty Pink, Doobloons, $148 (this print is seriously calling my name)

Saemus Dress Printed Chiffon, Multi, Dripping In Jewels, $398 (this one is a perfect special occasion dress)

I must confess - there are so many items on my "must have" resort list, that I have to blog about the tops, skirts, activewear and jewelry another day! What are your favorites?

And while we're talking about it - what are your favorite seasons of Lilly? Mine are:

#1 - Resort. Always.
#2 - Summer. Always.
#3 - Spring. Most of the time.
#4 - Fall. Most of the time...although this Fall's collection could easily be considered #3 instead of #4.

Enjoy the Lilly eye candy and have a great "Hump Day"! Whatever you are doing will be more fun than my "to do" list today - sanding down bathroom cabinets. :-)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Remodeling - Not For The Faint Of Heart!

TGIF, Shopaholics! Hope you've had a fantastic week and a fun weekend on tap! :-)

Times have been very busy around here...last weekend we had a bunch of company for the Alan Jackson concert. Don't worry, I'll blog about that in the next few days - we had such a great time!

Another thing keeping me and DH very busy is a remodel - actually it's a "gutting" - of both bathrooms here at the beach. Let me tell you - from what I can tell so far, this remodeling business is not for the faint of heart.

So many decisions must be made. Tile colors and materials, tile size, grout color, paint color, light fixtures, granite countertop color, backsplash, mirrors, white or biscuit colored toilets? I mean seriously - does it matter if the toilet is white or biscuit? Apparently yes, it does!

I'm living in a construction zone. I had to close the hotel down, told everyone "no guests" until further notice. At this point, I'm not even sure where my Aveda paddle brush is........and I'll need it approx. 6 hours from right now!

Thought you might enjoy some photos, this is tile that was put down today in the master bathroom. More tile will be installed tomorrow, as well as grouting...

For a good laugh on a Friday, I'm sharing this photo. There was a full mirror installed over the vanity/dressing area, it's been there forever. Today we removed that mirror and found this wallpaper behind it. Hello - 1985 called and they want their wallpaper back! :-)

Now, for the real question - can we get through this without someone being injured? Stay tuned!

Have a Fab Friday! We are finally enjoying cooler temperatures here at the beach and it's nice for a change!
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