Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Update (Finally!) - And A Huge Favor for Nanny's 85th Birthday!

Hello Shopaholics! Did you think I had deserted you? Moved to the Far East or something? Nope....things have been way crazy around these parts. The past few weeks have been a blur.

For starters, I've been busy trying to build Shopaholic's Preppy Closet on Facebook. Thank goodness my sister has been helping me or I'd be drowning! If you haven't yet, get yourself over to Facebook and "like" the page for me! (link HERE).  My plan is for this to be the premier consignment site on Facebook. We are specializing in preppy and designer clothing, shoes and accessories. Think Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, Trina Turk, there are even a few Burberry listings right now! Who knows where this will lead - it might even turn into a "real job" for me in the future. I'm getting a little bored not working anyway...

Additionally, DH ended up with some unexpected time off (thanks, BP). We took a short trip and spent some time boating, fishing, hanging in the sun and generally being lazy. It was marvelous!

So this is what I've been doing lately...what about you? :-)

Now for the favor........next week my dear Nanny will celebrate her 85th birthday. We're having a huge party for her this Sunday (in 5 days). Family is coming from out of town, and it's going to be a pretty big deal. I'm hosting a "card shower" for Nanny, and would LOVE to see her receive 85 cards to celebrate her 85th birthday. Would you mind dropping her a card in the mail? It would mean soooo much to her, she loves to get mail, or at least mail that's "not a bill" - her words! :-)

If you'd like to participate, please mail the card to:

Doris Huffman
2920 Graham Rd. S.
Mobile, AL 36618

You can tell her I sent you - or just sign the card. Either way is fine! And the photo here was taken during Mother's Day weekend, this is Nanny!

A special thanks to my friend Bethany at Maryland Pink and Green for giving me the great idea and letting me copy her. LOL

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday, and thanks for not leaving me during my sabbatical! Sometimes I feel like no one is really reading anyway...is everyone still here? :-)

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Pink Bee & A Sweet Lilly Pulitzer Victory...

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed some nice weather. We are still hovering around 90 degrees here. Fall, where are you? :-)

I wanted to tell you about a store I recently discovered - The Pink Bee in Greenville, SC. This Lilly Pulitzer Via shop made it's way on my radar last week, after I saw a post about a 75% off sale. They have a website, but it's not set up for ordering (see HERE). However, they are happy to take phone orders and can be reached at 864-271-4332.

When I called the store, the associate who helped me was so nice. She went through every item on the sale rack in my size, and I'm pleased to report they actually had quite a bit remaining. All the items from Spring and Summer are 75% off, including several styles of McKims. Anytime I can score McKims at 75% off, that makes for a happy Shopaholic! Wow!

I'm thrilled as I was able to finally score my coveted Raquel dress in Shimmy Shell! I can't wait to receive it this week! If you're still looking for items from the Spring or Summer collections, I suggest you contact The Pink Bee. Of course, they have the new Fall Collection too! 

Happy Monday and Happy Shopping! :-)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bon Jovi At The Beach...

TGIF, Shopaholics! Hope your week has been wonderful - just a tad stressful around these parts, but looking for things to turn the corner very soon! :-)

In exactly four weeks from tonight (that would be Friday, October 15 - to be exact!) - Bon Jovi is coming to the beach for a concert. One of my BFF's was lucky enough to score tickets while I was at the Bama-PSU game last Saturday; and I am thrilled to be going with her!

I grew up listening to Bon Jovi - you know - the "old stuff". I rode around town with my girlfriends, in our sports cars, blaring "You Give Love A Bad Name" just as loud as it would go. Over the years, I have attended several of his concerts. I even managed to crack my tailbone at one of them in Mobile - many, many moons ago - while wearing ill-advised white cowboy boots. Don't judge - they were studded and paired with the shortest, tightest mini skirt I could wear out of the house. For the life of me, I can't remember the top I had on. However, I can confirm that I had to sit on a doughnut for several weeks after what was later known as the "Bon Jovi Incident".

This time, I'm older (obviously) and smarter (hopefully). Rest assured I will not be wearing white studded leather cowboy boots (will I?). But I do have a BIG decision to make..........a huge one.......help me out here......

Do I resurrect the big 80's hair (yep, that's me on the right)...

Or do I stick to the more modern version of big hair (and unfortunately a bigger self)...

For the record, I often wonder how in the world nothing around me ever exploded during the late 80's...my hair was huge, and it was soooo full of hair spray. You know, the kind people bought at Sally Beauty Supply back in "the day". It was called Grand Finale - the hugest aerosol can available for purchase anywhere in town. It created a fog in the room when you sprayed. Thank goodness none of us smoked, as I feel certain the combination of thick aerosol hair spray and lighters would have created an event much more unfortunate than a cracked tailbone.

Back to Bon Jovi....in all seriousness, they are taking a break (smack dab in between a concert in Rio on October 8 and Toyko on November 30) to come down here to little old Gulf Shores, AL. The concert is part of the effort to bring people back to the beach in the wake of the oil spill and subsequent loss of tourism and visitors. 

The coast is still in a real bind. Every week I notice another business has closed. It's getting bad. Many of the rental agencies are offering packages for that weekend, at rock bottom prices. If you like country music, you'll be thrilled to hear that same weekend (Sunday night, to be exact) - Brad Paisley is performing on the exact same stage. Most of the packages include tickets to BOTH concerts.

It should be an amazing weekend. If you want to take a little "road trip" - and help the Coast get back on it's feet, do consider it. You can find all the information on the local Gulf Shores website HERE

Full Disclosure: "Never Say Goodbye" was playing in the background while I wrote this post. And maybe I listened to just a FEW others...as I can attest, a little bit of nostalgia is good for the soul!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Huge Favor For A Friend!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful week so far. Still 90 degrees here, but you best believe I ordered the Conrad sweater in the Multi Lotus print. If I ♥ it as much as think I will, I'll be ordering the other one next! :-)

Today I ask you a huge favor. My BFF and fellow blogger Bethany (over at Maryland Pink and Green) is hosting a "Card Shower" to celebrate her Nana's 80th birthday. It's soooo easy to help Bethany with this shower - just send a card to Nana for her birthday. Sign your name - and you can write her a note if you'd like! Here is a link to Bethany's original blog post about the shower.

I plan to mail my card tomorrow! Nana lives in assisted living, so you can imagine how thrilled she would be to receive 80+ cards in honor of her birthday? Join me and let's make Nana's 80th birthday her BEST yet!

Send cards to:

Jenny Rodger

529 Freemason Drive
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

And while we're on this topic - are you following Bethany's blog? If not, get yourself over there and click the "follow" button. You will LOVE her just like I do! (link HERE)

P.S. Don't be surprised when I ask you to do the same for my Nanny - who is turning 83 in October! :-)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Obsessed with Conrad...

Happy Monday, everyone!

Today I attempt to refrain from ordering these new sweaters from the Lilly Pulitzer Fall collection. Someone.....quick!!! Remind me that it's still 90+ degrees here!

Conrad Sweater, Multi Lotus, $158

Conrad Sweater, Multi Ring My Bell, $158

Perhaps I can just get ONE...which print is your favorite? :-)

Have a marvelous Monday!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2001 - Have You Forgotten?

Happy Saturday, Shopaholics! I'm off to the Alabama vs. Penn State game in Tuscaloosa today, which is going to be fun, fun and more fun....but it just didn't feel right not to discuss the 9th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on our nation.

Have you forgotten? Have the memories dulled? In my opinion, this was the Pearl Harbor of MY generation. We were confused; under attack and didn't even realize it. I haven't talked to one person who doesn't remember where they were - and what they were doing - when they received the news of the first plane crashing into the north tower of the World Trade Center.

I always believed someone upstairs was looking out for me. I just happened to be at the beach, on a week's vacation when my Mother called us with the news of the attacks. I'm only slightly embarrased to tell you DH and I were still sleeping when the first plane hit. 

During that time period, I had a job where I traveled every single week. Left on Monday morning and returned on Friday night, like clockwork. I was spending a lot of time at our then office in Alexandria, VA - right outside Washington DC. Matter of fact, I'd been in DC the week before the attacks. I spent more than my share of time at Pentagon City - the mall right across the freeway from the Pentagon. And for the record, I never understood how the plane that hit the Pentagon didn't end up on the freeway....Anyway...

Even now, I hate looking at photos of the attacks...but these photos, taken of the Manhattan skyline on the afternoon and evening of Sept. 11, give me a sense of peace, while bringing tears to my eyes. To me - they embody the spirit of America. 

There are so many images of the devastation that occured on September 11, 2001. Not just in New York, but also at the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania. You can look at them online if you'd like - for those who lived that day "live" - you'll never forget. Personally, I'll never forget what I saw unfold on national television right in front of my eyes.

On this, the 9th anniversary of September 11, let's remember all of those innocent people who lost their lives. Let's not forget about the heroes of that day - the firefighters, police, port authority workers, pilots, flight attendants, passengers who tried to take over planes, and last but certainly not least - our military. So many heroes that had to feel like the situation they were fighting was absolutely hopeless - but they did everything they could at that time. They did what they were trained to do - protect all of US. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Whatever you are doing today, remember to count your blessings. Say a little prayer or positive thought for those who lost loved ones on this very day nine years ago. And above all, don't take our freedom for granted.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Giveaway Winners That Haven't Contacted Me....

Good Evening Shopaholics!

There are two giveaway winners (from birthday days!) that have yet to contact me. I'm waiting to hear from:

Screen Door Prep - Day 15 winner (Gigi's Treasures)

flip flops and pearls - Day 12 winner (The Pink Giraffe)

If I haven't heard from you guys by midnight central time, I will be forced to draw for replacement winners. Thanks so much!

The Famous Strawberry Cheese Ring Recipe

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you're having a great week, I can't believe it's almost over. I've been "off" every day since Monday was a holiday, good thing I have calendars all over the place around the house. :-)

Many of you will remember that a few weeks ago I posted photos of my 40th birthday party. (original post HERE). The picture of the Strawberry Cheese Ring my sister made created lots of interest, both here on the blog and on Facebook.

I should tell you guys - this is one of the recipes that my Mother, sister and I make for almost every party we host or attend. It was originally introduced to us by the man who catered my wedding, wayyyyy back when. Then he also catered my sister's wedding. Now sure how Mother talked him into the recipe - but she managed to do so. To protect his privacy and "secrets" I won't post his name, but...I will share the recipe.


(2) Cups grated Cheddar Cheese
(1) Cup Chopped Pecans
(1) Cup Mayonnaise
(1) Small Green Onion, finely chopped
Dash of Cayenne Pepper
Dash of Black Pepper
Strawberry Preserves
3-4 Slices Fried Bacon, crumbled

Mix all ingredients except preserves and mold into ring. (Tip: line ring with plastic wrap for ease of removal). Chill in refrigerator at least 6 hours or overnight.

When ready to serve, fill center of ring with preserves. Serve immediately with crackers.

NOTE: We make this with (and without, depending on the crowd!) the bacon. It can certainly be omitted and the ring is still delicious! The ring in the picture above does NOT have the bacon.

Another tip: Try the recipe with Ritz crackers. Oldie but goodie.

Let me know if you make the ring and what you think! I have friends who absolutely expect to find this at any party hosted around these parts! Enjoy! :-)

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

White After Labor Day?

Happy Wednesday! Did you guys think I dropped off the face of the earth or what? There was non stop activity here over the weekend, starting with the Alabama game on Saturday night in Tuscaloosa. Then all our family came down and spent the weekend with us here at the beach. We had a blast, but I have to say, I'm exhausted! :-)

This time of year makes me a little sad. It's the end of summer - maybe not according to the calendar just yet, but certainly "they" say it's the end of summer. Unquestionably, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting slightly cooler. :-(

Speaking of, how do you feel about wearing white after Labor Day? Do you? If so, white jeans? Capris? Skirts? Shoes? I have mixed feelings on the topic, as it's sometimes difficult to manage living in a place that stays so hot for so long.

Of course I realize I'd look ridiculous in a white sundress in early October (and for the record, I have NEVER done that!)....but honestly, if Lilly and other designers produce white jeans/pants all year....what is the problem?

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this subject! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

On My Way...To See The Tide Play!

Happy Saturday, and welcome to the start of college football season! :-)

I'm on my way to see the Tide play. If I've never mentioned it here, we have season tickets to all Bama home games. And we manage to make the trek to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for most of them between September and late November.

Today we play San Jose State, which shouldn't be a very difficult game. Next week is projected to be a different story. Penn State is coming to town. I'll need a few drinks and maybe a nerve pill to get through that one. :-)

Who is your favorite college football team? I will confess that I've been an Alabama fan for as long as I've been alive. Even though I didn't graduate from UA...I bleed Crimson!

Hope you have a great day! And Roll Tide!

Friday, September 3, 2010

More Lilly Pulitzer Fall - From Under The Palm Tree

TGIF, Shopaholics! As we go into the last "official" weekend of summer, please be safe and enjoy the Labor Day holiday. Today special wishes go out to all my friends and fellow bloggers who will (or might) be affected by Hurricane Earl. Hang in there. ((HUGS))

As of late, I've been focusing on my Fall wardrobe. Yesterday my newest goodies arrived from one of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer Via Shops, Under The Palm Tree. My order was placed on Tuesday, and my package arrived on Thursday (DH wasn't home yet either, how perfect is that? ha!) Can you say Fast Service? :-)

Under The Palm Tree is currently offering 30% off one piece of Fall merchandise, and you can use the promotion multiple times. More good news - even if the item you want is not in stock, they are happy to special order it for you with the 30% discount. Please note you will pay for the item when you order it. What a great deal! I was thrilled to get two brand new dresses at 30% off.

What do you think of my Fall selections?

Sadie Dress, Bright Navy Curves

Sabine Dress, Cameo White Twisted

Let me be honest - while I love love love both of these dresses, the Sadie is TDF. It's comfortable - you just pull it on. There are so many options for accessorizing, and later in the season it can be topped with a cardi or denim jacket. Next I'll be looking for it in the other print (Serenity).

If you're looking for Fall merchandise, be sure to contact Under The Palm Tree. You can reach them at 913-451-1445 or via email: underpalmtree77@aol.com. Also join their Facebook page HERE for special sales and promotions. Earlier this week, they gave away several gift cards on their Facebook page. :-)

Have a Fantastic Friday!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who Won The Giveaways? The Final List!

Congratulations to all the "Shopaholic Birthday Days" giveaway winners! Below you will find the final list. If you've won a giveaway, please be sure to contact me (lori.driver@hotmail.com) so we can get the ball rolling on your prize! You have 72 hours to claim - or I'll have to draw another winner!

Day One - Caroline Grace Jewelry - "Laurie"
Day Two - mcc designs - "AMStarkey"
Day Three - Lotus and Lilly - "Equinegirls"
Day Four - Preppy Princess - "DCGopGirl"
Day Five - Lynn Whelan Designs - "Southern Living: Preppy Style"
Day Six - Preppy Ladybug - "Sweet Tea and Biscuits"
Day Seven - At The Blue Barn - "Fried Pink Tomato"
Day Eight - Under The Palm Tree - "Adventures of the pink passport"
Day Nine - Kiel James Patrick - "jilly"
Day Ten - The Pink Pelican - "heatheremery"
Day Eleven - Votre Vu - "CALillylover"
Day Twelve - The Pink Giraffe - "flip flops and pearls"
Day Thirteen - Lil and Kalle - "Brittany"
Day Fourteen - Lifeguard Press - "Sally"
Day Fifteen - Gigi's Hidden Treasures - "Screen Door Prep"
Day Sixteen - Village Palm - "Sweet Southern Prep"

WOW! That's a lot of winners! Thank you to all the readers for entering our giveaways, and to our sponsors for offering such wonderful giveaway items. My birthday celebration was so much fun - I hope you enjoyed it too.  :-)

Hope you're having a great Thursday! Thanks for reading Shopaholic In Alabama! 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Fall Acquisitions From Village Palm

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to September! As promised, today my mind is doing an ever sooooo slight turn towards fall. And in the spirit of "Shopaholic Confessions", I must tell you about the new goodies on their way to my home. :-)

Can I tell you a secret? I'm not a big "Fan of Fall" in general. Except that brief stint up north (you know, Charlotte) I've never lived in a place where Fall really happened. Translation: NO FALL WEATHER around these parts. Sometimes we are wearing shorts and short sleeves at Thankgiving. And since I don't have children, so the whole back to school thing doesn't get me excited. (Other than the fact that I get my beach back when everyone goes back to school), heehee. I don't really like Halloween much either. My parents were never big on it, and I suppose my childhood Halloween experiences followed me to adult life. One thing I do get excited about during the Fall months is the start of football season, but I'll save that for another post and another day!

This year I'm actually excited about Fall, because of the new collection from Lilly Pulitzer. For once, there are so many beautiful items I am coveting. Do you guys remember my posting about the Fall special that Sarah at Village Palm had for Shopaholic readers? (original post HERE). This past Sunday I was home alone; DH was at work, and I took advantage of this promotion!

These beauties are on their way to coastal Alabama - where even if I can't wear them because of 90 degree heat for the next 30-45 days - they'll be here when I can!

Adalie Wrap Dress in Multi Show Me Some Skin, $148

Jonah Dress in Don't Be Koi, $168

Keisha Top in Bright Navy Curves, $88

What pieces are you buying for Fall? Do you like my selections?

Remember, the promotion is still active at Village Palm: $25 off every $100 worth of purchases from the Fall collection. Additionally, Sarah still has a few clearance items remaining. You can call her at 313-882-7256 or email villagepalm@yahoo.com to inquire about merchandise. VP has received their second Fall shipment and it's going fast!

Thanks so much for reading my little blog, and have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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