Saturday, July 30, 2011

Salt Water Saturday: Girls Weekend & Caroline Grace Birthday Celebration

Happy Weekend Everyone! 

Who remembers my friend LG over at Caroline Grace Jewelry? You know, the jewelry designer who makes the fabulous cuff bracelets such as THIS one?

She is headed down to the beach as we speak (hence my post going up in the middle of the night, I don't want her to see on the iPhone while driving!). To celebrate, I stocked up on some of our favorite drinks - wine, Mojitos and Skinnygirl Margaritas. In addition, my friends at the Publix bakery made her a beach-themed birthday cake; I insisted it be trimmed in pink and green with the exception of the water scene on the top. Add some fresh flowers and we're ready to go! 

Do you like the cake? I'm hoping she will be surprised - LG has no idea I did all this! We plan to spend all day today and tomorrow on the beach - working on our tans and solving all the world's problems (LOL, we wish). BFF Ashleigh will be joining us and it promises to be a great time! 

Fingers crossed for abundant sunshine! Please join me in wishing our favorite jewelry designer a "Happy Birthday" and have a Splendid Saturday! 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fearless Fitness Friday: The Week of the Sloth

TGIF! What are your plans for the weekend? I'm looking forward to a visit from one of my BFF's and a birthday celebration - details on that tomorrow! :-) 

Welcome to another edition of "Fearless Fitness Friday" that I almost didn't write because I am so embarrassed. I have been a total lazy bum this week. I haven't exercised - nope, not even one time. In addition, I have been eating out and drinking lots of poison Diet Coke. DH left for another trip on Monday so I'm off my game - plus my Mother was here visiting and we hit all the good restaurants in town. 

I'm not even going to attempt "good behavior" again until Monday - and by then, I'm thinking a good cleanse and/or detox program will be necessary. Do you have any recommendations? 

Have a Fantastic Friday! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hair Opinions, Please...

Hello Shopaholics! 

Today I would love your opinion about my hair! As previously discussed, my hair is naturally wavy and I have to work hair to make it straight or make it curly. The only good news is that I have plenty of hair - Phillip (my stylist) says I have the hair of five adults. :-) 

Straight hair - taken earlier this week - at lunch with BFF Ashleigh (in the middle) and friend Gina (on the left)
Wavy - this is more of my hair's "natural state" - I have to work with lots of gels, etc so that it doesn't get too frizzy...(picture taken with all my favorite men - DH, Dad and the nephews)
I call this opinion "Theresa hair" - you know, like Theresa on RHONJ. Phillip did this for me earlier in the summer and I got so many compliments. Photo taken at dinner with my childhood friend, Angel and sister Amy (center and right, respectively)

What's the verdict? Which style do you like best? Can't wait to hear what you think! I've been wearing my hair straight for several years, but sometimes I want to make a change. (However I'll nevah have bangs again. Nevah, DH would probably kill me). 

Hope your day is grand! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wish List Wednesday: clairebella on Joss & Main

Happy Hump Day! My Mother is visiting and we are planning a day of fun - lunch, shopping and weather permitting - either the beach or pool!  :-) 

Welcome to Wish List Wednesday! Today, I am tempted by almost every item in the clairebella event on Joss & Main (link HERE). Are you familiar with this brand? If not - meet clairebella (from the Joss & Main site)...

Founded by Kathy Denness, a single mom with a dream, clairebella quickly grew from celebrity-favored hand-painted children’s furniture to a full collection of personalized and patterned products that are enjoyed the world over. clairebella proudly supports the Orphan Foundation of America and scholarship programs in the US while continuing to create products that are adored as beautiful gifts and trendy accessories. Whether out on a counter or tucked into your purse, clairebella products are fun, bold and stylish.

There are so many fun items in today's sale - some of my favorites include:

Cheers Hoopla Coaster Set in Green, $23.95 (pink and green - cocktail appropriate - great hostess gift - perfect for summer)

Customizable Ikat Platter in Orange, $25.95 (love the Ikat print - would order this with a "D" of course - ideal for outdoor entertaining and a nice housewarming gift)

Let's Tailgate Houndstooth Cutting Board in Black, $25.95 (already thinking ahead to college football and tailgate parties - houndstooth print for my beloved Bama, enough said) 

Ziggy iPhone 4G Case in Prepster, $24.95 (DH and I are upgrading to iPhones when he returns home from the latest trip - I love this print and think it is a great way to transition into fall)

Happy Hour Zebra Cutting Board in Green, $25.95 (we slice a lot of limes for those Skinnygirl Margaritas - wouldn't this be a fun addition to the party?)

Bon Appetit Damask Cutting Board in Black, $33.95 (I'm a big believer in a clean countertop - but I could easily be convinced to leave this cutting board out at all times)

I wish I could just order "one of everything" - that would be nice! If you're not a member of Joss & Main yet - you can join free with my link HERE (membership is immediate with no waiting list). 

What are your favorites? Do you currently own any clairebella goodies? 

Have a Wonderful Wednesday! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lights, Camera, Lilly: Fall 2011 Collection

Happy Tuesday! This is an exciting week because the Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2011 will/should be available online or in your favorite store. July 25 was set as the first shipment date of the newest collection. Yeah! 

Before we begin - there are two things you need to know! First - the Fall Lilly collection is "usually" my least favorite. Most of you know - I'm a Summer/Resort girl at heart and the change of seasons generally makes me cranky with limited beach, sunbathing and boating days. Second - please forgive the awful quality of the pictures I am sharing with you, I was unable to install the software of my dinosaur scanner to my new laptop. You know what this means, right? I need to go shopping for a new wireless printer/scanner combo...I digress. Let's talk about the new Fall Lilly Pulitzer collection! :-) 

Many of my favorite styles are back in fun new prints, such as the Adalie Wrap Dress in Skye Blue Thrill of the Chaise, $158.

Looks like I'll be adding more Clare Dresses to my collection - love this one in Bright Navy Dress Rehearsal, $258. This print is perfect for those early Fall days when you still want color in your wardrobe - with a beautiful shade of pink in the floral design. 

The Christy Shirt Dress is a new style for Fall - love it in the Cameo White Thrill of the Chaise print, $168. The shirt dress screams "Fall" to me and looks great over leggings or jeans when it gets really cold! 

Another style that will more than likely make it's debut in my wardrobe this season - the Joanie Dress in Bright Navy Behind the Rope, $168. Love the 3/4 sleeves as it doesn't really get cold here until December. This appears to be a very versatile piece and great for our climate. 

The Jonah Dress is back! I love my Jonahs and am so happy to see this style return - however I wish Lilly had done this print in a different colorway. It is very similar to the Jonah dress in Crane Pose from Fall 2010...but I'm sure I'll still buy it! Jonah in Brazilian Brown Big Heel Yeah Jacquard, $168. 

It wouldn't be Fall without at least one new Blayney Dress - and this is my pick for 2011. Starry Blue Little Less of a Drama Queen, $268. Love the hilarious print name, love the bright colors on a blue background. 

Every girl needs at least one new party dress - my pick is Fiona in Bright Navy Heel Yeah Jacquard, $188. 

Get used to hearing me talk about Clara Tunics for the next few months! I'm a self confessed "tunic addict" and quite frankly, the past few seasons Lilly has really disappointed me with the tunic selection. From what I can tell, the Clara Tunic will be available in several different prints this Fall. I'm crazy about the  Multi Chorus Girl print. Priced at only $128, what's not to love? 

Go ahead and put me down for the Clara Tunic in Black Late Night Toile, $128. 
I'll also need at least one dress in the Toile print - my first choice would be Dominica, $188. Shopaholic prediction - the Black Late Night Toile print will be a huge success and more than likely a sellout. I wouldn't wait to get anything in this you know, it's very rare that Lilly does a black and white combo. Plan accordingly. :-) 

The Lilly Pulitzer bracelets are always a fun and easy way to juice up your ensemble, and this season they've outdone themselves! The In A Knot Bangle, $68, comes in Multi or True Navy and will probably match everything in our closets. The Tusk Tusk Cuff, $48 in Gold Metallic Elephant is a big "duh" for my wish list - won't it be pretty at my Alabama games?  

Lastly, I am going to "need" the Bow Tie Clutch, $128, in Gold Metallic Elephant. I love gold and metallic bags or clutches because they go with everything and provide a wonderful alternative to the "matchy-matchy" look.
What are your Fall collection favorites? Doesn't it seem strange to be thinking about Fall apparel when it's 95 degrees outside? Reality is that I won't be able to wear most of this until at least October - maybe November or December. Thankfully it's all so beautiful, it should take some of the "pain" out of the season and weather change for me. 

Have a Terrific Tuesday! 

p.s. If you're wondering where to order your Fall Lilly Pulitzer goodies - I recommend Village Palm (Facebook page HERE, website HERE), The Pink Pelican (Facebook page HERE, website HERE) and the Lilly Pulitzer corporate retail stores. I love buying from the Village Palm and Pink Pelican - both are smaller, female owned Via shoppes. My favorite corporate store is Southlake, TX (Facebook page HERE) where Amy and her team always take great care of me! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Headbands: The Stylish Cure For Bad Hair Days

Wow - I can't believe it's already Monday and the last week of July! Where has the summer gone!?!

Summer heat and humidity are tough on my hair. As many of you know, my hair is naturally wavy so I have to either work to make it straight or work to make it curly. Either way it's a real pain when the temp is over 90 and the heat index is over 100, as has been the case here for the past 60 days. Ugh. 

One of my solutions to this problem - having a wardrobe of stylish headbands and headwraps. Featured below are a few of my current favorites.

Tasha 'Circus' Head Wrap in Green, $38, available at Nordstrom online HERE
Starfish Headband in Pink, $38, available on Fornash online HERE
Lilly Pulitzer 1" Headband in Slathouse Rock, $7.50, available on Lotus & Lilly online HERE (actually I love all of Lotus & Lilly's headband creations - every Lilly girl "needs" several of these)

Sweat Treats Cupcakes Sweaty Band 1.5", $18, available on Sweaty Bands online HERE (this company has tons of headbands that are perfect for those exercise sessions, you can be stylish and keep the hair out of your face at the same time!)

Bermuda Headband in Catherine Fabric, $14, available on A. Tierney online HERE
Do you wear headbands or other hair accessories in the summer to fight bad hair days? Tell me about your favorites! What do you think of mine?

Have a Marvelous Monday! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diana E. Kelly - Clutch Giveaway WINNER!

Thanks so much to our friends at Diana E. Kelly for sponsoring a wonderful giveaway here on Shopaholic In Alabama - and thanks to all the readers who entered! 

Congratulations to "BJD" - you are the winner with the following comment:

BJD said...

Posted a comment on Diana E. Kelly's Facebook wall.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Salt Water Saturday: Impromptu Dolphin Cruise

Happy Salt Water Saturday! 

When you go out into a boat in the Gulf of Mexico - you just never know what will happen. If you're fishing - obviously you know what you are trying to catch (such as red snapper or grouper) but you might hook up a shark or another species. The weather might be perfect when you leave the dock, and next thing you know you can't see your hand in front of your face and lightning is popping all over the place. (Been there, done that). You might encounter a giant sea turtle that comes up for air and disappears so quickly you can't get a picture. Heck - you might even see a water spout (or two - one on each side of the boat). I've been lucky enough to see and encounter all of these things while boating and fishing off the Gulf Coast.

A few weeks ago, we went out for a quick and easy fishing trip. We only went five to ten miles offshore - well within site of land - and didn't have a long day. For a while, we fished behind a shrimp boat. All of a sudden - dolphin appeared everywhere. And I mean all around the boat - to the left, to the right, off the bow and even behind us. It was absolutely amazing. They are such gorgeous and intelligent creatures. We get used to seeing them often in the Gulf, and somewhat take it for granted that we'll always see dolphin around here. We were very concerned for the health and well being of the species after the BP oil spill last year - but it appears everyone's favorite mammal is thriving. For that, we are thankful. 

Thought I'd share the photos with you - enjoy! 

What types of experiences have you had on the water? Any dolphin shows? :-) 

Have a Wonderful Weekend! 

p.s. Doesn't it just figure that this occurs when the only camera I have with me on the boat is the worst camera I own??? it certainly doesn't take the best pictures so please accept my apologies for the poor photo quality! 
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