Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Headbands: The Stylish Cure For Bad Hair Days

Wow - I can't believe it's already Monday and the last week of July! Where has the summer gone!?!

Summer heat and humidity are tough on my hair. As many of you know, my hair is naturally wavy so I have to either work to make it straight or work to make it curly. Either way it's a real pain when the temp is over 90 and the heat index is over 100, as has been the case here for the past 60 days. Ugh. 

One of my solutions to this problem - having a wardrobe of stylish headbands and headwraps. Featured below are a few of my current favorites.

Tasha 'Circus' Head Wrap in Green, $38, available at Nordstrom online HERE
Starfish Headband in Pink, $38, available on Fornash online HERE
Lilly Pulitzer 1" Headband in Slathouse Rock, $7.50, available on Lotus & Lilly online HERE (actually I love all of Lotus & Lilly's headband creations - every Lilly girl "needs" several of these)

Sweat Treats Cupcakes Sweaty Band 1.5", $18, available on Sweaty Bands online HERE (this company has tons of headbands that are perfect for those exercise sessions, you can be stylish and keep the hair out of your face at the same time!)

Bermuda Headband in Catherine Fabric, $14, available on A. Tierney online HERE
Do you wear headbands or other hair accessories in the summer to fight bad hair days? Tell me about your favorites! What do you think of mine?

Have a Marvelous Monday! 

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  1. That headband from Nordstroms is fabulous- almost like a tiara :-)


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