Friday, July 8, 2011

Fearless Fitness Friday: Zumba With No Rhythm!

TGIF, Shopaholics! 

You'll be happy to hear that I finally tried ZUMBA. It's a wonderful and fun workout with awesome music, and you can burn anywhere from 500-1000 calories in one class! That's some serious sweating, huh?

One thing to note: I have no.rhythm. Seriously, none. I was slightly embarrassed. And - I wasn't expecting this - but it hurt my knees a little bit. How is it that I can go to Kickboxing or Step Aerobics without my knees hurting, but not Zumba? Yet another mystery in the "get fit again" series. I have a feeling it won't be the last one. :-) 

With the holiday this week, I have been *off* my game in a big way. So far I've only worked out three times this week, and they've all been a huge struggle. I guess when you're feeling down like this, the only thing to do is get up tomorrow and start all over again! Right?!?!?

Have you managed to squeeze in your workouts this holiday week? Hopefully you've done a little better than me! 

Have a Fantastic Friday! 


  1. HAH! Lori I always say that I dance like a white girl in a Latina's world! I started Zumba in September. I was awkward and all over the place. I loved it and how I felt at the end and I am completely addicted! Eventually you'll find your footing and everything will fall into place. I feel so good and alive after a class. I haven't been able to go in a week and I feel fat and gross and its driving me crazy!

    Also I read another post that you had lost 15 pounds but only gone down 1 dress size. I would not worry about that. Everything is shifting and you are getting stronger. Focus on you and how clothes fit on you.

    Last summer I lost 20 pounds. Partially due to stress and partially due to a working out every day. I only went down 1 size. I am now 6 pounds more than I was at the end of last summer and still all my smaller sizes fit perfectly. I know muscle has taken the place of fat. I try to concentrate less on the numbers than rather how I feel

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. I just bought the zumba wii game because when I first went to zumba at my college i was so horrible at it and was so embarassed. But it sounds like a good workout so I think I'm going to stick to it. ANd good job on the 6 pounds, anything is an accomplishment!

    Emily @

  3. Keep it up. The more you are a couch potato the more depressed. Just keep moving girl. I've managed the gym only 3 days this week, but I'll be there later today

  4. Kudos to you for trying it Lori! I am such a spaz that I don't have the nerve. I'm so off my game this week too but getting back on tomorrow with diet and exercise! Wendy

  5. your all of blog comments are so improvise me thanks for shear it.


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