Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Gift Swap - LAST DAY to sign up!

Happy Sunday to all! :-)

Don't forget, today is the LAST DAY to sign up for the Spring Gift Swap that I am co-hosting with my BFF Bethany over at Maryland Pink and Green.

See the original post HERE and sign up to participate - it is going to be so much fun!

And.....only 21 DAYS UNTIL SPRING!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Under The Palm Tree Moving Sale!

Happy weekend everyone! We had a fun filled day with my parents, a nice seafood lunch at Wintzell's Oyster House and the boat show. You might ask, did Shopaholic buy a boat??? Ummm.....NO. DH wishes! :-)

One of my absolute favorite Lilly Pulitzer VIA shoppes is having a HUGE sale online! Our friends at Under The Palm Tree are moving back into their space for a grand "reopening" after their pipe burst a few weeks ago. They would like to CLEAR out the existing merchandise and not have to move let's help them out!

The sale details, directly from my email:

Under the Palm Tree hopes to re-open in one week with all NEW Spring items!! but we don't want to take all of our Resort back with us!! Check out the sale items from 20% to 60% off !! To place a phone order call and leave a message for us 913-451-1445 or place your order online.
Shop early, shop often for the best deals!! No price adjustments will be made on previous purchases. We ship daily all orders placed by 3PM CST and update the site daily. Remember, no returns or exchanges on sale items.

Access their website HERE to see what you may "need". Don't forget - if you received their $20 coupon for becoming a facebook fan - the coupon must be used before month end! You can become a fan of UTPT on Facebook HERE

While you're on Facebook, don't forget to join the fun on the Shopaholic Facebook page  . Happy Shopping!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Clarisonic Week One - and even the DH is addicted......

Good evening, my Shopaholic pals! As promised, my Clarisonic story for you tonight. Get ready to LAUGH! :-)

Two weeks ago, I ordered the Clarisonic Facial Cleaning System from QVC (see link HERE). For those who've been following a while, you'll remember I was recently complaining about the appearance of my skin and how I didn't like the Bare Escentuals on my face any more. Sooo I made the big switch to the Smashbox foundation, and purchased the Clarisonic. Double whammy! And what can I say? I'm a SUCKER for the QVC "easy pay"......after all, they don't call me Shopaholic for nothing!

I have to admit, I kept the unit in the box for the first week after it arrived. I had been shopping so much recently (dare you say!) that I hated to fess up to another new goodie. Last Friday, I took the plunge and charged the unit for the required 24 hour period prior to using for the 1st time. Saturday night, I followed the instructions (read them carefully - confusing for a blonde on her maiden voyage) and used the Clarisonic. When I finished, and BEFORE I applied moisturizer and eye cream, I went to DH and said "feel my face"!!! He could not believe how wonderful it felt...I think his exact words were "it feels like baby skin". Music to my ears, baby, music to my ears. I used my Philosophy hope in a Jar, Clinique All about eyes, Kiehls lip balm and hit the bed!

Fast forward to Sunday night....DH says "are you going to use that thing on MY face tonight"???? Sure honey, why not? :-) Sidenote: DH can be a tad "metro". Don't get me wrong now, at heart he's your typical "southern boy". He's an outdoorsman, he loves to fish and hunt (please don't fuss at me about this - he was this way when I met him). He loves to wear jeans, he drinks beer but appreciates a good cabernet or merlot, and can install a mean sound system or fix pretty much anything around the house. HOWEVER - he loves to use my products. Shampoo, hair gel, eye cream, you name it. He figures if it's good enough for me, it's good enough for him.

First use of Clarisonic - he lays down in the BED. I get a towel and put it under his head (you know, no cleanser or water on my bed linens, I happen to be a bed snob, that's another post!). I apply the cleanser to the unit and start using it over his face. He says "wow, that feels great - wonder if you can use it on my BACK?" Ummmm sorry hun, I just bought the face version here, not the full body enchilada. :-) After the full minute was over (20 seconds on forehead, 20 seconds on T-zone and 10 seconds on each cheek), I wipe his face down with a wet washcloth to remove any leftover cleanser. Please note, he complained the water on the washcloth was TOO COLD. I said "WTH, do you think this is a SPA or something?".

Next I slathered his neck and face with Philosophy's Hope In A Jar moisturizer, and All About Eyes by Clinique over the eye area. He stopped me before I applied the Kiehls Lip Balm.....(note - this is MY skin regime every evening). LOL. He then went fast asleep like a little baby with good skin. :-)

Morning monday at 10AM he called me from work, you know how they do, just to "check in". Code for his Shopaholic wife "What are you doing today?". Anyhow, right before we hung up the phone, he says....."I just have to tell you - my face feels FABULOUS today!".

Now isn't that a HOOT??? Every night this week, we've gone through the same regime. I must get him trained to use on himself now. Any suggestions for handling the spoiled, "metro but not willing to admit it" DH?

As for the results, I'm on day #6 of use. My skin feels wonderful, and I believe it looks better. A tad more radiant, slightly less visible pores, and a smoother texture. I'm sold - and obviously so is DH! :-)

If you've wanted to try the Clarisonic, I say give it a whirl! Be sure to purchase somewhere you can return IF it doesn't live up to your expectations (although I think it will!).

p.s. Shopaholic was not compensated or spiffed to provide this review. I wish, because obviously we could use a 2nd unit in our home!

WE HAVE A WINNER & Adventures in Clarisonic coming soon!!!!

TGIF, my fellow Fashionistas! I hope you're having a wonderful day and some fantastic weekend plans.....or at least some rest! This Shopaholic plans to enjoy a little of BOTH. :-)

The A Tierney bracelet giveaway ended last night, so I am HAPPY to announce we have a WINNER!

Congrats to Melissa @ - who made the following comment on the blog:

Melissa {} said...

Ahhhhh so cute!!! I agree with Bethany, I think this bangle would be super cute with a Lilly that I have my eye on!
I retweeted (boutiqueme)
And I am also a follower of course!
Three entries for me!

Please contact me at so I can get the bracelet out to you, I know you want to enjoy it soon!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway, they are sooo much fun! Don't you agree?

Check back later this evening.....I have "Adventures in Clarisonic" to tell you about. You do NOT want to miss this story! :-) Have a great day!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shopaholic Makes FACEBOOK Debut! Exciting!

Happy Thursday, my lovely pals! Today's post is going to be super short - I have a full day around these parts and it's starting wayyyyy too early! :-)

I have some very exciting news to share!!! My Shopaholic self has a new FACEBOOK fan page! Now don't worry, I'm not going to stop blogging here. My commitment it to always blog once a day - about something fun! However, I thought the Facebook page would be a FAST way to get information out to everyone. 

For example, I try to blog only once a day. Yesterday (after my blog post was already up), I wanted to tell you guys about a Kate Spade sample sale AND a sale on Hautelook about $4 LORAC cosmetics. Facebook was a fantastic place to share that information, rather than creating 2 additional blog posts.

Soooooo, come on over to Facebook and join me. Tell your other fashion-loving, sale-shopping Facebook friends. I want the page to be interactive - you guys feel FREE to share your finds!

Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook - can't wait to see you there! Have a FAB day, I'm off to shopping, the dentist (ugh!) and my parents house!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BIG Lilly Sale at Dillards in Little Rock, AR

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope you're all having a fantastic "hump day"!

Today I'm going to tell you about an "almost unbelievable" Lilly Pulitzer sale at Dillards (yes, the department store) in Little Rock, AR.

Through the miracle that is Facebook, I was contacted by the Lilly Pulitzer specialist in Little Rock. Her name is TERRI SHOTTS. Here is how you can contact Terri:

Phone: 501.661.0053, ext 5178
She works on Wednesday from 10-6, Friday from 12-9 and Saturday from 10-6. All times are CENTRAL. Terri is off on Thursday.

Here's the deal - ALL LILLY FALL And MOST LILLY RESORT is 40% original price, PLUS an ADDITIONAL 40%!!! This translates into some CRAZY, GOOD prices. Examples are listed below, but PLEASE note pricing will need to be verified at the time of sale:


Anya Dress Printed-$107.28

Prints: Surf Blue Checking In, Turquoise First Class, Pink Salmon Elite Status

Joy Tunic Passamente-136.80 Shorley Blue

Tulah Skirt Cord-35.28 Curious Pink, Sesame

Johnni Shirt Printed-42.48 Daquiri Pink Bording

Farrow Sweater Tunic-96.40 Deep Cyan, Cameo White

Main Line Cord-46.80 Cameo White

Elsa Top Printed-56.88 Surf Blue Checking In

Lee Cardigan Stripe-42.48 Pink and green

Adrianna Dress-56.88 Daquiri Pink Wishing You Were Here Goldy Dress-92.88 Limeade Wishing You Were Here

Darci Dress-92.88 Limeade Wishing You Were Here

Eliot Shirt-46.08 Hibiscus Skort Printed-46.80

Catalina Maxi Skirt-71.80

Kenlyn Sateen Printed Pant-53.28***all in Daquiri Pink Falling off the Grid

Petula Dress Printed (short)-53.28

Petula Dress Printed (long)-67.68

Joy Tunic-35.28

Kelsea Dress-49.68***all in Limeade Coral Me Crazy Rosemont Cardigan-89.28 Metallic, Lillys Pink

Cedar Tank Printed-53.28 Lillys Pink Dirty Shirley

Jonni Shirt Place Stripe-42.48 Pink Salmon

Caroline Cardigan-60.40 Lillys Pink/Queen of Sea

Conch Top-28.08 Keen Peach, Lillys Pink


Olivia Colorblocked Ponte Dress-71.28 True Navy

Burke Dress-71.28 Multi Birds Eye View True Navy Lala Lilly

Little Greenly Top Printed-60.40 Cameo White Candlestick
Keating Dress Printed Crinkle-107.28 Multi Shadowbox
Holden Wrap Cardigan-60.48 Chili Pepper, size small only
Lisette Skirt Printed-46.08 True Navy w/a Ribbon,  Sea Out You Crack Me Up Big

Sabine Shirtdress-53.28 True Blue Who Dunnit Stripe,Lillys Pink Little Master of the House

Eliza top solid-46.08 Harbor Club Green

Riley Colorblock-64.08 Cameo White True Navy

Dayle Knit Top-28.08 True Navy

Soni Printed Turtleneck-31.68 Sea Out You Crack Me Up Big

Wright Rib Cardigan-89.28 Fountain Blue

Shauna Tunic-107.28 Mascara Black

Janelle Jacket-60.48 True Navy Dahlia Pink

OK I already know your next question - will they ship to me? Yep! The following are the Dillards shipping rates, and it's based on your merchandise total:

Shipping as follows:

Up to $24.99-$5.95




$300 and up-$16.95

This is regular shipping- 7-10 business days.

Now I don't know about you, but I think those are some smokin' hot deals! I'm working on my list as we speak! :-)

Give Terri a call or email if she can help you find something you "need". Be sure to tell her you saw it on Shopaholic!

Don't forget today is the last day to enter my A Tierney giveaway here. Also, check out the Spring gift swap I'm co-hosting with BFF and fellow blogger Maryland Pink and Green - you can read all about it here and sign up! We're ready for Spring, only 25 more days! :-)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Happy Tuesday, my Fellow Fashionistas! Hope you're having a great day! Shopaholic has some fun and exciting things to share today and tomorrow!!!

One of my newest obsessions - the CUFF bracelets from a Shopaholic favorite - Caroline Grace Jewelry. Caroline is so talented and makes gorgeous pieces of jewelry. Can you say OOAK??? One Of A Kind, baby! I purchased the above "crab cuff" last week, and even had PERMISSION to do so. *gasp* When DH saw it, he said "you need that!". This is a huge endorsement, as DH worked in fine jewelry for years, and he is not impressed very often when it comes to jewelry!

How about the Sea Turtle Cuff Bracelet - isn't this gorgeous? Can you imagine pairing this with all the new Lilly we've been buying???

The Turquoise and Coral Cuff is absolutely stunning - I'm picturing this with spring and summer clothing...

Don't think the cuffs are for you? Caroline Grace makes ALL types of gorgeous jewelry - check out the "Lilly-inspired" pearls I purchased with my gift certificate for winning the Facebook fan page contest (I recruited the most new fans to the page a few weeks ago)

When I put these on the first time, DH said "Those are beautiful. They literally light UP your face" Wow!

Now for the FUN STUFF! Caroline Grace is offering all Shopaholic readers a 10% DISCOUNT --- and FREE SHIPPING -- through February 28. This discount is good on any item in her ETSY SHOP. Be sure to message her through Etsy and let her know you're a Shopaholic reader to take advantage of this discount. You can also become a FACEBOOK FAN for special access to sales, promotions and merchandise previews.

Let me know what you find - remember it's a great time to pick up that special gift for Easter or Mothers Day! :-)

p.s. Shopaholic is not compensated to tell you about this beautiful jewelry - however CGJ does enable, oops I meant offer me a discount when I "need" something.

Monday, February 22, 2010

SPRING GIFT SWAP with Shopaholic In Alabama & Maryland Pink and Green

Happy Monday everyone! Are you like me, and counting down the days until Spring? For the record, the 1st day of Spring is March 20th and I cannot wait. 27 more days!!! :-)

Shopaholic In Alabama, along with my BFF Bethany over at MARYLAND PINK AND GREEN, has come up with a plan to brighten these cool days prior to the arrival of Spring and all the things it represents (pretty flowers, warmer weather, bright colored clothing, Easter/Passover, etc). We are so thrilled to announce our .....


Here's how it will work:

*You can sign up on Shopaholic In Alabama (under this post) or Maryland Pink and Green. Please leave your email address (or blog address) in the comments. (And if you're not already following Bethany, this is a great time to sign up!)
*Spending suggestion/limit is $30 (NOT including shipping). This could be one fantastic gift, or several small gifts. It's up to you, just please send something you would love to also receive.
*Gifts should be spring in nature - bright, cherry and HAPPY. :-)
*The deadline to sign up is Sunday, February 28.
*We will match partners and publish the lists on both blogs. Matchups will be up no later than Wednesday, March 3.
*Contact your swap partner by Friday, March 5.
*Please have gifts mailed no later than Friday, March 26.
*For those participants who have a blog, we'd love it if you'd photograph your gift before you send and publish once your partner receives. Same for any gifts you receive. We want this swap to be INTERACTIVE - so we can all enjoy seeing the pretty, happy SPRING gifts!
*If you're a participant who doesn't blog, you can email pics of your sent/received gifts to me or Bethany and we'll publish on our blogs for you!

Bethany and I are both looking forward to participating in AND hosting this Spring Gift Swap! Over the years, we have participated in LOTS of fun gift swaps and just know this one will be awesome! :-)

Sign up today, meet a new friend, send and receive a Spring Gift and begin the countdown with us!

p.s. What says Spring like that tulip arrangement? I love it!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Still looking for a few good pieces of Lilly Pulitzer RESORT? Village Palm has a sale..... :-)

Happy Sunday Blends! (did you know this means "blog friends"?) Hope you're all doing wonderful!

Are you still looking for a few good pieces from the Lilly Pulitzer Resort collection? If so, you should check with our friend Sarah at Village Palm. They're having a fantastic sale!

Harper Dress in Dirty Shirley $238 (also a few sizes in Madly Glamorous)
Sherman Tunic Dress $129 (various prints and sizes) This is a shopaholic FAV!

Petula Dress in White One of a Kind $88 (also has a few sizes in Big Bam!)

You can contact Sarah at 313-882-7256. Be sure to tell her Shopaholic sent you, and let me know what you find! Village Palm also has a great selection of the new SPRING collection - as well as the new Lifeguard Press items! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

TUNIC Obsession Continues.......

Happy Saturday my friends! DH and I went to a seafood festival today and had a great time! We thought it would be a great place to also have lunch, but we didn't. Instead we strolled around the car show (lots of cool ones today - big engines and snazzy paint jobs still impress me!) and shopped the craft show. After the festival, we went to lunch at a local dive called "King Neptunes" and feasted on fried shrimp and fried catfish. After that food and two beers, it was nap time! :-) 

While getting dressed today, I was thinking about how many TUNICS are in my wardrobe and how often I find myself reaching for them. During the fall and winter, I'm generally in a tunic and jeans or cords. When the weather is a tad warmer, my tunics get a little lighter (think light cotton and linen blends) and I wear them with skirts and white capris.

There are a few I'm currently coveting - let me know what you think! Do you love these as much as I do??? :-)

Lilly Pulitzer PILAR tunic in Dirty Shirley

Tunix Collection Lipstick on Safari

Lilly Pulitzer ELINA tunic in Gator Alley (yes, even though I'm a BAMA fan!)

Tory Burch TORY Tunic with Fringe detail

Friday, February 19, 2010

CHEATING might work......don't get excited, it's just foundation....DARE You Say! :-)

Happy Friday, my fabulous and fashionable friends! I got you with that title post, huh???? :-)

Today we're talking about makeup - and specifically - foundation! Since 2003, I have worn BARE ESCENTUALS Bare Minerals SPF 15 "mineral" or powder foundation. I will admit, when I initially tried the product, my mother had to talk me into the purchase. After years of wearing liquid foundation, I just wasn't sure about it....but gave it a whirl. Turns out, I loved it! (It's worth noting, I was only 33 years old back then!)

Fast Forward to late 2009 - 2010. I just don't think my skin looks as luminous as it once did. I feel like my pores are getting larger and so much more noticeable. Yes, I know........I'm now 39 years old. Duh. This happens, right??? Well...not to me! I refuse to accept my age, at least on my face, and will leave no stone unturned in my quest for the appearance of flawlessness. I was in ULTA (another Shopaholic obsession) and tested a new foundation from Smashbox called "High Definition Healthy FX". Somewhere DEEP in the depths of my 39 y/o brain was seeing this featured on QVC a few months ago.

You already know where this is headed, don't you??? :-) Yep, I purchased the Smashbox. But I have to admit, I felt a little strange about it. It felt like I was CHEATING on my Bare Escentuals. But, I kept looking at my visible pores and thinking "oh no, I'm not going down like this"!!!

I started using the Smashbox about 2 weeks ago. LOVE.IT. On the first day I used, I ran all over town doing errands. Then DH and I went out for a nice dinner. After a few glasses of wine, I went to take off my makeup about 10pm that night and was pleasantly surprised at how good my face still looked. I'd had it on for about 12 hours at this point. But I still wasn't 100% sold, because everyone (and everything) looks better after a few glasses of vino. :-) The kicker was on Mardi Gras Day when my parents and nephew came to town. My Dad, who can be brutually honest but in a southern gentlemanly way, told me "you're wearing different makeup - it looks nice".  He always said I had on too much when I was wearing the Bare Escentuals. AND - he saw me in the harsh light of day while watching the parades.

Shopaholic Sidenote Confession - I also purchased a CLARISONIC. I haven't used it yet, but I'm going to start this weekend. After hearing from my BFF Caitlin about how awesome it is, I can't wait to see the results. You know what?? It's hard fighting your age AND your weight at the same time! It seems almost unfair, doesn't it?

If you're looking for a change, try the Smashbox. If you like mineral or powder based foundations, try the Bare Escentuals. You might love one of them! I still love (and use) Bare Escentuals eye shadows almost every day of my life.....but another confession, I love the Smashbox ones too. And the lip glosses.......oh goodness I can't get started on that. It's a week's worth of posts! :-)

This CHEATING worked for me! And no attorneys have been contacted, HAHA. Have a great weekend!

p.s. Shopaholic was not compensated by anyone for this post and review - the opinions are mine and are based on my personal experience with the products discussed.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hello There, my fashionable friends! I hope you've all had a wonderful week! This one has been busy for me, that's why my posts have been all over the board. :-)

Did you order from the A Tierney sample sale last week??? I did - received all my goodies earlier this week and LOVED them all! I was a little sad to see my bangle bracelet wouldn't fit over my wrist! Ugh....I do have a difficult time with this. My hands aren't exactly fat, but I suppose they're not "slim" either. :-( So sad... Guess I need to stick with the hinged bangles.

However, my loss is your gain! I've decided to give this pretty bangle away to one lucky reader! Here's how you can enter the giveaway:

1) Sign up to "follow" my blog to earn one entry. If you're already a follower, you already have an entry!

2) Tweet this giveaway - Copy me @shopaholicinal on your tweet for one entry.

3) Share this giveaway on Facebook using the "share" button on the right side of this blog for another entry.

4) COMMENT on this post, telling us how you'd incorporate this bangle into your existing wardrobe for an additional entry.

Please let me know how many entries to give you! Giveaway ends at midnight on Thursday, February 25. The lucky winner will be announced on Friday, February 26. Good luck!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GILT GROUPE - Upcoming sales on FAVORITES - GO SMiLE, Kate Spade Paper, Crane & Co.

Happy Ash Wednesday, my fellow Fashionistas! I hope you're having a wonderful day!

Are you a member of GILT GROUPE? Gilt Groupe provides access, by invitation-only, to Men's, Women's and Children's coveted fashion and luxury brands at prices up to 70% off retail. Each sale lasts 36 hours and features hand selected styles from a single designer.

Tomorrow some of my FAVORITES will be featured - Go SMiLE, Kate Spade paper, Caudalie Skincare and Crane and Co. Friday's sale lists includes BCBGMAXAZRIA and L.A.M.B. (gwen stefani's line). Today I was super tempted by Lipstick Queen.....

If you're not a member, click HERE for your invite. I LOVE the Go SMiLE toothpastes and Ampoules and am hoping they'll be featured tomorrow!

Happy Shopping! Be sure to let me know what you find! :-)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras Giveaway WINNER - Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone! Today we are celebrating the last few parades of the Mardi Gras season. I'm staying at home and not going into "the big city" for the parades. We have two small ones here at the beach, and they're wonderful because of the smaller crowds AND they are not rowdy. The worst thing that can happen to you here is a snowbird wrestle you down to the ground fighting over a bead. HAHA

Before my parents and nephew arrive, I wanted to announce the winner of our Mardi Gras GIVEAWAY! Congratulations to...........alanna, who said... hmm, my favorite local tradition for mardi gras? they close down the streets of san diego for a big fat tuesday celebration! you pay a certian price to get into teh area, beer is cheap and everyone's dressed up! very fun!

Thank you everyone for participating! Alanna, please contact me with your address so I can mail the Mardi Gras goodies off to you tomorrow. Have a great day!

Another giveaway starts sure to check in! :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mardi Gras Party Express!

Happy Monday, everyone! Just wanted to say "hi" from Mardi Gras! Above picture was taken from the "after party" at Wintzell's Oyster House in Mobile.

Second photo was taken on the float.....the other couple is my uncle and his long time girlfriend. 

My sister and her DH were our partners in crime....oops I mean party companions. :-)

Don't forget, today is the LAST DAY to enter my Mardi Gras giveaway! Go HERE for the original post. 

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, AKA Mardi Gras Day. Have you decided what you're giving up for Lent? I'm not Catholic, but I like the idea of giving up something (maybe cookies!). Life will return to normal around these parts on Wednesday. Have a great afternoon!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The BIG SALE and FREE SHIPPING at Under The Palm Tree!

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. We're neck deep in Mardi Gras festivities, with our parade tomorrow. Today we decorated and loaded the float, and had a marvelous dinner with my parents for early Valentine's day!

Wanted to take a quick break from party party party to tell you about the BIG SALE WITH FREE SHIPPING from a Shopaholic favorite Lilly Pulitzer via shop, Under The Palm Tree. The store recently suffered damage due to a broken pipe and had to work out of a temporary location for several days. They are BACK now, let's show them some love. You know, if you "need" anything. :-)

Sale details, Directly from my email:

Under the Palm Tree has been underwater due to a flood caused by a broken pipe. Our beautiful via shop is back!
The Spring 2010 Collection, all-new lifeguard press patterns and products and the best customer service around are all waiting for you.
Our regular phone is temporarily down, so please feel free to call 913-221-9178, one of our employees, Hadley's, cell number, tomorrow to place a phone order!
 Let us know if we can special order Spring 2010 item for you and we will give you 10% off and FREE GROUND SHIPPING!
CHECK OUT OUR 30-80% OFF SALE! AND the Best yet!!
Free Ground Shipping on every order!
Shop early, shop often for the best deals!! No price adjustments will be made on previous purchases. We ship daily all orders placed by 3PM CST and update the site daily.
Remember, no returns or exchanges on sale items. Email directly at Thanks for shopping at Under the Palm Tree!

You can access the website HERE. Be sure to visit the sale section for some fabulous deals, such as pajamas at 50% with FREE SHIPPING. Remember - it's not too early to purchase Mother's Day gifts!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer on RUE LA LA - Monday, Feb 15

TGIF, Fashionistas! Hope everyone is doing wonderful this Friday evening! We DID have snow today - I will be posting pics later. I'm currently away from home to celebrate Mardi Gras by riding in our parade on Sunday. Welcome to 2 days of adult beverages, Shopaholics. :-)

I wanted to briefly remind you - Lilly Pulitzer will be a featured boutique on Rue La La on Monday, February 15. I'm sure most of my shopping pals are already members of Rue La La, but if you're not, HERE is your invitation.

There are a few items which I know will be included, that I just might "need"...NOTE: I have no idea about prices, but last year when Lilly was featured on RLL, most dresses were priced at $79-99. And the boutique completely sold out within 2-3 hours....

LIVIE Dress Engineered Print

NEWBURY TUNIC - Color by Numbers

Mark your calendars! Boutiques open at 11AM ET, 10AM CT. Don't forget to use your invitation here.

What are you hoping to see included? Do you have a favorite Lilly Pulitzer item that you've been searching for? Let's talk! It's entirely possible that Shopaholic knows where to find it - or perhaps another reader does! You just never know!

p.s. Did you order Lilly stationery or gifts from One Kings Lane today??? I bought the address book/pens, Lillywood note card set with pens, and Bees Knees Stationery set. Can't wait to receive them!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

SNOW - on the ALABAMA GULF COAST? Surely they're joking.......

Happy Thursday everyone! Are they serious about snow? I just can't wrap my little brain around it today.

I don't want to minimize what's been happening to my friends in the Northeast, Mid- Atlantic, etc.....I KNOW you guys have been pounded by snow for the last week and are thinking "why is she complaining about a little snow?". You must understand - this part of Alabama NEVER gets snow. The last time we received any accumulation was in 1996, if that gives you a little perspective.

What does one do to prepare for such an event? I feel like I should be rushing out to the grocery store, filling up the car with gas and removing patio furniture. OH! I forgot! That's what we do when a HURRICANE comes. That's how we roll down here!

So here is how I'm preparing today - I'm listing a few items on Ebay, digging out heavy clothes, attending my 5:30 class at the gym, and heading to Mobile for a few days as we're riding in our Mardi Gras parade on Sunday. So I'm headed into "snow zone" where they could get up to 4". The beach is only predicted for 1-2". Maybe I should just stay home!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great day and digging out up north. If we get snow (cause we all know - sometimes they are just WRONG about these things), I will take photos and share. Just don't make fun of my snow "attire" - or lack thereof!

Stay warm! Now.......where are my Uggs????

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sea Inspired Jewelry - Meet Designer Kate Puck!

Happy Wednesday, Shopaholic friends! :-)

Are you snowed in? Or like me, just stuck inside because it's COLD? I'm sitting here DREAMING of spring and beach weather! I literally cannot wait for the days when I can walk across the street and spend the day at the beach!

In the spirit of all things beach related, I'd like to introduce you to a jewelry designer named KATE PUCK. Kate lives in beautiful Charleston, SC. Here's a little about Kate directly from her website:

Kate Puck is a Charleston, SC jewelry designer who finds inspiration in the beauty of the Lowcountry barrier islands. Kate is a third generation jewelry artist with both her great uncle and her father the award winning designers. Kate’s medium of choice is sterling silver, semi-precious stones, sand dollar fossils and pearls. Her signature pieces are the Kiawah Starfish Collection, Isle of Pearls, Beachwalker Charms and Sand Dollar Fossil Necklaces. Kate’s designs are sold in galleries in downtown Charleston, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Daniel Island and select Florida resorts.

A few of my favorite designs of Kate's include the following.

KIAWAH Starfish Necklace, priced at $120.00


From now until February 20, Kate is offering a special to all Shopaholic readers and Facebook fans. Save $10 off your $50 order with promotion code "valentine10" at checkout OR double your savings and save $20 off $100 order with promotion code "valentine20" at checkout. You can see all of her designs (and order of course!)at

Additionally, Kate Puck is hosting a giveaway on Facebook. The giveaway is a beautiful Bermuda Blue Heart Necklace, and the winner will be announced on Valentine's Day! Wouldn't that be a wonderful surprise??? Become a facebook fan with THIS link, and be sure to check out the "Events" tab to be eligible for the giveaway.

Happy Shopping, let me know what you find! I'm considering those starfish pieces, a beach lover can NEVER have too many sea themed jewelry pieces in her wardrobe! :-)
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