Friday, February 5, 2010

EASY Pineapple Cheese Ball for your SUPER BOWL Party!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm running so LATE with everything today - been busy running all over town, getting ready for the weekend and the Super Bowl! :-)

For my Friday post, I thought I'd share another EASY and great recipe for you to try! This one will probably fit right into your Super Bowl Sunday menu, and chances are, you have all the ingredients on hand already!



(2) 8 oz. Cream cheese, softened
(1) 8 oz. Can Crushed Pineapple, well drained
1.5  Cup Chopped Pecans
(2) Tbsp. chopped green Bell Pepper
(2) Tbsp. chopped Onion
(1) Tsp. seasoned salt


Combine all ingredients, reserving about 1 Cup of the pecans. Chill well. Form into a ball. Roll the ball in remaining pecans.
Serve with crackers.  (FYI - I serve with RITZ or WHEAT THINS - but any crackers will work)

My mother has been making this cheeseball for years and serving at many of our family gatherings. It is always a hit - and so easy!

Speaking of Super Bowl, are you planning to watch the game? If so, who are you pulling for? My "home away from home" city is New Orleans....I spent 2-3 nights a week over there for several years (work). The town holds a very special place in my heart, so this Cowboys fan is going to be a Saints fan on Sunday! :-)

Enjoy your weekend! I hope those of you in the Mid-Atlantic are able to enjoy the snow - stay safe and warm! XOXO


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  2. Pineapple Cheese Ball...yum!

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  3. This recipe sounds delicious, I may have to try it for Super Bowl. Just stopping by from Friday Follow, I am a new follower! Have a great weekend!


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  5. Sounds great! We lived in Alabama, near Mobile for almost 20 yrs.
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  7. From a Saints fan(atic) I can tell you there's no doubt where my heart is this weekend - in NOLA. We debated going to Miami (I bought flights there in October after we beat the Giants), and then we really debated going to NOLA for this weekend. However, since we leave for Mardi Gras this Wednesday we decided it was too much. We'll be hosting a big Saints Superbowl Party and cannot wait! You dip sounds amazing!!!!

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  10. Yummy! My mom makes something really similar. Have a great weekend and go Saints!

  11. You are a southern gal after my own heart. This recipe reminds me of my childhood:)
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  12. Coming from Friday Follow I love cheese so I would always be on board LOL!!

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  13. That sounds divine... I have a recipe that uses cheddar cheese, mayo, pecans, and onions. You put it in a ring and add strawberry preserves in the middle. YUM!

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