Clarisonic Week One - and even the DH is addicted......

Good evening, my Shopaholic pals! As promised, my Clarisonic story for you tonight. Get ready to LAUGH! :-)

Two weeks ago, I ordered the Clarisonic Facial Cleaning System from QVC (see link HERE). For those who've been following a while, you'll remember I was recently complaining about the appearance of my skin and how I didn't like the Bare Escentuals on my face any more. Sooo I made the big switch to the Smashbox foundation, and purchased the Clarisonic. Double whammy! And what can I say? I'm a SUCKER for the QVC "easy pay"......after all, they don't call me Shopaholic for nothing!

I have to admit, I kept the unit in the box for the first week after it arrived. I had been shopping so much recently (dare you say!) that I hated to fess up to another new goodie. Last Friday, I took the plunge and charged the unit for the required 24 hour period prior to using for the 1st time. Saturday night, I followed the instructions (read them carefully - confusing for a blonde on her maiden voyage) and used the Clarisonic. When I finished, and BEFORE I applied moisturizer and eye cream, I went to DH and said "feel my face"!!! He could not believe how wonderful it felt...I think his exact words were "it feels like baby skin". Music to my ears, baby, music to my ears. I used my Philosophy hope in a Jar, Clinique All about eyes, Kiehls lip balm and hit the bed!

Fast forward to Sunday night....DH says "are you going to use that thing on MY face tonight"???? Sure honey, why not? :-) Sidenote: DH can be a tad "metro". Don't get me wrong now, at heart he's your typical "southern boy". He's an outdoorsman, he loves to fish and hunt (please don't fuss at me about this - he was this way when I met him). He loves to wear jeans, he drinks beer but appreciates a good cabernet or merlot, and can install a mean sound system or fix pretty much anything around the house. HOWEVER - he loves to use my products. Shampoo, hair gel, eye cream, you name it. He figures if it's good enough for me, it's good enough for him.

First use of Clarisonic - he lays down in the BED. I get a towel and put it under his head (you know, no cleanser or water on my bed linens, I happen to be a bed snob, that's another post!). I apply the cleanser to the unit and start using it over his face. He says "wow, that feels great - wonder if you can use it on my BACK?" Ummmm sorry hun, I just bought the face version here, not the full body enchilada. :-) After the full minute was over (20 seconds on forehead, 20 seconds on T-zone and 10 seconds on each cheek), I wipe his face down with a wet washcloth to remove any leftover cleanser. Please note, he complained the water on the washcloth was TOO COLD. I said "WTH, do you think this is a SPA or something?".

Next I slathered his neck and face with Philosophy's Hope In A Jar moisturizer, and All About Eyes by Clinique over the eye area. He stopped me before I applied the Kiehls Lip Balm.....(note - this is MY skin regime every evening). LOL. He then went fast asleep like a little baby with good skin. :-)

Morning monday at 10AM he called me from work, you know how they do, just to "check in". Code for his Shopaholic wife "What are you doing today?". Anyhow, right before we hung up the phone, he says....."I just have to tell you - my face feels FABULOUS today!".

Now isn't that a HOOT??? Every night this week, we've gone through the same regime. I must get him trained to use on himself now. Any suggestions for handling the spoiled, "metro but not willing to admit it" DH?

As for the results, I'm on day #6 of use. My skin feels wonderful, and I believe it looks better. A tad more radiant, slightly less visible pores, and a smoother texture. I'm sold - and obviously so is DH! :-)

If you've wanted to try the Clarisonic, I say give it a whirl! Be sure to purchase somewhere you can return IF it doesn't live up to your expectations (although I think it will!).

p.s. Shopaholic was not compensated or spiffed to provide this review. I wish, because obviously we could use a 2nd unit in our home!


  1. haha, thats a great story!!!! I really should get some of that stuff!!! Thanks!!! :D

  2. I'm so excited to get started!

  3. Ok... I must go look at QVC now... ;)

  4. OMG, that is too funny!! Can't wait to hear more about it!!

  5. You are such a doll to share all your beauty secrets with us!

  6. Happy Saturday - just wanted to let you know I have a blog award for you -

    Misadventures Of Mom of 3

  7. Hello there from Friday Follow! I also live in Alabama and wanted to see if you knew about Alabama Bloggers? I just found out about it and have found it to be a great way to network with those around me. The website's here if you wanna check it out:
    Interested to delve deeper into your blog. :) You seem like a girl after my own heart.
    -Heather @

  8. So glad to read your review. I popped in off fb. I can't wait to get my own to try!!


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