Saturday, February 20, 2010

TUNIC Obsession Continues.......

Happy Saturday my friends! DH and I went to a seafood festival today and had a great time! We thought it would be a great place to also have lunch, but we didn't. Instead we strolled around the car show (lots of cool ones today - big engines and snazzy paint jobs still impress me!) and shopped the craft show. After the festival, we went to lunch at a local dive called "King Neptunes" and feasted on fried shrimp and fried catfish. After that food and two beers, it was nap time! :-) 

While getting dressed today, I was thinking about how many TUNICS are in my wardrobe and how often I find myself reaching for them. During the fall and winter, I'm generally in a tunic and jeans or cords. When the weather is a tad warmer, my tunics get a little lighter (think light cotton and linen blends) and I wear them with skirts and white capris.

There are a few I'm currently coveting - let me know what you think! Do you love these as much as I do??? :-)

Lilly Pulitzer PILAR tunic in Dirty Shirley

Tunix Collection Lipstick on Safari

Lilly Pulitzer ELINA tunic in Gator Alley (yes, even though I'm a BAMA fan!)

Tory Burch TORY Tunic with Fringe detail


  1. I cannot believe I am saying this, but my 2 faves are the Tunix and the TB! I feel like I am betraying Lilly... LOL. Maybe that is why I am drawn to them... they are a little different than the norm for me. ;)

  2. I loved the Tory, and almost bought it, but got the black and white instead because I was worried about how the pink fringe would survive being cleaned.
    Love the Elina tunic, I think I need to go check this one out....
    Lori, you're bad for me!

  3. The TB hot pink one is fabulous as is the Elina. The Elina looks like it might be long enough to wear as a dress. TB and Lilly are the staples of my wardrobe so I think you can't go wrong with either :-) Your blog is really cute but makes me want to shop! Wendy

  4. Tunics are my fav....I need to shop right now! Thanks for the eye candy this morning! xoxo

  5. The TB tunic is on sale on i was browsing last night and came across it!

  6. Hey just stopping by to say Hi from Friday Follow!

    Happy Follow Friday!



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