Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Fall Acquisitions From Village Palm

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to September! As promised, today my mind is doing an ever sooooo slight turn towards fall. And in the spirit of "Shopaholic Confessions", I must tell you about the new goodies on their way to my home. :-)

Can I tell you a secret? I'm not a big "Fan of Fall" in general. Except that brief stint up north (you know, Charlotte) I've never lived in a place where Fall really happened. Translation: NO FALL WEATHER around these parts. Sometimes we are wearing shorts and short sleeves at Thankgiving. And since I don't have children, so the whole back to school thing doesn't get me excited. (Other than the fact that I get my beach back when everyone goes back to school), heehee. I don't really like Halloween much either. My parents were never big on it, and I suppose my childhood Halloween experiences followed me to adult life. One thing I do get excited about during the Fall months is the start of football season, but I'll save that for another post and another day!

This year I'm actually excited about Fall, because of the new collection from Lilly Pulitzer. For once, there are so many beautiful items I am coveting. Do you guys remember my posting about the Fall special that Sarah at Village Palm had for Shopaholic readers? (original post HERE). This past Sunday I was home alone; DH was at work, and I took advantage of this promotion!

These beauties are on their way to coastal Alabama - where even if I can't wear them because of 90 degree heat for the next 30-45 days - they'll be here when I can!

Adalie Wrap Dress in Multi Show Me Some Skin, $148

Jonah Dress in Don't Be Koi, $168

Keisha Top in Bright Navy Curves, $88

What pieces are you buying for Fall? Do you like my selections?

Remember, the promotion is still active at Village Palm: $25 off every $100 worth of purchases from the Fall collection. Additionally, Sarah still has a few clearance items remaining. You can call her at 313-882-7256 or email to inquire about merchandise. VP has received their second Fall shipment and it's going fast!

Thanks so much for reading my little blog, and have a Wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I want every single one of those purchases!

  2. Love your purchases! I indulged at UTPT...just couldn't resist. I'm hoping the north (Charlotte) gets a little cooler, so I can wear these babies. :)

  3. The Adele Wrap Dress looks so gorgeous! I love mine!

  4. The Jonah dress does not feel good on the outside, but dont let that scare you off. OMG try it on and you wont take it off. It feels so good on the inside!!!! Love the dress.

    PS I think you should celebrate BDay on into sept. lol


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