Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Last Weekend of Fishing - and Now I'm BACK! :-)

Hi Shopaholics! Hope you are doing great and getting ready for Turkey Day! I can't believe it's time for the holidays. I sit and wonder where did the year go?

This past weekend, we made our last fishing trip of the season. Our special fall red snapper season is officially over. The boat is on the trailer. It's somewhat sad of course, but there's always next year!

Here are a few photos I thought you might enjoy - especially the food! :-)

DH caught an Amberjack - we were 35 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico. You can see where at some point, another fish or something much larger tried to take a bite out of this poor fellow. We brought him home, he was Monday Dinner at our house and my parents!

Dad with a red snapper he caught...it's in the freezer for a family fish fry (coming soon).

Please ignore my hair in this photo, it's a hot mess. DH and I with more red snapper for the freezer!

We witnessed some of the most beautiful scenery on the ride home - we were trying to get home before dark (hate it getting dark at 5pm!). Check out this sunset from the left side of the boat.

The view from the right side of the boat, where the moon had already appeared but sadly I missed my shot of it!

For Monday night's dinner, I started with this piece of Amberjack. Cleaned it up a little more after the photo was taken, so it had no bones, no red meat, etc...

Then, I prepared homemade Crabmeat Stuffing. The fish was cut into fillets and stuffed as full as I dared. Of course I covered it with lemon juice and melted butter to maintain the natural juices and moisture, and baked at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.

Viola! Here is the finished product - all ready for dinner! Who is coming over to eat?

My recipe for Stuffed Crab makes soooo much, I had a ton left over....what's a girl to do? Hello, I pulled out the Sur La Tab baking dishes shaped like crab shells, and made some "just baked crabmeat stuffing". Yummy!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! Be sure to check in over the next few days - I'm telling you, I am BACK and have some wonderful deals and sales/specials/giveaways to share with you! You'll be amazed how much holiday shopping can be done!

Hint: Jewelry, Lilly Pulitzer, Cosmetics.......


  1. CGJ, I'm with you on that one! DEF. a shark bite! :-) XOXO

  2. Yum! And you and your hair looks great in the picture. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)


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