Saturday, April 24, 2010

Newest Wardrobe Addition

Happy Socialite Saturday! Trying to work through pain and general feeling like poo around here, rainy day to top it all off.

As always, a little bit of retail therapy makes a Shopaholic feel better. Welcome home to my Lilly collection, new Roslyn skirt!  Lilly Pulitzer has outdone themselves with the Summer collection, and the Stuffed Shells print is one of my favorites! Roslyn, when I receive you next week, I promise to wear you within a few days.....but I'm not going with the white tank look as pictured below (from Lilly Pulitzer website). I need to decide on a top - any suggestions, fellow Shopaholics?

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


  1. Love the skirt. I'd wear either a dark blue polo with it, or a pretty white blouse. Good luck!

  2. I agree with Southern Prep. I would go with a dark blue top until later in the spring. White will look good with a good tan. Great skirt :)

  3. I would layer a light weight pink short sleeve sweater or go with the white tank and use a hot pink necklace. I am sure you will be fabulous no matter what you decide:)

  4. Beautiful skirt!

  5. I've worn her with Bright Navy polo. Enjoy!


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