Saturday, April 3, 2010

Under The Palm Tree's HUGE SALE

Happy Saturday and Easter weekend, friends! What are your plans this weekend? DH is "on call" - in plain English this means we stick close to home just in case a customer calls. :-( Last night we were at dinner and he received a phone call, "uh oh" was the first thing out of my mouth! Today we're hitting the beach for a while and visiting family tomorrow. :-) 

Before I get my tan on today, wanted to remind you about a FANTASTIC sale our friends at Under The Palm Tree are having! As you already know, they are one of this Shopaholic's favorite Lilly Pulitzer Via Shoppes.

Here are all the details:

No Foolin'--This Offer is NO Joke!

Purchase One Full-Priced Item--Receive 20% Off!
Purchase Two Full-Priced Items--Receive 30% Off!!
Purchase Three Full-Priced Items--Receive 40 Whopping Per Cent Off!!!

Offer Expires April 4, 2010 (excludes Lifeguard Press items, special orders; no price adjustments on previous JUST PLACE "APRIL" in the ORDER NOTES section! Discount will be taken at the register, and your new total will be sent to you via email!

You can shop the website HERE. There are soooo many new Lilly Pulitzer items on my "must have" list right now, it's hard to narrow it down to a reasonable level. :-)

Enjoy your weekend! There are some fun surprises here on Shopaholic In Alabama, starting on Monday! Be sure to check in!


  1. Stop it, stop it right now, boy you and Trish are something!

  2. Only one more day until I can shop again! That might not be a good thing though!

    Happy Easter!


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