Friday, April 16, 2010


TGIF, Shopaholic pals! This has been such a fun week, my family is down here at the beach for a visit. I've been having a great time with my nephews! :-) 

Welcome to DAY ELEVEN of Shopaholic Giveaway Days to celebrate Mother's Day!!!

Today I'm so excited to feature one of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer Via shoppes, Under The Palm Tree. I have been buying Lilly from UTPT for several years. The service is exceptional, shipping is always fast, and I love knowing that I'm supporting a small business. Sara, Martha Jane, Hadley, everyone at UTPT is a total pleasure to deal with!  

They have so many wonderful goodies on the website right now! Some of the items I still "need" include the Adelson Shift Dress, the Del Mar Dress, and the Roslyn Skirt. Funny....I always "need" some new Lilly!

Now for the FUN!!! Under The Palm Tree is sponsoring a marvelous giveaway, exclusively for Shopaholic readers! You will actually be able to SELECT your prize - how cool is that?!?!?

The first choice is this Murfee Scarf in Lilly's Pink This Blooms For You:
The second choice is this Bon Voyage Bag in Climbing The Ladder, filled with Lifeguard Press items such as a journal, coasters and pocket Lilly pad.

The lucky winner will have a choice of either prize! This giveaway is going to make a Lilly lover very, very happy! Who knows, maybe the winner will be generous and give the prize to their Mother as a gift on Mother's Day! 

The second part of today's fun.....UTPT is running a special sale, just for Shopaholic readers! For the next TWO days only (Friday & Saturday), you can receive 30% off one item from their website - be sure to enter "Shopaholic" in the order notes section when placing your order online. The new total will be confirmed back to you via email. Please note this promotion does not apply to special orders, sale items, or previously purchased merchandise. This is a wonderful promotion and a great way to pick up that Mother's Day gift (or maybe just a gift for yourself, those are fun)!

Now - all the ways you can enter the Under The Palm Tree giveaway:

1) Sign up to follow this blog for ONE entry (or mention that you already follow!)
2) Sign up as a fan of Under The Palm Tree on Facebook for ONE entry.
3) Sign up as a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook for ONE entry.
4) Comment on this post with your favorite item from the Under The Palm Tree website HERE for ONE entry.
5) Sign up as a follower of Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter (@shopaholicinal) for ONE entry.
6) Tweet this giveaway (be sure to copy me @shopaholicinal) for ONE entry.
7) Blog about this giveaway for ONE entry and provide a link to your post in the comments section.

Please be sure to comment on this post, telling me how many entries to give you! Good luck! :-)

Giveaway will end at midnight central time on Tuesday, April 20. The winner will be selected by random drawing and announced on Wednesday, April 21.

Big hugs and a huge thank you to UTPT for sponsoring such a fantastic Mother's Day giveaway. This is just another example of why I love to shop with them, they really appreciate and love all their customers! Let's give them our best Shopaholic love. :-)  

Be sure to check out and enter all the other fantastic giveaways that are still running. And we have more coming.....Have a Fantastic Friday!!!


  1. Woo hoo! First comment, which should surely qualify me for an extra entry. ;) I absolutely love UTPT, and this giveaway is fabulous! My favorite item on their site is the Ashley maxi dress... oh I have such an affinity for those maxi dresses, despite the fact that I myself am "mini." LOL.

    I am a blog fan, and a fan of you and UTPT on facebook. I commented with my favorite item, and I am a twitter follower. I will also tweet this as soon as I leave my comment! And finally, I have no blog, but I do have a Facebook fan page and I will post this there, maybe that counts? ;) SO that is a grand total of 25 entries. Just kidding, 6 or 7, depending upon whether my facebook love counts as blogging. xxoo

  2. This is one of the most fabulous give-aways!!

    1) Already following this blog ONE entry
    2) Already a FB fan of UTPT ONE entry.
    3) ALready a FB fan of Shopaholic In Alabama ONE entry.
    4) Favorite item from the Under The Palm Tree website is CLARE DRESS SILK CHIFFON for ONE entry.
    5) Already a follower of Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter (@shopaholicinal) for ONE entry.
    6) Tweeted this giveaway (Enter great Lilly Pulitzer giveaway sponsored by Under the Palm Tree at @shopaholicinal) for ONE entry.
    7) No blog but today is my birthday! (ONE entry??!!)

    6 or 7? entries..thanks Lori...this is fabulous...enjoy your vaca with your family! I just came back from visiting with mine! XO Lisa

  3. I'm following om google friend ...and now I'm off to he website for some shopping!

  4. From their site, I love the Murfee Scarf.

  5. 1)I am a follower of Shopaholic in Alabama
    2) I follow UTPT on their facebook fan page
    3) I have always loved your blog, but now I really really love your blog with this giveaway!
    4) My favorite item is the delmar loopy dress
    5) I follow you on twitter :)
    6) I tweeted this giveaway @brittneerambo

    Thank you so much Lori for your shopping wisdom and arranging these awesome giveaways!!

  6. 1. i follow u
    2. im a fan of under the palm tree
    3. i follow your facebook
    4. the pandamonium skirt

  7. FAvorite item hands down is the Betsey dress -wave jaquard. Dying for this dress (if you know anyone selling on in a deeply discounted size zero let me know). I follow you here and on twitter and I'll tweet it & blog it.

  8. I follow your blog and am a fan of both your FB page and UTPT's! I am coveting the Betsey dress on their webpage- as well as all the new summer dresses :-) I guess that is 4 entries? Thx! Wendy

  9. 1.Follow your blog
    2. fan of UTPT..Best customer service anywhere!!
    3. fan of yours on Facebook
    4.The KAYE dress!!

  10. 1. I follow you.
    2. I'm a fan of UTPT.
    3. I'm a fan of you.
    4. Love the Murphee scarf. I've been wanting one for sometime, so I hope I win it. :)

  11. ALSO, I love the Murphee scarf and the Betsey Dress Engineered! I actually live near UTPT! Great store :)

  12. I love day 11!

    1. I follow your blog
    2. I follow you on Facebook
    3. I follow UTPT on Facebook
    4. I'm in love with the embroidered gator skort!

  13. This is so exciting!
    1) I follow your blog!
    2) I follow your twitter!
    3) I am a HUGE fan of their murphee scarf!!

  14. I follow on here and on twitter! I also am a fan of Under the palm tree on Fb. My favorite item on there website is the Claire dress. I have been lusting after that for a while!

  15. You know I'll follow you and UTPT all over the place. I "need" the Clare dress from their website. Thanks for the discount code.

    5 entries for me!

    Hope I win this one!


  16. Oh my...this would make me so happy to win this giveaway!!!! Love, love, love Lilly.

    I'm a follower. My favorite item of their website is the Adelaide Skirt - so adorable.

    That gives me two entries.

  17. 1. I follow you.
    2. I'm a fan of UTPT.
    3. I'm a fan of you.
    4. Love the Murphee scarf!
    5. I follow you on Twitter

  18. Lovely giveaway!
    1. I'm a follwer
    2. I follow you on Twitter

  19. 1. I like the pencil me in pencil case
    2. I follow this blog
    3. I am a fan on facebook :)

  20. I am so a follower of your blog. --LOVE it.

    I love the Joann Dress.
    I love the Under the Palm Tree. I have ordered from them a time or two. Great service and so kind.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  21. Yet another great giveaway! I have done all the steps, so 7 entries please. Oh, I can't pick just one item from UTPT, but their customer service is by far the best!!!! Good luck to all!

  22. I love the cameron printed pant in coral me crazy...too bad they don't have my size:(
    I'm a follower of SIA.
    I follow you on twitter.
    I tweeted this morning!

  23. omg amazing giveaway!

    I love the lovie maxi dress and so many other things from UTPT.

    Am also a FB fan of UTPT, S in AL, and also an S in AL follower so 4 entries total!

  24. I LOVE UTPT (BEST customer service around) and your blog!

    1. I follow your blog
    2. My fav item at UTPT is the Roe One Shoulder Top
    3. I follow you on Twitter (@AMStarkey)

    3 entries for me, please :)

  25. Awesome giveaway! I also love UTPT. I follow your blog and follow you on twitter. I am a facebook fan of yours and of UTPT. I am dying for the Franco Dress Colorblocked. I might buy it with the 30% discount! Thanks for the giveaway! 5 entries please!!

  26. 1. Just signed up to follow you.
    2. Fan of yours on FB.
    3. Fan of UTPT on FB (just told 2 friends to start buying from them b/c of their sales and AMAZING customer service).
    4. The Linda Marie!!!!

  27. Hi Lori ... another *fabulous*giveaway!! :)
    7 entries for me please!!
    * I love sooo many items from UTPT - the mila dress is a current fav!

  28. I have 4 entries! I love utpt & am so lucky to live by it!!! I can't pick just one thing to like!

  29. I am a follower of your blog, fan of Shopaholic and UTPT on facebook and I love the Twyla jersey dress......4 entries for me.
    Thank...great giveaway and discount from UTPT.

  30. 4 entries for me!

    1 I'm a follower!
    2 I'm a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook.
    3 I'm a follower of Shopaholic on twitter
    4 I tweeted!

  31. Hey! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    1. I'm a follower!
    2. I love the White Betsy Dress!! It is sooooo cute!
    4. I blogged about this giveaway!

  32. woops! i forgot the blog post!

  33. Oh, this is a GOOD one!!!
    1. I follow your blog
    2. I'm a fan of UTPT
    3. I'm a Shopaholic fan
    4. My favorite item right now is the original carryon in aqua seeing things. such a soothing color!
    5. I follow you on Twitter
    6. I just tweeted this giveaway

    that makes 6 for me!!!

  34. i love the LP monopoly! too cute, great gift! thanks for the opportunity!!

  35. 1) I am a follower!
    2) I am a fan of Under The Palm Tree on Facebook!
    3) I am a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook!
    4) The Murfee scarfs just go with everything!
    5) I am a follower of Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter (@shopaholicinal)!

    Great giveaway!!!!

  36. 1. I am a follower
    2. I am a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook.
    3. I love the Murfee scarf!

  37. 1. Followed
    2. Tweeted
    3. FB Fan Shopaholic in Alabalma
    4. FB Fan Under the Palm Tree

  38. Hi! Fan of Shopoholic on FB!!!
    I love all the the new summer scarfs, fun for me since I am always cold, plus I am into Lilly's white's this summer, so the scarfs snaz them up!

  39. 1) I follow this blog
    2) Signed up as a fan of Under The Palm Tree on Facebook
    3) Signed up as a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook
    4) My favorite item is the ADELSON SHIFT GOLD LACE dress, super cute!!
    5) I follow you on Twitter
    6) Tweeted this giveaway
    7) Blogged about this giveaway and my blog is

    Lucky 7 entries. Keeping my fingers CROSSED!!

  40. What a great giveaway!

    1. I follow you.
    2. I am a fan of you.
    3. I follow you on Twitter..
    4. I'm a fan of UTPT.
    5. Love Murfee!

  41. I just added the southern mommas as a fan of UTPT on facebook and I am following you on facebook, twitter blog ect either as ST&B or southern mommas. would love to win the bag - adorable :)

  42. 1) I follow you. :)
    2) I am a facebook fan of yours
    3) I became a fb fan of UTPT.
    4) I follow you on Twitter :)
    5) Favorite item- so hard to choose!!! But I am in love with the murfee scarves- so versatile :)

  43. 1. Girl...I am loving that second prize soooo much!!!
    2. I follow your blog
    3. I am your fan on facebook
    4. I follow you on Twitter.

    sooooo stinkin excited!!!!

  44. I adore UTPT and Hadley & Sara are wonderful!

    This is a FABULOUS Giveaway! Way to go Lori!

    Please give me 7 entries!

    1) I already follow this blog :-)
    2) Already a fan of Under The Palm Tree on Facebook :-)
    3) Already a fan of Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook :-)
    4) My favorite item from the Under The Palm Tree website is the Kaye dress! If only I had somewhere to wear this beauty!
    5) Already a follower of Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter :-)
    6) I Tweeted this giveaway :-)
    7) I Blogged about this giveaway (

    Thanks Lori! Hope you are enjoying the beach! XOX

  45. Thanks so much for providing Lilly Lovers such a great network to Live the Colorful life together with fellow - shopaholics- and fans! I am an avid UTPT shopper online & on the phone & I am so glad that you love them too!! WHO KNEW- that even though I live in Ohio I feel like I have some super new compatriots in the Lilly World and our numbers keep growing. :) Also- just ordered the Carson Grandstand for Derby Party- miss my Churchill Downs days... but will feel like I'm there thanks to you & UTPT! :) Sunny Days!! xox Stacey

  46. Hi Lori- I get 4 entires. I do everything but twitter and blog! My favorite thing on the UTPT is the LG basket- Lovely. I would love to win the scarf! Hope you had a nice weekend!

  47. What a great giveaway!! Love UTPT and their wonderful customer service:)

    My favorite item on the UTPT site is the GENNA Halter.

    I already follow your blog & both of you on FB:)


  48. Great giveaway! I follow your blog and my favorite item from UTPT is the Franco Dress!

  49. I am a follower! My favorite thing on the UTPT website is the Del Mar dress!!! I've never won a giveaway, maybe this will be my first!

  50. I follow your blog, am your fan on FB, and am a fan of UPT on FB. My favorite item is the Hallie Skirt Lattice Jacquard!

    That's 4 entries

  51. (1) I follow your blog
    (2) Fan on UTPT on facebook
    (3) Fan you Shopaholic in AL on facebook
    (4) Love the Adelson local store doesn't have it! =(
    (5) I follow your twitter

    Thanks for another great giveaway!


  52. I currently follow your blog, am a Facebook Fan of Under the Palm Tree, am a Facebook Fan of Shipaholic in Alabama and my favorite item from the Under the Palm Tree website is the Bowen Dress in Gator.

    If I'm counting correctly, that should be 4 entries. Thanks for this awesome giveaway

  53. My favorite item from Under the Palm Tree is the Lilly Ballet Flats in Patent Pink Croc.

    Follow your blog and twitter (3 entries!)

  54. I just started following your blog, a FB fan of UTPT, FB fan of Shopaholic in Alabama and my favorite item is all the dresses! That should be 4 for me. :)

  55. Love UTPT and Shopaholic! And yall have the best giveaways! My fav from UTPT is the Betsy dress! I get 4 entries-
    1)I'm a UTPT fan on Facebook
    2)I'm a Shopaholic fan on Facebook
    3)Posted my UPTP Lilly fav on here
    4)I just signed up to follow your blog


  56. I love the beach print pant. I already follow your blog and tweet and facebook and I am a fan. I have the murphy scarf so I will get the second choice or I may get the scarf and give it as a gift! :) Love the discount from mentioning you....thanks!

  57. 1. Follow your blog
    2. I am your Fan
    3. I am a fan of UTPT
    4. Folow you on Twitter
    5. Love the Little Lilly Novelty Shitf Dress.

    Another great giveaway!

  58. I love the Bon Voyage Bag with all the goodies in it!

    I am a blog follower here
    A Shopaholic in Alabama Fan
    Under the Palm Tree fan

    Love all the spring white lace dresses by Lilly

  59. How dainty and delightful. Found you today on Facebook per Caroline Jewelry.
    Id be blessed with either gift.
    Ive followed all steps except for completing a blog, which I will jump to in just a sec. But, I would love to feature you again when I have more time...xoxo

  60. I'm a follower of you, Under the Palm Tree, and Bethany's Maryland Pink and Green (Go MD Girl!). Unforuntately I don't tweet or blog but I LOVE LOVE LOVE LILLY!!! My wedding was Lilly too!

    My favorite Lilly item is the Andover Dress in Tutty Fruity MultiPatch - I wore it to the Marlborough Steeplechase Races this year and will be wearing it this weekend for my Mom's 60th Birthday Party. I'll do anything for that Murphee Scarf - already have the perfect outfit for it! Lots of Lilly Love, Julia

  61. 1. Already a follower!
    2. Already a fan!
    3. Already a fan!
    4. My favorite is the Worth shift in Giddy Up!


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