Friday, July 30, 2010

Lotus and Lilly - Day Three of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days!

TGIF, Shopaholic friends!

Welcome to Day Three of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days! I'm hosting these in honor of my 40th birthday coming on August's a fun way to stop thinking about getting older, and profile some of my favorite designers, websites, stores and brands! HA

Thanks so much to one of my favorite designers of all things handmade with Lilly fabric - Lotus and Lilly - for sponsoring our 3rd giveaway! Kristina is the designer (and brains) behind this operation, and she is a pleasure. All her items are handmade and the quality is immediately apparent. I invite you to check out the website HERE. Lotus and Lilly carries headbands, clutches, bracelets, hair clips, etc. All items are made with either current or vintage Lilly Pulitzer fabrics. Lilly lovers are crazy for her fun items! 

For today's giveaway, Lotus and Lilly is providing a 1" headband and matching clutch bag in one of my favorite prints, Rainbow Patch. This fabric will match sooooo many things you already own, and you'll reach for it over and over again! One lucky Shopaholic reader will receive both items, see the photos below. 

In addition to providing us with a gorgeous and generous giveaway, Lotus and Lilly is also offering a "Shopaholic Special" to all readers! For the next seven (7) days, a 20% discount will apply to any purchase from the website (link HERE). To take advantage of this unheard-of discount, please enter code "Happy40thLori" when placing your online order. Remember, it's only good for the next seven days, so don't delay! :-) 

Need new headbands for school?  A clutch for Rush? A birthday or holiday gift (hey, it's never to early to think about holiday shopping!) This is a great time to pick them up. You'll love Lotus and Lilly's handmade items. They are absolutely fabulous! I receive compliments every time I walk out of the house in one of my headbands!

Also, I wanted to mention a very cool thing you might not know about Lotus and Lilly's designs. Kristina has about 20 items in the Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion History exhibit, in Boynton Beach, FL. The exhibit features: hair clips, bracelets, the Lilly fabric covered 9" wooden monogram letters (they requested an "L"), a box purse, clutches, headbands (of course) and a few other items. What an amazing honor for Lotus and Lilly! I feel special just knowing her!  Be sure to check out the exhibit if you're in the local area, or will be traveling that way.


Do you see how excited I am to feature Lotus and Lilly? I love everything on her website, but I'm really coveting this clutch in the vintage print "Familia de Gato". What do you think? I love all the lion prints, guess it's because I'm a LEO. :-)

Now for the fun part! How to enter to win the clutch and headband:

1) Sign up to follow Shopaholic In Alabama blog (or comment that you already do) for ONE entry.
2) "Like" Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook for ONE entry.
3) Follow Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter (@shopaholicinal) for ONE entry.
4) Comment with your favorite item from the Lotus and Lilly website for ONE entry. (MUST DO TO QUALIFY FOR THE GIVEAWAY)
5) "Like" Lotus and Lilly on Facebook for ONE entry.
6) "Share" this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter using the button on the right side of this blog for ONE or TWO additional entries. Or blog about it for TWO additional entries.

Please comment letting me know how many entries you have. Additionally, be sure to provide me with the link to your Facebook, Twitter or blog post so I can verify. Thanks! :-)

The giveaway period will end on Thursday, August 5. After a random drawing, the winner will be announced (on Facebook first, then on the blog) on Friday, August 6.

Good luck to everyone - don't forget to enter - and tune in tomorrow for another fun giveaway!

Have a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend! 


  1. Love the Elefrance clutch! 6 entries please (sharing on FB today). May be able to get a twitter in tonight. Thanks so much for your fabulous Birthday giveaways!

  2. PRECIOUS!!!
    5 for me please;
    I am a follower here,
    twitter follower,
    I like you on FB,
    I like Lotus & LIlly on FB &
    I will post this under my giveaways:)
    Happy Early Birthday!

  3. I love the LIlly covered letters. These would be great for my daughter's brand new dorm room and a treat for her roommate!
    I'm a follower, like both you and L&L on FB and will tweet and post this on my blog too.
    Thanks so much for the fabulous giveaways!

  4. I follow your fab blog!
    I like you on FB!
    My fav item are the Lilly flowers!
    I blogged about this!

  5. I am a new follower! I adore the clutch, in all the prints! And I am a follower of yours on twitter!

  6. I am so a follower.

    I love the Lilly Pulitzer Fabric & Leather Bracelet- Swing

  7. 1- follower
    2-I like you on facebook
    3-Love the vintage pink and green roses clutch

    Just 3 this time!

  8. My favorite is this clutch~

  9. I follow you on twitter! (total of 4 entries for me!)

  10. I already follow! Enter me please!

  11. My name is Morgan Rackley. I "liked" you as well as lotus and lilly on facebook. I am following you on twitter (my username on there is morganrackley) as well as blogspot. My favorite piece from Lotus and Lilly is the "Black Jack" headband- it is the classic green and pink lilly colors and the flower is adorable.

    This should be 5 (five) total. This giveaway is awesome!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such beautiful pieces.


  12. 1) I'm a follower!
    2) I'm following you via Twitter!
    3) My favorite item from Lotus and Lilly is Lilly Pulitzer fabric headband- floral rainbow patch!

    This is such a fabulous giveaway! I'm so excited!

  13. Two for me...

    I "liked" you and Lotus and Lilly on Facebook!

  14. I LOVE Lotus & Lilly and have purchased headbands from her - so fabulous!!
    My current favorite item is the Lilly clutches - just darling!!
    6 entries for me please :)

    Thanks once again, Lori for another wonderful giveaway!

  15. My fave thing on the L&L website is the Lilly Pulitzer Fabric & Leather Bracelet-Les Monkey face--SO cute!

  16. I am a follower. I love the clutch in the Sara fabric! My daughter has a Lotus and Lilly headband in that print. (Perhaps she'll share)I will share this on facebook!

  17. 1) I follow Shopaholic In Alabama blog
    2) I "Like" Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook
    3) I Follow Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter
    4) My favorite item is the Vintage Lilly Pulitzer Fabric seven inch Clutch-Colors with bow
    5) I "Like" Lotus and Lilly on Facebook
    6) I "Shared" this giveaway on Twitter

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. 1. I follow you blog!
    2. I "Like" Shopaholic In Alabama on FB
    3. My favorite items is the Lilly clutch in "Familia de Gato"
    4. I "Like" Lotus and Lilly on FB

  20. Hi! I am a follower, I liked you and Lilly on Facebook and shared your page on my Facebook. I love all of her items! I really like the yellow butterfly clutch! 5 entries for me! I am happy to support her...she is a fellow team member.

  21. The clutch in the Multi Worth Patch - my very favorite print of all times- is my favorite! Oh and I'm a follower too. Such a fun giveaway.

  22. Love Kristina's stuff! I follow your blog, I already "like" you on Facebook, I already "like Lotus and Lilly on FB, and I LOVE any of her vintage clutches, esp butterflies and dragonflies - so 4 entries for me!

  23. I have always wanted one of her clutches! I follow your blog, follow your twitter (@sbk10), and my favorite L&L item is the Brazilian Avenue clutch. 3 entries please. Thanks so much!

  24. 1)I follow Shopaholic In Alabama blog (
    2)I "Like" Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook
    3)I Follow Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter my twitter name is KimberlyLParker
    4) My fave item is the Adjustable Lilly Pulitzer Fabric Floral Headband- Black Jack

  25. 1. I just signed up to follow your blog
    2. "like" shopaholic in alabama on Facebook
    3. "like" lotus and lilly on facebook.

    love the colors w/bow clutch!
    really love all the items!

  26. love!

    1. am follower and FB fan
    2. FB fan of lotus and lilly
    3. love the brazilian avenue clutch

  27. Make this 6, I forgot to tweet:)
    just did!

  28. The HOB and Leap Frog clutches are my favorites! I absolutely love anything with a frog prince... I guess I have kissed too many frogs! LOL. Count me in for 7 entries, and I will tag you in my fb and twitter posts. xxoo

  29. I am a follower and I love the vintage patterns from Lotus!!

  30. Happy Birthday Lori! I love Lotus and Lilly!
    1.Friends with you on FB
    2. Friends with Lotus and Lilly on FB
    3. My favorite items of Lotus and Lilly are EVERYTHING! Seriously, it has been so fun ordering my daughter and I matching Lilly headbands! Can't wait to move on to the clutches!
    4. I follow you on twitter KatieLouCrowder

  31. I love the 1" lilly headband in pink chamelion, and I'm a follower of you!

  32. 1) Already follow your blog!
    2) Already a facebook fan! (currently deactivated for rush though!)
    3) Already follow you on twitter!
    4) My favorite is the Brazilian Avene clutch!
    5) Already liked Lotus and Lilly on facebook!

    Kristina made our sorority Lilly headbands for rush- she was great to work with and everyone loved them!

  33. Follower of the blog!
    Facebook fan!
    Twitter follower!
    Love all the headbands!

    I think I'm gonna have to buy a headband, but what color?! Too many!

  34. I follow your blog!
    i love the lilly pulitzer fabric 7 inch clutch-vintage butterfly and dragonfly !
    thats 2 entries

    mrunamistry at gmail dot com

  35. Happy Birthday Lori!

    Five entries for me:
    Twitter follower (cniannacone),
    Follower of your blog,
    Facebook fan of you and Lotus & Lilly,
    & I love all headbands

    PS - Love the Gweneth Dress!
    Christine Iannacone

  36. (1) I already follow your blog
    (2) I "like" you on FB
    (3) I follow you on Twitter
    (4) My favorite Lotus & Lilly item would be the LP fabric-covered monogram wooden letters
    (5) I already "like" Lotus & Lilly on FB

  37. fun, fun! 4 entries!
    1) follow shopaholic
    2) like shopaholic on facebook
    4) love the die-cut flower headbands!
    5) like lotus and lilly on facebook

  38. Happy soon-to- be- birthday!

    1. I follow your blog
    2. I follow you on Twitter (@AMStarkey)
    3. My favorite item in Lotus and Lilly's Etsy store are the Lilly 2 1/2 inch headbands!
    3 entries for me, please :)

  39. Once again, 1-5 covered! Do I absolutely have to pick one item because I adore them all! I love the ponytail holders, the skinny headbands with the flowers (all of them), the clutches. Everything is just gorgeous.
    And, that is so neat that she is in the museum! I'm so close to Boynton, I might just have to go down there and take a peek! Love that!

  40. I follow your blog and I love the Vintage Fabric 7 Inch Kiss Lock Clutch in Poppyland!!

  41. The pink and roses clutch is beautiful.

  42. 1)I follow Shopaholic In Alabama blog .
    2)I "Like" Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook (amy dalton walter)
    3) I Follow Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter (just_add_walter)
    4) favorite item is the lilly headbands!!

  43. 1. I follow shopaholic in alabama blog
    2. I "like" shopaholic in alabama on FB
    3. I love the 1" headbands in lilly fabric!
    4. I "like" lotus and lilly on FB
    5. I blogged
    6. I blogged at

    srobinson8561 at

  44. 1) Follow your blog!

    2) Follow you on twitter!)

    3) Love the Vintage Lilly clutches!

  45. Thank you Lori for including Lotus and Lilly in you Birthday Giveaway Days!

  46. 1) I already follow & adore Shopaholic In Alabama blog ;-)I no
    2) t only "Like" but "LOVE" Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook :-)
    3) I already Follow Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter!
    4) My favorite item from the Lotus and Lilly website is the LP 7 inch Clutch- Multi Worth Patch clutch
    5) I "Like" Lotus and Lilly on Facebook :-)
    6) I "Shared"/"Tweeted" this giveaway on Twitter :-)

    That is 6 entries for me please :-)

    Happy Birthday Lori! This is a fabulous giveaway! Thank you Kristina & Lori!
    XOX Sue

  47. 4 entries for me please
    1. I follow you
    2. like you on fb (
    3. like lotus and lily on fb
    4 love the Vintage Lilly Pulitzer Fabric 7" clutch-Annie Yellow Butterfly

    liza (at) trumbower (dot) us

  48. Four entries for me please ...
    (1) I follow your blog,
    (2) I like Shopaholic in Alabama on Facebook,
    (3) I like Lotus & Lilly on Facebook,
    (4) I love the Rainbow Patch Lilly cluthch!

  49. - I follow your blog
    - I love the Swing bracelet!

    TOTAL: 2 entries

  50. Hi! I just found your blog and its soo cool! I love it!
    -I "liked" shopaholic in alabama on fb
    -I "liked" lotus and lilly on facebook
    -I love the vintage clutches! Especially the Annie one!
    3 Entries :)

  51. 1) I already follow Shopaholic In Alabama blog
    2) I already "Like" Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook
    3) I already follow Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter
    4) My favorite item on Lotus and Lilly is the Lilly Pulitzer Vintage Fabric 7 Inch Kiss Lock Clutch- HOB by Suzie Zuzek dePoo (the fab clutch in blues and greens.)
    5) I already "Like" Lotus and Lilly on Facebook
    6 and 7) I am sharing this this giveaway on Facebook and Twitter.

    Thanks, Lori!!

  52. Just posted this on FB (Lori, can't figure out how to do a link to FB entry but we are FB friends and you will see it) TEXT: My friend Lori is hosting a giveaway on her terrific blog, Shopaholic in Alabama. Check it out!
    Shopaholic in Alabama: Lotus and Lilly - Day Three of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days!

  53. My favorite item is the clutch Brazilian Avenue. Of course I always follow and blogged the giveaway here so I think its four entries.

  54. Oh and here is the link to my facebook to verify....!/profile.php?id=20303314&v=info
    I hope that works!


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