Sunday, July 25, 2010

Self-Indulgent Weekend

Happy Weekend, my Shopaholic friends! I hope you are having a wonderful time and enjoying it with family and friends!

So many of you have commented, emailed, etc about my Mother's condition so I wanted to give you a quick update. Friday we went for a colonoscopy, and unfortunately it confirmed what we already suspected. Her Crohn's disease is officially out of remission and back with a vengeance. Several other tests were performed - including a biopsy.  Currently we are scheduled to go back to the doctor next Tuesday. At this appointment, we should know the "full picture" of exactly what we are dealing with and have recommendations for a treatment plan. I believe that at a minimum, we are looking at a series of Remicade injections. Again, thanks for all your kind words and emails - and I'll keep everyone posted. 

I guess the stress of the past few weeks caught up with me on Friday afternoon. I was exhausted, I mean bone tired like I haven't been in years. I felt like I could barely drive myself back to the beach Friday afternoon. But I did...I went to bed early (very unusual for me!) and then laid around all day Saturday.

Finally, I got around to reading the book on my nightstand. Yep, read an entire book in about four hours. I almost didn't bother after reading the reviews for James Patterson and Maxine Paetro's "Swimsuit" on However, I have to admit, it took my mind off reality for a few hours and I was entertained.

We were also very lucky that Tropical Storm Bonnie fizzled out before it could affect us in a major way, thank goodness. Hurricane season always makes me a bundle of nerves, and this year it looks to be worse with the oil spill impacts. We dodged another bullet. Breathing again now! :-)

What are you doing this weekend? I'm hoping for sunny weather and a little sunbathing today! :-)


  1. Has your mom ever seen a chiropractor/nutritionist? I ask this because I have a good friend that had debilitating migraines and she found out she had candida in her intestines. She went on a restrictive diet and had one killer migraine while detoxing and has not had one since. Now I know your mom has Crohn's, but my friend said this woman has helped lots of people with issues like IBS as well as Crohn's. It is something to think about. Good luck to your mom.

  2. Sorry to hear about the diagnosis for your mother... but glad you were able to have some rest for yourself this weekend. It will make you stronger for her.


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