Lilly Pulitzer Fall Preview!

TGIF, Shopaholics! Sorry for my lack of posts the past few days, life has crazy with my Mother's illness. Thanks for all the comments and well wishes, she needs them all.

Today I have "Shopaholic Scoop" for you - a very small preview of some of my favorite items from the upcoming Lilly Pulitzer Fall collection. Enjoy!

Stephanie Dress Engineered, Turquoise Koi Print, $168

Jonah Dress, Don't Be Koi, $168

Blayney Dress, Turq. Let's Get Ginky, $268

Active/Yoga Wear - NEW from Lilly Pulitzer - exciting!

What are your favorites? The collection will be in stores in a few short weeks...hold on to your wallets!

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!


  1. The shopaholic does it again... first blogger to preview the Fall Lilly collection! Woo hoo! This is why I love this blog, you are always the first to know about sales, new collections, and generally anything else exciting! I can't wait for the yoga wear... finally my "work from home" wardrobe can be Lilly-fied!

  2. I CAN'T WAIT!! I love it all...but I seriously want the first two dresses and the yoga wear! So exciting!!

  3. Liking it MUCH better than last year so far. I love that my home life can be Lilly now too!!!

  4. I like the Blayney dress and the yoga wear :)

  5. Lilly active-I love it! Running in Lilly, who would have thunk it? ;)

  6. That Stephanie dress is gorgeous! And I am so excited for active wear! If that's not gym motivation, I don't know what is (and I could always use extra motivation :P)

  7. I am completely in love with the new active wear. I can't wait to pull on Lilly pants and skip off to yoga! How stylish AND fun!

  8. You know that people are going to FIGHT for the new Lilly yoga wear! Love it! And don't be so "koi" next time! Ha!

  9. Not sure if you've seen more of the fall line or not, but I put up some other pieces I love the other day. I seriously can't wait!


  10. Looks great! I'm really excited about the Holiday collection with gorgeous beaded and embellished dresses. Exquisite.

  11. Lilly active wear...hmmm, maybe now I can find reason to exercise! LOL Love your blog!

  12. Please send a link to the Fall Lookbook!



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