Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Perfect Beach Hat

Are you constantly searching for the perfect beach hat? Perhaps your requirements are the same as mine: your beach hat must be stylish, it must be comfortable, and preferably it matches everything in your closet. While I love the idea of a colored or printed beach hat, it rarely works for me in real life. Over and over again, I reach for a neutral hat on beach days.

I was thrilled to find the above hat in my local Target. It was an absolute steal at only $14.99. The designer is Mossimo and the official style name is "Mossimo Supply Co Tan Shine Floppy Hat". What makes this hat so special? That shine is a gold-tone, so the hat really looks pretty in the sunlight. It's also large and floppy enough that it protected by face for a full day at the beach, and I didn't return home with a sunburned nose. :-) 

What do you think of my new hat? (Picture taken last weekend)  

If you've decided you "need" one of these hats, it is available on the Target website HERE. Alternatively, you can check your local Target store. I wouldn't wait long though - I'm betting they will be gone before Memorial Day! 

p.s. If you order online, don't forget to link through Ebates to earn 3% cash back on your purchase. You can join Ebates free HERE, and as a new member you'll earn a gift card bonus. Enjoy! 


  1. Looks a lot like my beach hat.

  2. Love that hat, I have already gotten too much sun so I need to make a trip to Target! Glad you are back blogging!


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