Friday, May 25, 2012

Five For Friday


Are you ready for Memorial Day? This week has been so busy at work, I'm more than ready for a three-day weekend! I plan to enjoy every single moment, get a lot of sun and relax! 

Today, I'll be sharing five of my favorite finds and thoughts. Enjoy! 

#1: By now, you all know that I love the Uscoop website and frequently pick up Today's Chase. If you haven't heard this yet, my friends at Uscoop recently launched an online boutique that features some of our favorite preppy designers. The new website is Tuckernuck, and brand offerings include Gretchen Scott, Castaway Clothing, Strong Boalt, Harding-Lane, Loren Hope, and many others. You simply must check out their website HERE - and note they are offering 20% off through Monday, May 28 using discount code "Memorial20" at checkout. 

#2: OK, I'll admit it...since I started working again, I now drink coffee every morning. I don't really know how it happened - I suppose after all these years, I just caved in to the pressure. My whole family loves their coffee, and now I've joined the fold. During a recent visit to Publix, I decided to try this new flavored coffee creamer from International Delight.  Try this in your morning coffee, and I promise you - it's worth the calories. And it really does taste just like an Almond Joy! But be warned: it's addictive. 

#3: In my house, there is a "gift closet". This is where I stockpile small gift items - stationery, photo frames, candles, notebooks, and other "grab and go" pieces. I always have a gift on hand for an impromptu occasions. The Jonathan Adler gift line by Lifeguard Press is a staple in my gift closet, and is currently featured as a sale boutique on One Kings Lane. I LOVE the Chevron prints, it's one of my favorites. Time to stock up! (you can join One Kings Lane for free HERE). 
#4: Why in the world did Lorac discontinue their popular Lip Polish? "Bliss" is one of my favorite lip glosses of all time, and I stockpiled it forever. Now it is no more, I cannot find it anywhere. I feel like hopping on a plane and letting Carol Shaw know how upset I am about this! Do you know where to find this product? If so, please let me know! 

#5: I'll take one of these Fornash Derby Collection Bracelets in each color, thank you very much. I have this bracelet in black and wear it to work at least two days a week. It is great for layering with other bracelets (looks wonderful with stacks of pearls). I have to admit, I'm totally obsessed with any horse bit design. I'll be waiting on these babies to go on sale somewhere...

What do you think about my Five For Friday? Hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. What a great bracelet! Hope you enjoyed your long weekend. :)


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