Danger Zone: Bed Bath and Beyond

We all have those stores that are "Danger Zones". Perhaps yours is clothing, shoes, accessories, crafting, home decor, furniture, or electronics? Most of us have several of those type stores (I have more than I'd like to admit) - but one of my all time favorite "Danger Zones" is Bed Bath and Beyond. 

The reason for my visit to BB&B is usually pretty simple. Last week, I needed a new pair of sheets for our master bedroom. Easy, right? Perhaps if you can go in, get the one item you're looking for and then leave - yes. Easy peasy. Thank goodness I have a stockpile of those "20% off one single item" coupons! (Did you know - you can use multiples of those at one time? My store will allow me to use 5 coupons per transaction.) I picked up these sheets, and if you need new ones too, I highly recommend these. A dreamy night's sleep awaits!  

Naturally, while I was in the store I found other things we "needed". I fell in love with these new beach chairs from Tommy Bahama. Before I left, I took the following picture and sent it to the DH. His reply via text? "I Like". I took that as an invitation to purchase (haha) and picked up two of them. When spring rolls around, we will be ready with our new beach chairs. 

Then while perusing the holiday clearance section, I found the cutest elephant cocktails napkins. They were cheap too - just $5 per package with an additional 20% off before the coupon. Wow! I picked up several packages, I like to have these on hand to toss in hostess gifts or use when friends visit for cocktails. 
I have to admit, I also found a new bedding set that I am dying to purchase. We've had our same master bedding for several years, but lately I've been feeling it was time for a change. Bed Bath and Beyond always does that to me - makes me want to redecorate an area or sometimes, an entire room. 

Do you have the same problem? What stores are your "Danger Zones"?


  1. Target! I go in for one thing and $100 later.......:)

  2. Love those chairs! Great find! I don't even go to BB&B for I know that will find too many goodies that I "need" right now.

  3. Target is a scary place. I wind up discovering I have the same "Oh I guess I need this to" problem there. Love those napkins by the way.


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