Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Fall, Part Two...

Who remembers my blog post about the Fall 2012 Lilly Pulitzer collection, and how fall was always one of my least favorite seasons? I'm hoping you forgot that I said I was DONE buying Lilly Pulitzer Fall, because guess what?!!?! Epic fail, as last week I caved and bought several new pieces! (Evidence of my September post HERE). 

As always, there's a sale to blame. It's really not my fault. I have to look put together at work, and my office is pretty conservative. And besides, my employer is a financial institution. As you can imagine, I'm usually one of the most colorful peeps in the building! 

My friend Sarah over at Village Palm (website HERE, Facebook page HERE) had lots of the Fall delivery on sale, so I picked up a few additional pieces. Here are some of them:

Callie Wedges, $228. Of course I realize this shoe doesn't scream "Fall" to many of you - especially if you're in an area that gets really cold. Luckily, we don't receive a ton of cold weather, so these are good for another 2 months or so. I am absolutely in LOVE with these shoes, and they are really comfortable. I found them to fit true to size. 
Evie Dress in Cameo White Unbuttoned, $178. When I was in Dallas at the Lilly corporate store, I tried on an Evie Dress but didn't buy one. Naturally I regretted my decision, but still didn't want to spring for one at full price. When I found out it was on sale, I jumped on the Evie in the Unbuttoned print. The print is really cute in person, and I plan to top this with a blue cardigan for work. 
Rebecca Sweater in Bomber Blue Snail Stripe, $138. Last Fall, I purchased a Rebecca sweater in Black and have really enjoyed it. The sweater is fairly lightweight, another piece that is perfect for our climate. It has 3/4 sleeves and an exposed back zipper. Now I only have one problem - what am I going to wear on the bottom? I'm not one to wear brightly colored jeans (of course, I know they're a trend, but I think I look super fat in them). Suggestions please?
Sadie Belt in Navy, $48. These wide belts go with almost every outfit, and the Sadie is a stretch polyester. I tried this belt several months ago while shopping at Dillard's in Pensacola, but didn't want to buy it at full price. I was thrilled to get one on sale, and can't wait to start pairing it with my Fall wardrobe! 
In closing, this time I won't even say I'm not going to buy any more Lilly Fall. Because now all the stores are marking it down, and so much of it is truly work appropriate. That combination is very dangerous to my wallet! 

If you're looking for any Lilly Pulitzer Fall pieces on sale, I recommend you call or email Village Palm and see if they can help. Sarah and her staff are super sweet and helpful, and you know you're supporting a small, female owned business. You can reach them at: 313-882-7256 or Don't forget the links at the top of this post to their FB page and website. Be sure to tell them, Shopaholic In Alabama sent you! 

Have a great Thursday! 


  1. Oh la la I love that Rebecca sweater!

    And I can't wear colored jeans either!

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