Help Me Select My Louis Vuitton

It only took me living to be 42 years old, but I have finally managed to talk the DH into a Louis Vuitton. He has always been great about buying designer bags as a gift for me. The first gift he ever gave me when we were dating was a matching Dooney & Burke handbag, wallet and key fob. (Don't judge the Dooney, the year was 1992). Over the years, we moved into Coach, Kate Spade, Burberry, etc - but I've never been able to talk him into a Louis Vuitton. 

This is the year I will own that Louis Vuitton! How sad is it that I will have to travel to Atlanta or Jacksonville to buy this bag in person? Now THAT is a disadvantage of not living in a major metropolitan area (see, sometimes I do miss Charlotte). But hey, I'm thrilled to have a short weekend getaway with the DH and come home with a new LV. 

So now I need your help, as I'm really confused about which bag I want to purchase. I tend to carry large handbags, I'm not a small person and look strange carrying a small bag. I also tend to favor bags with shoulder straps, but have several that I love without shoulder straps. And of course the larger the bag, the more I will carry in it, and the heavier it will get. 

My top three choices are:

Speedy with shoulder strap

What is your favorite style Louis Vuitton? Do you have any recommendations? I plan to get the Monogram Canvas print (as pictured), no matter which style I select. I can't wait to hear what you think! 

Have a great day! 


  1. My mom has the Totally MM bag and I have the Delightful Monogram MM - and like you we both carry a lot of stuff. Have fun selecting!

    xx Emily @

  2. I vote for the Neverfull! I keep seeing it in person, and it looks so classic and stylish.

  3. i'd say it depends on what you want it for - lately all i ever see are neverfulls and speedys. it also depends on what size you want (e.g. a neverfull mm vs galleria gm, etc). personally, i'd prefer a less often seen bag such as the galleria. of course you're saying this to a girl who is buying a speedy 30 mon monogram. so.

    p.s. i still rock a dooney in my rotation. they still have great bags!

  4. My all-time favorite LV is the Jasmin in Epi leather.

    The Speedy is the most iconic of the bags you're considering (Audrey Hepburn carried one), so it gets my vote.

  5. I have the Galleria and LOVE it. i'd recommend it over the neverfull, just because of the top closure, i'm not a fan of everything being so "open", if you carry alot of "stuff" the shape of the speedy can change, and tend to sag! Good luck, you can never go wrong with any LV!

  6. I like the Speedy the best. That is the one I want! I've had my eye on it for a while now. And let me just say you look amazing and I would not have guessed you are 42!

  7. I have them both and my fave is the Neverful. Go for it!

  8. This post just made me smile. So happy your LV dream is coming true! I am crazy about that LV print and my favorite style is the Galleria.


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