Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary - Seventeen Years and Counting!

What were you doing seventeen years ago today, October 22, 1994? I was getting my hair done, of preparation for my wedding! 

On this day in history, I married my best friend (affectionately known around these parts as the "DH"). I feel so blessed to be married to this man, and have never known it more than I do this year, on this anniversary. My BFF has been going through a breakup of her 19 year marriage, and my heart is broken for her and her family. While the DH and I are by no means perfect (who is?), I have no doubt that we will grow old together. 

Not to mention, who else would support my shopping habits? :-) 

I wanted to share some hilarious pictures of us through the years, please don't laugh too hard. There are some rather unfortunate hair and fashion moments going on in a few of these...

Southern Caribbean Cruise, 1996.

Holiday Party at my parent's house, 1997. (My friend and hairdresser Phillip called us "Snooki and Paulie D in this one!)
Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Wabo Cantina, 1999.
On our wedding day, 1994.
Cruise to Mexico, September 2008
Easter Sunday with my Nanny, 2009
St. Patrick's Day parade, 2010. 
Christmas Day, 2010. 
Red Snapper Fishing, June 2011.
As I was looking through my recent photos (in an attempt to share a current one with you guys), I am saddened by one realization. The DH has been out of town a bunch in 2011. Honestly, since June, he's been gone more than he has been home. There aren't any pictures of us from this past summer (other than the one above after deep sea fishing). 

Happy Anniversary, DH! I hate you're not here today and we can't celebrate together. My sister is serving as your "stand in" today for the Alabama vs. Tennessee game in Tuscaloosa. We will have a HUGE celebration when you get home - hopefully very soon! 

Have a Super Saturday! How do you like those old pictures? I can't believe there is actually photographic proof that we used to wear Tommy Hilfiger....hahaha....


  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a fabulous time celebrating! :)

  2. Absolutely LOVE the pictures Lori! You two are so cute, always have been :) Hope you had the BEST anniversary! xoxo

  3. I just love looking at old pictures. You and the hubs have gotten better with age! Happy Anniversary!!


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