Friday, October 7, 2011

Fearless Fitness Friday: 2 Weeks of Colossal Failure!


The past two weeks have been a colossal "failure" for me on the Fearless Fitness Plan. 

I haven't worked out one.time. in two weeks. Nope, not even once. I've been sick with a sinus infection, which earlier this week had me feeling like I had the flu. Last week....well, last week is a different story. I was a little sick, had a lot of stuff going on and was very upset about our friend passing away.

You'd think I would know better, huh? When I start back on the plan (looks like it will be Monday at this point, heading to Tuscaloosa for Alabama's homecoming tomorrow) - I will be suffering, big time. 

I better get it together if I want to win that bet with my Father, huh?

Hope you have a great weekend - and hope you've been better about the workouts than I have! How do I get my motivation back? :-( 


  1. I have been in the exact same boat! I recently started working out again (after a year) but the past couple weeks have been miserable with colds and allergies...I am hoping next week I can start back up. Have a great weekend and good luck! xx

  2. Work out once and you'll end up feeling great which will make you keep doing it! And I know this is weird but I keep running during sinus infections because it gets the junk out of my head haha!

  3. I find I have trouble getting back on track after an absence from the gym. You just need to dig deep and get back out there. Your two works a day were inspiring too.

  4. You can do it Lori! I fell off the wagon for years and now I love working out. Hang in there sweetie! Also have a fun weekend!

  5. Lori- a great idea is to hire a trainer even just once a week. I've been going to one for 4+ years and she is very good about keeping me motivated, always on me about my weight. For some reason having someone to be accountable to helps.


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