Friday, October 21, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Fall Sale At Village Palm


Can you believe it? Until today, I had yet to purchase one single item from the Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2011 collection! The reason, you ask? Mainly because it's been 80 degrees here forever, and I haven't felt the "need" to purchase fall clothing. Late this week, my "needs" changed when cool weather arrived! 

My friends at Village Palm, a Lilly Pulitzer Via store in Grosse Pointe, Michigan,  are having a sale on some of the early deliveries of Fall. The deals are applicable in the store, and also for phone or email orders. If you're still looking to make that first purchase of Lilly's fall collection, or you "need" a few pieces you have yet to purchase, please consider Village Palm. I order from them all the time and you can't beat the service! :-) 

My purchases today included the Evie Dress in Ring Pop...

And the Joanie Dress in Behind The Rope...

I managed to stop at just two dresses, which I felt was exercising some major restraint on my part! Now, that doesn't mean I won't call Village Palm again in a few days, heehee...

If you would like to take advantage of Village Palm's in store sales, please contact them directly via the methods below:

Phone: 313-882-7256
Facebook: "like" the store HERE

Be sure to tell Sarah, Suzi and the staff you heard about it on Shopaholic In Alabama! 

Happy Shopping and Happy Weekend! 

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  1. You'll LOVE the Joanie and Evie! Great choices!! P.S. Lilly Pulitzer is coming to South Park. Their store will open in Dec/Jan. Cannot wait!


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