Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Ulta" Excited

Happy Thursday! 

When I moved back to the Gulf Coast from Charlotte (years ago!), I was so sad about the shopping. Or should I say the lack of shopping? One of my favorite places was Ulta; and I used to frequent my local "Ulta" store (which was conveniently about a mile away) every Saturday morning. 

When we lived in Destin, finally an Ulta opened both in Destin and Panama City Beach. They opened less than a month after we moved back to Alabama. *Sheds tears*. A few years ago, yet another Ulta opened in D'Iberville, MS (outside of Biloxi). While this is a 90 mile haul from my home, occasionally I will make the trip with my Mother and sister. Especially since we can also visit the casinos along the Mississippi Gulf Coast while we're there....Hard Rock, anyone? :-) 

NOW I'm so excited as not just one, but two, new Ulta locations are opening in my area! The Mobile store (above) is opening in about a month. And while I don't live in Mobile, I'm there once a week for work and will be able to visit anytime I want! 

Also, there is a location opening in Daphne, which is where my sister lives and is "only" 40 miles away! The store is opening this Sunday, October 9. Mother, Amy and I will be there when the doors are opened for the first time! We're all very excited - they always have fantastic opening week "deals" - freebies, gifts with purchase, and drawings. 

Ask me if my DH is as excited as I am? HAHA, he knows this is going to cost a little bit. 

I can't wait until Sunday - I'll be sure to share my goodies with you in a future post. Do you like to shop at Ulta? And - do you prefer Ulta or Sephora?

Have a great day! 


  1. I'm a totaly Ulta addict! I can't compare Ulta to Sephora, though. I just think they're too different, and they share an equal part of my heart! ;^)

  2. I am an Ulta LOVER. There isn't one in my college town but everytime I go home I go crazy! I seriously love their nail polish!

  3. Thanks so much for this post. I would have NEVER gone into the Ulta if you hadn't of recommended it. I cannot wait to go back. I want to experiment with Stilla and Urban Decay. Maybe you could do another post that includes all of your favorite cosmetic brands. You may have already done this. Next I need a hairbrush and I think you posted about that, too. I will go back and look. xoxo


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