Popcorn Cake: Easy, Fun and Delicious

Have you ever had a Popcorn Cake?  They are so easy to prepare, and are a huge hit! For your next party or gathering, you might want to consider making one - especially if any children will be in attendance. A popcorn cake also looks beautiful on a serving platter and the colors can be changed to celebrate the various seasons or holidays! 

I originally found the idea on Pinterest and knew I had to try it! I made the cake pictured above for a family gathering and it was a smashing success! Don't worry - I have all the instructions for you so you can make your own Popcorn Cake! 


(2) Bags of Microwave Popcorn
(2) Cups M&M's
(1.5) Cups Broken Pretzel Sticks (not crushed, I broke mine in half)
(1) Stick of Butter
(8) Cups of Mini Marshmallows
(1) Bundt pan, spray with Pam or cooking spray before beginning


(1) Pop both bags of popcorn according to directions. Be sure to remove any kernels that didn't pop (no one wants an emergency dental visit). Place into a large mixing bowl (make sure it's a really big one!)

(2) Mix in the M&M's and the pretzels. Stir thoroughly. 
(3) Melt the stick of butter over low heat, and mix in the marshmallows. Stir until melted and smooth, being careful not to overcook or turn heat too high. Remove from heat and pour over popcorn mixture, stirring thoroughly. 

(4) Once stirred, place the mixture into your prepared Bundt pan. Press down to make the mixture as even as possible. Cover with foil and allow your cake to sit up for at least an hour. Note: I actually placed mine in the refrigerator for a while, because it was pretty warm and humid here that day! 
 (5) When you are ready to serve the popcorn cake, run a butter knife around the edges of your pan to loosen. Place on a serving tray and enjoy! 
The cake can be sliced with a sharp knife, and served like "real" cake.  Additionally, you can just pull it apart (if you're not concerned about the appearance of your creation or germs - I'm not one of those people - as I'm a little germaphobic). I also tried this recipe once with colored marshmallows, and the cake turned out very dark. I didn't think it looked nearly as pretty as when prepared with the solid white marshmallows. 

Wouldn't this look pretty for spring if you used the pastel colored M&M's? I will probably make another one soon.

What do you think? Have you ever had a Popcorn Cake? They are delish and oh so easy to make! Enjoy! 


  1. I've never seen anything like this, but I'm sure I would love it!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  2. I haven't heard of this before, but it looks so fun. I may have to make it one time. Do you know how much marshmallow fluff I would need to substitute for the mini marshmallows? Also, what kind of popcorn did you use? There are so many different flavors out there and I'd be scared of getting the wrong thing and ruining the cake.

  3. Cute...I've never heard of that...

  4. I have never heard of this, but I love popcorn, and it looks so fun I am def. trying this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is what I have every year for my birthday! All of my childhood friends still talk about how fun it was to come to my parties and have this. I always had extra candy--gumdrops and other fun colored candies. ;)

  6. This looks so easy to make! I've never even heard of popcorn cake, but I sure do love popcorn, so I will definitely have to try this out! Thanks for sharing the recipe! XOXO


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