Sunday, March 31, 2013

Salt Water Sunday: Beach and Happy Easter!

Happy Weekend and Happy Easter! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful time with family and friends. This weekend I am feeling especially grateful because my dear hubby is at home, and we are concentrating on spending quality time together.

Today we are planning to attend a "Worship On The Water" service before driving over to Mobile to visit both of our parents and families. The service on the water is very casual, so I won't be dressing up today. This feels a little strange for me, even DH is wondering "what should I wear"? HA, feels weird to go to "church" on the sand. 

Saturday we spent the day at the beach (after I went for my 4 miles, which I haven't been doing lately). The day was gorgeous and temperatures were in the low-mid 70's. I captured some pictures to share - hope you enjoy! 

How are you spending this holiday weekend? Hope it's a great one! 


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